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286 Wednesday puzzles by women in the Shortz Era

Wed Mar 24, 2021Amanda Rafkin and Ross Trudeau
Wed Mar 10, 2021Nancy Stark and Will Nediger
Wed Mar 3, 2021Ann Shan
Wed Feb 10, 2021Kate Hawkins
Wed Dec 30, 2020Kate Hawkins
Wed Dec 23, 2020Juliana Tringali Golden
Wed Nov 18, 2020Amanda Rafkin and Ross Trudeau
Wed Sep 23, 2020Margit Christenson
Wed Sep 2, 2020Margaret Seikel
Wed Jul 29, 2020Amanda Chung and Karl Ni
Wed Jul 1, 2020Amanda Rafkin and Ross Trudeau
Wed Jun 10, 2020Amanda Rafkin and Ross Trudeau
Wed Jun 3, 2020Johanna Fenimore
Wed Mar 25, 2020Laura Taylor Kinnel
Wed Mar 4, 2020Tracy Gray
Wed Jan 15, 2020Mary Lou Guizzo
Wed Jan 8, 2020Amanda Yesnowitz and Joon Pahk
Wed Jan 1, 2020Christina Iverson and Jeff Chen
Wed Dec 18, 2019Margaret Saine
Wed Oct 23, 2019Jennifer Nutt
Wed Jun 26, 2019Zhouqin Burnikel
Wed Jun 12, 2019Nancy Stark and Will Nediger
Wed May 15, 2019Zhouqin Burnikel
Wed Apr 17, 2019Alison Ohringer and Erik Agard
Wed Mar 20, 2019Erik Agard, Amanda Chung and Karl Ni
Wed Mar 6, 2019Mary Lou Guizzo and Erik Agard
Wed Feb 6, 2019Queena Mewers and Alex Eaton-Salners
Wed Jan 30, 2019Emily Carroll
Wed Jan 23, 2019Amanda Chung and Karl Ni
Wed Oct 3, 2018Jennifer Nutt
Wed Sep 26, 2018Melinda Gates and Joel Fagliano
Wed Sep 5, 2018Amanda Chung, Karl Ni and Erik Agard
Wed Aug 15, 2018Kathy Wienberg
Wed Jul 25, 2018Emily Carroll
Wed Mar 21, 2018Laura Braunstein
Wed Feb 14, 2018Mary Lou Guizzo
Wed Jan 24, 2018Kathy Wienberg
Wed Dec 20, 2017Talitha Randall
Wed Jul 12, 2017Elayne Boosler and Patrick Merrell
Wed Apr 12, 2017Emily Carroll
Wed Mar 8, 2017Paula Gamache
Wed Jan 25, 2017Tracy Gray
Wed Nov 30, 2016Molly Young
Wed May 18, 2016Zhouqin Burnikel
Wed Feb 24, 2016Ruth Bloomfield Margolin
Wed Dec 30, 2015Mary Lou Guizzo and Jeff Chen
Wed Dec 16, 2015Paula Gamache
Wed Nov 25, 2015Duncan Kimmel and Clara Williamson
Wed Nov 4, 2015Ruth Bloomfield Margolin
Wed Oct 21, 2015Mary Lou Guizzo and Jeff Chen
Wed Jun 17, 2015Molly Young and David J. Kahn
Wed Jun 10, 2015Tracy Gray
Wed Apr 8, 2015Zhouqin Burnikel
Wed Apr 1, 2015Sharon Delorme
Wed Oct 29, 2014Elizabeth C. Gorski
Wed Oct 8, 2014Mary Lou Guizzo and Jeff Chen
Wed Oct 1, 2014Elizabeth C. Gorski
Wed Sep 17, 2014Zhouqin Burnikel and Don Gagliardo
Wed Aug 20, 2014Zhouqin Burnikel
Wed Jul 30, 2014Jean O'Conor
Wed Jun 18, 2014Amy Johnson
Wed Apr 30, 2014Zhouqin Burnikel
Wed Feb 26, 2014Ruth B. Margolin
Wed Feb 5, 2014Tracy Gray
Wed Jan 15, 2014Bernice Gordon
Wed Nov 13, 2013Jean O'Conor
Wed Oct 23, 2013Robyn Weintraub
Wed Oct 2, 2013Paula Gamache
Wed Sep 25, 2013Victor Fleming and Bonnie L. Gentry
Wed Aug 14, 2013Sarah Keller
Wed Jul 17, 2013Robyn Weintraub
Wed Jul 3, 2013Pamela Klawitter
Wed Jun 26, 2013David Steinberg (16) and Bernice Gordon (99)
Wed May 1, 2013Paula Gamache
Wed Feb 13, 2013Richard and Judith Martin
Wed Nov 7, 2012George Fitzgerald and Nancy Salomon
Wed Sep 5, 2012Paula Gamache
Wed Aug 15, 2012Elizabeth C. Gorski
Wed Jun 13, 2012Susan Gelfand
Wed May 2, 2012Paula Gamache
Wed Apr 4, 2012Zoe Wheeler
Wed Mar 7, 2012Elizabeth C. Gorski
Wed Feb 22, 2012Karen Young Bonin
Wed Feb 8, 2012Lynn Lempel
Wed Feb 1, 2012Elizabeth C. Gorski
Wed Dec 21, 2011Ron and Nancy Byron
Wed Nov 9, 2011Paula Gamache
Wed Nov 2, 2011Barry Franklin and Sara Kaplan
Wed Aug 24, 2011Kelsey Blakley
Wed Aug 10, 2011Elizabeth C. Gorski
Wed Jun 1, 2011Elizabeth C. Gorski
Wed Apr 13, 2011Elizabeth C. Gorski
Wed Nov 3, 2010Tracy Gray
Wed Sep 15, 2010Zoe Wheeler, Brown University '12
Wed Sep 8, 2010Tracy Gray
Wed Aug 4, 2010Elizabeth C. Gorski
Wed May 26, 2010Anna Shechtman
Wed Apr 28, 2010Andrea Carla Michaels and Peter L. Stein
Wed Feb 17, 2010Elizabeth A. Long
Wed Nov 18, 2009Paula Gamache
Wed Nov 11, 2009Kelsey Blakley
Wed Sep 16, 2009Maura B. Jacobson
Wed Aug 5, 2009Donna S. Levin
Wed May 13, 2009Nancy Kavanaugh
Wed Apr 1, 2009Ed Stein and Paula Gamache
Wed Mar 4, 2009C. W. Stewart
Wed Feb 18, 2009Susan Gelfand
Wed Feb 4, 2009Paula Gamache
Wed Sep 24, 2008Lynn Lempel
Wed Aug 27, 2008Donna Hoke Kahwaty
Wed Jul 30, 2008Elizabeth A. Long
Wed Jun 4, 2008Billie Truitt
Wed May 28, 2008C. W. Stewart
Wed Feb 13, 2008Elizabeth C. Gorski
Wed Nov 21, 2007Kelsey Blakley
Wed Oct 17, 2007Paula Gamache
Wed Sep 19, 2007Stella Daily and Bruce Venzke
Wed Aug 29, 2007Jayne and Alex Boisvert
Wed Aug 8, 2007Donna S. Levin
Wed Jun 27, 2007Barbara Olson
Wed Jun 20, 2007Bonnie L. Gentry and Victor Fleming
Wed May 23, 2007Bruce Venzke and Stella Daily
Wed Apr 4, 2007Bette Sue Cohen
Wed Feb 28, 2007Elizabeth C. Gorski
Wed Feb 21, 2007Elizabeth C. Gorski
Wed Feb 14, 2007Paula Gamache
Wed Jan 17, 2007Nancy Kavanaugh
Wed Jan 3, 2007Kim Seidl
Wed Dec 20, 2006Nancy Salomon
Wed Nov 29, 2006Barbara Olson
Wed Nov 8, 2006Lee Glickstein and Nancy Salomon
Wed Nov 1, 2006Paula Gamache
Wed Sep 27, 2006Elizabeth C. Gorski
Wed Sep 13, 2006Lee Glickstein and Nancy Salomon
Wed Jul 19, 2006Alison Donald
Wed Jul 5, 2006Nancy Salomon
Wed Jun 14, 2006Lisa Wiseman
Wed May 3, 2006Lisa Wiseman
Wed Apr 26, 2006Stella Daily and Bruce Venzke
Wed Apr 19, 2006Lee Glickstein and Nancy Salomon
Wed Apr 12, 2006Elizabeth C. Gorski
Wed Mar 29, 2006Frances Hansen (1919-2004)
Wed Mar 15, 2006Lee Glickstein and Nancy Salomon
Wed Mar 8, 2006Sherry O. Blackard
Wed Feb 22, 2006Nancy Salomon
Wed Feb 1, 2006Elizabeth C. Gorski
Wed Jan 4, 2006John Minarcik and Nancy Salomon
Wed Oct 5, 2005Nancy Salomon
Wed Sep 21, 2005Anne Garellick
Wed Sep 7, 2005Andrea C. Michaels
Wed Aug 10, 2005Kurt Mengel and Jan-Michele Gianette
Wed Jun 22, 2005Verna Suit
Wed May 25, 2005Nancy Salomon
Wed Apr 27, 2005Lyell Rodieck
Wed Mar 2, 2005James M. Jenista and Dana McLemore
Wed Feb 2, 2005Richard Leva and Nancy Salomon
Wed Oct 20, 2004Elizabeth C. Gorski
Wed Sep 29, 2004Verna Suit
Wed Aug 18, 2004Nancy Salomon and Levi Denham
Wed Jul 21, 2004Eric and Janinne Berlin
Wed Jul 7, 2004Lee Glickstein and Nancy Salomon
Wed Jun 16, 2004Paula Gamache
Wed Jun 2, 2004Nancy Salomon
Wed May 5, 2004Nancy Salomon
Wed Apr 7, 2004Nancy Salomon
Wed Mar 24, 2004Norma Johnson
Wed Feb 25, 2004Nancy S. Ross
Wed Dec 10, 2003Nancy Salomon and Harvey Estes
Wed Nov 5, 2003Nancy Kavanaugh
Wed Oct 22, 2003Judy Cole
Wed Jul 2, 2003Barbara Olson
Wed Jun 11, 2003Nancy Salomon
Wed Jun 4, 2003Kelly Katharine Delevan
Wed May 21, 2003Paula Gamache
Wed May 14, 2003Harvey Estes and Nancy Salomon
Wed Apr 16, 2003Elizabeth C. Gorski
Wed Apr 2, 2003Kelly Clark
Wed Feb 19, 2003Sarah Keller
Wed Nov 13, 2002Elizabeth C. Gorski
Wed Oct 23, 2002Nancy Salomon and Nancy T. Shack
Wed Jun 26, 2002Nancy Salomon
Wed Jun 19, 2002Janet R. Bender
Wed Jun 12, 2002Nancy Salomon and Bill Zais
Wed May 22, 2002Sherry O. Blackard
Wed Mar 27, 2002Sarah Keller
Wed Mar 20, 2002Elizabeth C. Gorski
Wed Feb 20, 2002Marjorie Richter
Wed Jan 16, 2002Linda Bushman
Wed Jan 9, 2002Susan Harrington Smith
Wed Jan 2, 2002Sarah Keller
Wed Dec 5, 2001Frances Hansen
Wed Oct 31, 2001Mary Pat Hidding
Wed Oct 24, 2001Sarah Keller
Wed Oct 3, 2001Lisa Bunker
Wed Sep 5, 2001Lyell Rodieck
Wed Aug 15, 2001Karen Young Bonin
Wed Jul 18, 2001Elizabeth C. Gorski
Wed May 2, 2001Nancy Salomon and Harvey Estes
Wed Mar 28, 2001Elizabeth C. Gorski
Wed Feb 21, 2001Karen Hodge
Wed Dec 27, 2000Michael S. Maurer and Bonnie Prystowsky
Wed Dec 13, 2000Elizabeth C. Gorski
Wed Nov 8, 2000Elizabeth C. Gorski
Wed Aug 9, 2000Kelly Clark
Wed Aug 2, 2000Elizabeth C. Gorski
Wed Jun 14, 2000Nancy Salomon and Sherry O. Blackard
Wed May 3, 2000Nancy Salomon
Wed Apr 19, 2000Frances Hansen
Wed Apr 5, 2000Frances Hansen
Wed Dec 1, 1999Bill Zais and Nancy Salomon
Wed Nov 10, 1999Joan Yanofsky
Wed Aug 18, 1999Nancy Salomon
Wed Jul 14, 1999Nancy Salomon
Wed Jun 9, 1999Elizabeth C. Gorski
Wed Jun 2, 1999Nancy Salomon
Wed May 19, 1999Elizabeth C. Gorski
Wed May 12, 1999Nancy Salomon
Wed May 5, 1999Lois Sidway
Wed Apr 28, 1999Nancy Salomon
Wed Apr 21, 1999Mary E. Brindamour
Wed Mar 24, 1999Nancy Salomon
Wed Feb 17, 1999Nancy Salomon and Harvey Estes
Wed Feb 10, 1999Nancy Salomon
Wed Jan 27, 1999Leslie Billig
Wed Dec 16, 1998Nancy Salomon
Wed Dec 2, 1998Nancy Salomon
Wed Nov 18, 1998Stephanie Spadaccini
Wed Nov 11, 1998Elizabeth C. Gorski
Wed Sep 30, 1998Fran and Lou Sabin
Wed Jul 29, 1998Elizabeth C. Gorski
Wed Jun 17, 1998Elizabeth C. Gorski
Wed Jun 10, 1998Nancy S. Ross
Wed Jun 3, 1998Karen Hodge
Wed May 13, 1998Eileen Lexau
Wed Apr 29, 1998Gayle Dean
Wed Apr 8, 1998Nancy S. Ross
Wed Mar 18, 1998Susan Smith
Wed Mar 11, 1998Bette Sue Cohen
Wed Feb 11, 1998Nancy S. Ross
Wed Jan 21, 1998Elizabeth C. Gorski
Wed Dec 24, 1997Nancy S. Ross
Wed Dec 3, 1997Elizabeth C. Gorski
Wed Nov 26, 1997Nancy Schuster
Wed Nov 19, 1997Elizabeth C. Gorski
Wed Oct 29, 1997Kelly Clark
Wed Oct 1, 1997Elizabeth C. Gorski
Wed Sep 17, 1997Karen Hodge
Wed Jun 25, 1997Elizabeth Gorski
Wed Jun 4, 1997Nancy S. Ross
Wed Apr 23, 1997Cathy Millhauser
Wed Dec 25, 1996N. S. Ross
Wed Dec 11, 1996F. & L. Sabin
Wed Oct 16, 1996B. Gordon
Wed Oct 2, 1996K. Hodge
Wed Sep 4, 1996N. S. Ross
Wed Jul 10, 1996Diane C. Baldwin
Wed Jun 12, 1996D. C. Baldwin
Wed Apr 24, 1996G. Dean
Wed Mar 6, 1996N. S. Ross
Wed Feb 21, 1996F. & L. Sabin
Wed Jan 24, 1996J. Hess
Wed Jan 17, 1996L. Sidway
Wed Dec 20, 1995Lois Sidway
Wed Nov 29, 1995Nancy S. Ross
Wed Oct 18, 1995Nancy S. Ross
Wed Oct 11, 1995Mary E. Brindamour
Wed Sep 13, 1995Eileen Lexau
Wed Aug 16, 1995Judith Perry
Wed Jul 19, 1995Nancy S. Ross
Wed Jun 21, 1995Dorothea E. Shipp
Wed Mar 15, 1995Frances Hansen
Wed Mar 1, 1995Lois Sidway
Wed Feb 8, 1995Cathy Millhauser
Wed Jan 25, 1995Norma Steinberg
Wed Jan 4, 1995Stephanie Spadaccini
Wed Nov 30, 1994Joan Scott
Wed Nov 23, 1994Susan Smith
Wed Oct 5, 1994Fran & Lou Sabin
Wed Sep 7, 1994Cathy Millhauser
Wed Jul 27, 1994Nancy Joline
Wed Jul 6, 1994Lois Sidway
Wed Mar 30, 1994Eileen Lexau
Wed Mar 23, 1994Cathy Millhauser
Wed Mar 9, 1994Norma Steinberg
Wed Dec 8, 1993Norma Steinberg
Wed Nov 24, 1993Nancy S. Ross