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All 492 acrostics here are by Emily Cox and Henry Rathvon. Solve them online by clicking the dates below.

Recent puzzles now have links to the updated New York Times solver as well, in case you prefer that one.

SolveFirst clueNYT
July 8, 2018Like a blacked-out dialogue balloonNYT
June 24, 2018Good person of any gender, despite the soundNYT
June 10, 2018Biennial event begun in 1927 (2 wds.)NYT
May 27, 2018Obviously pregnantNYT
May 13, 2018Dance, opera, writing or painting (2 wds.)NYT
April 29, 2018High Sierra browserNYT
April 15, 2018Exhibiting genu varumNYT
April 1, 2018Beatles song that begins "Jo Jo was a man who thought he was a loner" (2 wds.)NYT
March 18, 2018Game for the preverbal setNYT
March 4, 2018With Answer B., classic film star who said "Concentrate, don't embroider" NYT
February 18, 2018What proton streams should never do, per "Ghostbusters"NYT
February 4, 2018Sort of writing on a dinar or rialNYT
January 21, 2018Attractive, but a bit too preciousNYT
January 7, 2018Small, nocturnal scorpion-eating bird (2 wds.)NYT
December 24, 2017In heraldry, shown with wings extendedNYT
December 10, 2017Unesco and othersNYT
November 26, 2017Patently so; based on truismsNYT
November 12, 2017Fabric with a rippled patternNYT
October 29, 2017Keening woman of Irish loreNYT
October 15, 2017Tune that Pee-wee Herman danced to in "Pee-wee's Big Adventure"NYT
October 1, 2017Way of thinking about thingsNYT
September 17, 2017Vessel also called a carboyNYT
September 3, 2017Site of mock naval battlesNYT
August 20, 2017Outer Banks town with the motto "First in Flight" (2 wds.)NYT
August 6, 2017Weirdly absurd, off-the-wallNYT
July 23, 2017One charging a safari trip?NYT
July 9, 2017Artful exercise of power by a monarchNYT
June 25, 2017Sweets enjoyed at HogwartsNYT
June 11, 2017Like Maybellene in a 1955 songNYT
May 28, 2017"Oedipus Rex" playwrightNYT
May 14, 2017Like the smells of a springtime gardenNYT
April 30, 2017Cryptid in numerous folk talesNYT
April 16, 2017Creator of the 1950s book and film "The Silent World"NYT
April 2, 20171974 action film with four sequels (2 wds.)NYT
March 19, 2017Big cheese, honcho, fat cat, pooh-bahNYT
March 5, 2017Graph called a "camembert" in France (2 wds.)NYT
February 19, 2017Invention described in the 1887 book "Unua Libro" (and the subject of this puzzle's quotation)NYT
February 5, 2017Belabored bit of questionable witNYT
January 22, 2017Comic "Saturday Night Live" offeringNYT
January 8, 2017Gushing, beyond glowingNYT
December 25, 2016Sport testing speed and accuracyNYT
December 11, 2016Rebuilding project for HadrianNYT
November 27, 2016Last of 40 spaces in a gameNYT
November 13, 2016Chemist's name attached to a law and a constantNYT
October 30, 2016Sign of nervousness (2 wds.)NYT
October 16, 2016Quail; feel really embarrassedNYT
October 2, 2016Wanderer in OzNYT
September 18, 2016Dreamy place of pleasure, Shangri-LaNYT
September 4, 2016Good thing to have in a campaign or sports contestNYT
August 21, 2016Specialty of some runnersNYT
August 7, 2016Cranky, peevish, fractious, touchyNYT
July 24, 2016Hardship, rigor, tribulationNYT
July 10, 2016Fielding play associated with Willie Mays (2 wds.)NYT
June 26, 2016Dramatic event in "The Martian" or "Dune"NYT
June 12, 2016Someone on the other sideNYT
May 29, 2016Easy gait (2 wds.)NYT
May 15, 2016Streaks made by falling rocksNYT
May 1, 2016Mode of travel involving a teamNYT
April 17, 2016How you sometimes feel on a roller coasterNYT
April 3, 2016One in search of the philosopher's stoneNYT
March 20, 2016"The Say Hey Kid" for Willie Mays, e.g.NYT
March 6, 2016System for D.C. negotiators?NYT
February 21, 2016Contents of some booksNYT
February 7, 2016Quite a tongue-lashing (2 wds.)NYT
January 24, 2016Rake, but not the kind with prongsNYT
January 10, 2016Storage room for chasubles, chalices, etc.NYT
December 27, 2015Mood of many people on the night of 12/31NYT
December 13, 2015Plotter linked with November 5 (2 wds.)NYT
November 29, 2015Car chase sound effectNYT
November 15, 2015Hooch from a stillNYT
November 1, 2015Stretch during a stoppage of workNYT
October 18, 2015Irritable, as an old crankNYT
October 4, 2015Surrounding, as sound or lightNYT
September 20, 2015Eponym of a New York art museumNYT
September 6, 2015Rogues' gallery component (2 wds.)NYT
August 23, 2015Region known to the ancients as Via Lactea (2 wds.)NYT
August 9, 2015Item destroyed by the Wicked Witch of the WestNYT
July 26, 2015Response to a security threatNYT
July 12, 2015Living space with zero privacyNYT
June 28, 2015Loss of language facultiesNYT
June 14, 2015Singer who said "I am my own work of art"NYT
May 31, 2015Part of Queens served by the A trainNYT
May 17, 2015Cooks up; openings in NASANYT
May 3, 2015Aquatic plant's anchoring partNYT
April 19, 2015Original version, as of a musical scoreNYT
April 5, 2015Losers of Super Bowl XLVIII to the SeahawksNYT
March 22, 2015Like Stoker's "Dracula" or Shelley's "Frankenstein"NYT
March 8, 2015Trash-to-ashtray converter (2 wds.)NYT
February 22, 2015Part of life that was of interest to Scouting founder Lord Baden-PowellNYT
February 8, 2015With winds rotating around a center of low pressureNYT
January 25, 2015Feature of a sinuous riverNYT
January 11, 2015At a full gallop, as in an English fox huntNYT
December 28, 2014On the case ahead of timeNYT
December 14, 2014First and worst among adversariesNYT
November 30, 2014Action without conscious intentNYT
November 16, 2014Oprah Winfrey, relative to Rosa Parks in 2005NYT
November 2, 2014Full, rich outpouring of melodious sound; tuning forkNYT
October 19, 2014Slide-jiggling effect on a tromboneNYT
October 5, 2014Rock forming Gettysburg's Devil's DenNYT
September 21, 2014What is described by this puzzle's quotation, informallyNYT
September 7, 2014Composer who influenced Ravel and BoulezNYT
August 24, 2014Great fortune suddenly acquiredNYT
August 10, 2014The Pantheon in Rome has oneNYT
July 27, 2014Eighty-six in stages (2 wds.)NYT
July 13, 2014Fruit salad with miniature marshmallowsNYT
June 29, 2014Interim capital of Pakistan from 1959 to 1967NYT
June 15, 2014Repeating the same music for each verseNYT
June 1, 2014Flag carrier of AustraliaNYT
May 18, 2014Figure out, as a secret messageNYT
May 4, 2014Checkers, in EnglandNYT
April 20, 2014Split into branchesNYT
April 6, 2014Unsystematic, chanceNYT
March 23, 2014Edifice enabling surveillance of any inmate at any timeNYT
March 9, 2014Excessive, a bit much (2 wds.)NYT
February 23, 2014Knack for being successful in any venture (2 wds.)NYT
February 9, 2014Unexpected diamond delivery?NYT
January 26, 2014Subject of a tale by Ovid about metamorphosisNYT
January 12, 2014Writer in the margin of Diophantus' "Arithmetica"NYT
December 29, 2013Mechanical action film title character
December 15, 2013Tedious list; series of alternating invocations and responses in church
December 1, 20131980 #1 hit for Christopher Cross
November 17, 2013Prankish shenanigans
November 3, 2013Oldest U.S. state capital (2 wds.)
October 20, 2013Beginning you may go back to (2 wds.)
October 6, 2013Lemming eater of frigid climes (2 wds.)
September 22, 2013Insouciant, nonchalant
September 8, 2013Rapacious, predatory type
August 25, 2013Dreamy god of Greeks and Romans
August 11, 2013Short race in fiction
July 28, 2013Tea party figure of note (2 wds.)
July 14, 2013Animal life adrift in the main
June 30, 2013Clever bit of trickery
June 16, 2013Subject to a change of view
June 2, 2013Piece of self-validation (2 wds.)
May 19, 2013Belief of a yogi or Gnostic
May 5, 2013Venue for some diving
April 21, 2013Group to which grasshoppers and crickets belong
April 7, 2013"No gains without pains" writer of 1745
March 24, 2013Vocabulary, to a walking dictionary
March 10, 2013Singer of the 2006 hit "Deja Vu"
February 24, 2013Hero by another name
February 10, 2013Toon with a toy piano
January 27, 2013Muscle used in arm-flapping
January 13, 2013Men associated with missions
December 30, 2012"Sh" or "wr," in phonetics
December 16, 2012Munchies not always nutritious (2 wds.)
December 2, 2012Counterfactual premise (hyph.)
November 18, 20121985 novel of alien encounters
November 4, 2012Forum for questioning citizens (2 wds.)
October 21, 20121982 film horrorfest written by Stephen King
October 7, 2012Fail to keep up with demand (2 wds.)
September 23, 2012Ideal amount for some gamblers (hyph.)
September 9, 2012Gathering place for the inn crowd
August 26, 2012Guys who've got mail
August 12, 2012Size, shape and proportions
July 29, 2012Chuck Berry song that repeatedly asks "Honey, is that you?"
July 15, 2012Construction technique for cranes?
July 1, 2012Slashed picture of 2008? (2 wds.)
June 17, 2012Sparkle like snow in the sun
June 3, 2012Broadcast of bad actors, e.g.
May 20, 2012Real swordsman fictionalized in Dumas novels
May 6, 2012Flirt with smooth moves
April 22, 2012Feathery plant for a woodland garden (2 wds.)
April 8, 2012Object of a chiseler's desire
March 25, 2012Online promo for a TV show
March 11, 2012Pollyanna's opposite
February 26, 2012Sleeping with the fishes
February 12, 2012Fellows in a flock
January 29, 2012English county home to the River Dee
January 15, 2012Place affording a panoramic view
January 1, 2012The world of organized crime
December 18, 2011Walk unsteadily, tremble as one moves
December 4, 2011Red-faced dismay
November 20, 2011Courses for beginners?
November 6, 2011Period of deterioration (hyph.)
October 23, 2011Chart-topping song of October 1962 (2 wds.)
October 9, 2011Online video gamer's exclamation of joy
September 25, 2011Not particularly tailored (hyph.)
September 11, 2011Case for a small memento
August 28, 2011Something felt on a man's head
August 14, 2011"___ is an instant vacation" (Milton Berle)
July 31, 2011Like some moccasins and cowboy shirts
July 17, 2011Current affair taking place at a high level? (2 wds.)
July 3, 20111984 debut that included a mouse
June 19, 2011Army form of communication?
June 5, 2011Second banana, in vaudeville
May 22, 2011Expected deliverer
May 8, 2011Big Ten squad from Minnesota, informally
April 24, 2011What can be scared out of you
April 10, 2011Plant whose root is used in magic rituals
March 27, 2011Venture made risky by the forces of chance
March 13, 2011High point in horology
March 6, 2011Intense homesickness or longing for the past
February 13, 2011Big and bold; attention-getting
January 30, 2011Edna Ferber's Cotton Blossom, for one
January 16, 2011Protagonist in H. G. Wells's "The Invisible Man"
January 2, 2011President of the Senate under Nixon
December 19, 2010Typical giver of a gift signed "from St. Nick"
December 5, 2010Entrepreneur who founded an Odditorium
November 21, 2010Handouts from quartermasters
November 7, 2010A million joules per second
October 24, 2010Saskatchewan city that is home to an annual Festival of Words (2 wds.)
October 10, 2010Cross-out, erasure
September 26, 2010Exoskeleton in a littoral setting
September 12, 2010"At the same time, back at the ranch ..."
August 29, 2010Gavel-to-gavel period
August 15, 2010Roald Dahl novel made into a 1996 movie
August 1, 2010Epic with stanzas in the form a-b-a-b-a-b-c-c (2 wds.)
July 18, 2010Like some Protestantism and Judaism
July 4, 2010Plot with evil intent
June 20, 2010Of first importance (2 wds.)
June 6, 2010Razorback, Duroc, Poland China, etc.
May 23, 2010Sprout forth; mushroom
May 9, 2010Offspring that don't resemble their parents
April 25, 2010Hard rock of a sort (2 wds.)
April 11, 2010Bring to life with an infusion of juice (hyph.)
March 28, 2010Meal of cereal grain
March 14, 2010Beluga, by another name (2 wds.)
February 28, 2010Advise without consent
February 14, 2010Apposite anagram of "tender names"
January 31, 2010Role in "Shrek" with no lines
January 17, 2010Like many a treasured heirloom
January 3, 2010Goal reached on Dec. 14, 1911 (2 wds.)
December 20, 2009Crag called "Six Grandfathers" by the Lakota
December 6, 2009TV secret agent resourceful with a Swiss Army knife
November 22, 2009German town where Johann Sebastian Bach was born
November 8, 2009Fate who cut the thread of destiny
October 25, 2009Potentially spooky shift of work (2 wds.)
October 11, 2009Versatile women's garment
September 27, 2009Misleading bit of advice (2 wds.)
September 13, 2009Went through some changes
August 30, 2009Exemplar of superfluity (2 wds.)
August 16, 2009Symbiosis
August 2, 2009Act of noncompliance
July 19, 2009Deficient, politically correctly
July 5, 2009Flight to another world?
June 21, 2009Openly shocked or bewildered (hyph.)
June 7, 2009TV character in apartment 5B
May 24, 2009One allure of exploration
May 10, 2009Activity for a chef or a dandy
April 26, 2009Bird whose courting flight spirals up, then nosedives
April 12, 2009Cow or pony well past its prime
March 29, 2009Result of a big hit
March 15, 2009Early TV cop show with Lt. Dan Muldoon (2 wds.)
March 1, 2009Awkward extra on a date (2 wds.)
February 15, 2009First call before shooting
January 25, 2009Structure or contrivance in its entirety
January 18, 2009Soul, essence
January 4, 2009"Some people are afraid of heights. I'm afraid of ___." (Steven Wright)
December 21, 2008Cranky, easily annoyed
December 7, 2008Scourge of the Great Plains
November 23, 2008Nutlike Far Eastern fruit
November 9, 2008State sought by pleasure-seekers
October 26, 2008Locale of snakes in a 2006 thriller
October 12, 2008Pass the time as Queequeg did
September 28, 2008Town whose main street is Chocolate Avenue
September 14, 2008"The very essence of ___ is uncertainty"
August 31, 2008Soda fountain supply (2 wds.)
August 17, 2008Endangered sea creature that is the primary source for tortoiseshell
August 3, 2008Preprandial theatergoing option
July 20, 2008One way to reach a conclusion
July 6, 2008Wartime-only rank for a general (hyph.)
June 22, 2008Business symbolized by three gold globes hanging from a bar
June 8, 2008Highest mount in the continental U.S.
May 25, 2008Symbol worn on St. George's Day (2 wds.)
May 11, 2008Drink served in a Champagne flute
April 27, 2008Top-level canines
April 13, 2008All-time pro home-run champ (2 wds.)
March 30, 2008Crude and not very clever
March 16, 2008Like the words in un diccionario
March 2, 2008Craft operated alone in Egypt by this quote's author
February 17, 2008Dust Bowl Troubadour of folk music
February 3, 2008Ring used in some circus acts (2 wds.)
January 20, 2008What you may shoot in the wild
January 6, 2008Traditional preparation in a casserole or hot pot (2 wds.)
December 23, 2007Well adapted for travel in water (hyph.)
December 9, 2007Browning selection?
November 25, 2007Book listing eight Beatitudes
November 11, 2007Diner's choice on Thanksgiving Day (2 wds.)
October 28, 2007Polite term for a know-it-all
October 14, 2007Here today, gone tomorrow
September 30, 2007Artwork on two hinged panels
September 16, 2007Composer of "The Planets"
September 2, 2007Heated enclosure for raising fowl
August 19, 2007Madness, from the Latin for "being out of one's furrow"
August 5, 2007Joe Blow or John Doe
July 22, 2007The study of clouds and their formation
July 8, 2007Gems used in lasers of a certain hue
June 24, 2007Composer whose dying words were "Applaud, my friends, the comedy is over"
June 10, 2007Conventionally middle-class
May 27, 2007Platform for public speaking
May 13, 2007Hel, to Loki, or Gaea, to Chaos
April 29, 2007Having a pattern of brightly colored diamond shapes
April 15, 2007On the way toward impoverishment
April 1, 2007What Carry Nation carried into saloons
March 18, 2007Movement upon stimulation
March 4, 2007Set of playthings for a logophile
February 18, 2007Devoted to pleasure
February 4, 2007Musical performance, usually by a soloist
January 21, 2007Club for athletically inclined seniors
January 7, 2007Giving no quarter (hyph.)
December 24, 2006Offer as a gift
December 10, 2006Purple stone thought by ancient Greeks to cure drunkenness
November 26, 2006Like diners observing some holidays
November 12, 2006Where Boston motorists go in circles
October 29, 2006Supporter of Michelangelo in the Sistine Chapel
October 15, 2006Like a manuscript in an in-box
October 1, 2006Not budging
September 17, 2006Star-studded PBS series of 1980
September 3, 2006Labored; prepared for an infant?
August 20, 20061925 novel of a doctor from Zenith
August 6, 2006Quantum with no mass or charge
July 23, 2006The opposite of diminished
July 9, 2006David and Goliath, e.g.
June 25, 2006Computer whose heyday has passed (2 wds.)
June 11, 2006Expert in the stuff of life
May 28, 2006Mexican scarf used at times as a baby sling
May 14, 2006Flower-shaped decoration on a cake
April 30, 2006Greek mathematician who wrote about pi
April 16, 2006Many a mom or dad, say, after school lets out
April 2, 2006A couple of dumbbells, e.g.
March 19, 2006Area inside a circle of wagons
March 5, 2006Swiss town that's hosted an annual jazz festival since 1967
February 19, 2006Queen who established the Spanish Inquisition
February 5, 2006Configured like some pilots' formations (hyph.)
January 22, 2006Medieval scholar, a numbskull's eponym (2 wds.)
January 8, 2006Field of centaurs and unicorns
December 25, 2005Food-raising device
December 11, 2005Publisher of "The Amazing Spider-Man"
November 27, 2005Work performed in a garage or an orchestra pit? (hyph.)
November 13, 2005Split infinitive from "Star Trek" (3 wds.)
October 30, 2005Deliverer of enigmatic statements
October 16, 2005Language called tlhingan Hol by "native speakers"
October 2, 2005Radical environmentalist
September 18, 2005Pre-extraction application
September 4, 2005Sweetly endearing
August 21, 2005Parent-to-child contribution
August 7, 2005Release, discharge (2 wds.)
July 24, 2005Episode whose ending leaves you in suspense
July 10, 2005Giant octopus-like sea monster of legend
June 26, 2005Athletic act that takes place at a tee
June 12, 2005Tragic flaw, in literature
May 29, 2005With Z, group of deep structures in the brain associated with memory and emotion
May 15, 2005Florida rivals of Georgia's Bulldogs
May 1, 2005Visiting lecturer or museum guide
April 17, 2005Amplifier component
April 3, 2005Explanation for a magician's trick, maybe
March 20, 2005Ruler whose title means "great house"
March 6, 2005Botanically persistent, like most tropical plants
February 20, 2005Amelia Earhart's Kansas birthplace
February 6, 2005Sound of cymbals; group of rhinos
January 23, 2005Fabric made from the wool of Angora goats
January 9, 2005Tamora, over the Goths, in "Titus Andronicus"
December 26, 2004Remain completely dry
December 12, 2004Businesslike, utilitarian (hyph.)
November 28, 2004Contest involving recipes (hyph.)
November 14, 2004Seemingly self-contradictory term for a son (hyph.)
October 31, 2004Political platform?
October 17, 2004Composer whose first hit was "Swanee"
October 3, 2004Offerer of charity fund-raiser tickets
September 19, 2004Groove-throated whale also called a razorback
September 5, 2004Property for which salvage may be paid
August 22, 2004Dutch art school represented by Piet Mondrian (2 wds.)
August 8, 2004Playful or flirtatious exchange
July 25, 2004Show to have had sufficient legal reason
July 11, 2004Triple Crown winner of 1978
June 27, 2004Whistling bird with hornlike ear tufts (2 wds.)
June 13, 2004Director of "Shoot the Piano Player," 1960
May 30, 2004Featuring two or more melodic parts played together
May 16, 2004Maker of maps and travel guides
May 2, 2004Shooter of rounds whose score is too high
April 18, 2004Game played with bones
April 4, 2004Standard of judgment or comparison
March 21, 2004Plaything whose name is famously hard to say five times fast (2 wds.)
March 7, 2004Where to get down
February 22, 2004Stanley Cup champions of 1970 and 1972
February 8, 2004"Magnificat" composer
January 25, 2004Confederate capital in the Civil War
January 11, 2004Occupation of an ostler
December 28, 2003Something seen in a shower
December 14, 2003Dim region around a galaxy; nimbus
November 30, 2003Antonio Stradivari, for one
November 16, 20031996 John Sayles western (2 wds.)
November 2, 2003Showing lofty dignity or nobility
October 19, 2003Vengeful sister of Orestes
October 5, 2003Determination made by a stylometrist
September 21, 2003Leaf of a sort used by Leonardo for drawing inventions
September 7, 2003Pertaining to the summer
August 24, 2003Firecracker with a zippy sound effect (hyph.)
August 17, 2003Affected in speech or manners; pretentiously refined (hyph.)
July 27, 2003Type of oil high in monounsaturated fatty acids
July 13, 2003Reflective greeting from the dawn of history? (3 wds.)
June 29, 2003High-muck-a-muck (2 wds.)
June 15, 2003Figure in a pivotal 1920 deal (2 wds.)
June 1, 2003Earldom of the eponymous John Montagu
May 18, 2003Comic strip created by Bob Montana
May 4, 2003Banded metamorphic rock
April 20, 2003Bottle with a narrow neck and a wicker casing
April 6, 2003Ocular peduncle, ommatophore
March 23, 2003Staple of Northern Italian cuisine
March 9, 2003Painter whose "Olympia" shocked the world in 1863
February 23, 2003Hardly a subtle or pleasant raconteur
February 9, 2003Book, movie, TV series and Oscar-winning song (2 wds.)
January 26, 2003Title role for which Olivia de Havilland won an Oscar, with "The"
January 12, 2003Flowering herb also called madwort and once believed to cure rabies
December 29, 2002Founding member of the Group f/64 (2 wds.)
December 15, 2002People-loving breed of cat
December 1, 2002One of refined tastes
November 17, 2002Security measure after a prison riot
November 3, 2002Fomenting mischief (4 wds.)
October 20, 2002Artwork of dubious taste
October 6, 2002"Where ___ with Men for Pieces plays" (Omar Khayyam)
September 22, 2002Deviating from emmetropia in one of two ways
September 8, 2002Small, round deep-fried cakes
August 25, 2002Publication of the Washington Post Company
August 11, 2002Ferocious marcher in a column (2 wds.)
July 28, 2002Engine additive (2 wds.)
July 14, 2002Parliamentary body first elected in 1949
June 30, 2002Composition of Enchanted Mesa
June 16, 2002Author of the play "Watch on the Rhine"
June 2, 2002Activity of some ships and archaeologists
May 19, 2002Frantically claw or grope
May 5, 2002Like Tennyson's "Idylls of the King"
April 21, 2002In one's right mind (2 wds.)
April 7, 2002Oscar-nominated film whose sequel was 1990's "The Two Jakes"
March 24, 2002Figure sitting with crossed legs
March 10, 2002Dwelling like Hawthorne's in Concord, Mass.
February 24, 2002Utterance of exasperation
February 10, 2002Hope-giving reply to a wooer
January 27, 2002Illegitimate son of Gloucester in "King Lear"
January 13, 2002Treat a sore throat with liquid
December 30, 2001Coming at the end of a series
December 16, 2001Mad scramble, competitive struggle (2 wds.)
December 2, 2001Roadies and groupies
November 18, 2001Product of ruthless demolition
November 11, 2001Imperial age accessible as well as unpleasant (2 wds.)
November 4, 2001Neighbor of Greece
October 21, 2001Player of Dr. Stantz in "Ghostbusters"
October 7, 2001Square-cut printing type without serifs or hairlines
September 23, 2001Known through the senses, not the mind
September 9, 2001Of a Gibson girl's era
August 26, 2001Boisterous partying
August 12, 2001One who might beat you with a stick (2 wds.)
July 29, 2001Dirty rotten scoundrel (hyph.)
July 15, 2001Free of cavities
July 1, 2001Carbonated fruit drink at a soda fountain
June 17, 20011920's silent-film star trained by Lee Duncan (3 wds.)
June 3, 2001Main export of Uzbekistan
May 20, 2001Title heroine of a Samuel Richardson tale, 1740
May 6, 2001One of a breed of dairy cattle
April 22, 2001Be in a state of subdued anger
April 8, 2001Noted painter of odalisques
March 25, 2001German composer who wrote for Lotte Lenya (2 wds.)
March 11, 2001Without any charge
February 25, 2001Author of "Black Holes and Baby Universes and Other Essays"
February 11, 2001Derringer or revolver, e.g.
January 28, 2001Polish-born novelist and dramatist (1880-1957) who wrote in Yiddish
January 14, 2001Source of revenue for an ecclesiastic
December 31, 2000Werewolf (hyph.)
December 17, 2000Whom Mentor counseled
December 3, 2000Having no flaws or weaknesses; invulnerable
November 19, 2000Dish served with a dollop of sour cream
November 5, 2000Insipidly sentimental
October 22, 2000Teratophobe's fear
October 8, 2000Fish that attaches itself to sharks by means of a sucking disk
September 24, 2000Safeguard against computer viruses
September 10, 2000Craft in a work from 1878
August 27, 2000Idol of Krishna pulled on an enormous cart
August 13, 2000Record-breaking voyager whose best seller was "We"
July 30, 2000Ingredient of pate de foie gras
July 16, 2000Olivier's directorial debut (2 wds.)
July 2, 2000President whose vice president was named Clinton
June 18, 2000Tropical South American stingers (2 wds.)
June 4, 2000One method of surveillance
May 21, 2000Butler in "Remains of the Day"
May 7, 2000Angle measured by an astrolabe
April 23, 2000It holds a little less than a jigger (2 wds.)
April 9, 2000Self-satisfied conformist to middle-class ideals
March 26, 2000Excessive talkativeness
March 12, 2000Hapless hunter of "Merrie Melodies" (2 wds.)
February 27, 2000A glow from something living, such as a firefly
February 13, 2000Sound formed by syneresis, as the "oi" in "join"
January 16, 2000Buddy Holly's Texas birthplace
January 2, 2000Someone engagingly crafty
December 19, 1999Small shark often seen near shore
December 5, 1999Cosmetics, especially for actors
November 21, 1999Bandleader with the 1939 hit "Thanks for Ev'rything" (2 wds.)
November 7, 1999Alloy made of tin, antimony and copper
October 24, 1999Dessert often made from fruit (hyph.)
October 10, 1999Figure in blue
September 26, 1999Rain gear trademark (hyph.)
September 12, 1999Roman god of fire