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"Hex" in the Author column refers to the beloved constructors Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon who, among many other puzzle accomplishments, created the NYT Acrostic every second week for 25 years. Of the 634 Acrostics here, 616 are by them.

The Nov 11, 2001 Acrostic was never available on, but we have it here. It's worth doing.

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SolveAuthorFirst clueSolutionPDF
634.November 19, 2023Balton & StewartGreek monarch who reigned in Africa11/19/2023PDF
633.November 5, 2023Balton & StewartLinguistic loss11/5/2023PDF
632.October 22, 2023Balton & StewartWriter descended from a Salem witch trial judge10/22/2023PDF
631.October 8, 2023Balton & StewartCalf-hugging attire (2 wds.)10/8/2023PDF
630.September 24, 2023Balton & StewartIntermission9/24/2023PDF
629.September 10, 2023Balton & StewartCow traded for beans in "Jack and the Beanstalk" (hyph.)9/10/2023PDF
628.August 27, 2023Balton & StewartTerm introduced in 1834 that superseded "natural philosopher"8/27/2023PDF
627.August 13, 2023Balton & Stewart____ on Ice (historic 1980 Olympics upset)8/13/2023PDF
626.July 30, 2023Balton & StewartSpoke forcefully and persuasively7/30/2023PDF
625.July 16, 2023Balton & StewartDevoted to a fault7/16/2023PDF
624.July 2, 2023Mark HalpinPlaces of extreme misery7/2/2023PDF
623.June 18, 2023Balton & StewartGian Lorenzo ___, designer of the bronze canopy in St. Peter's Basilica6/18/2023PDF
622.June 4, 2023Jim HorneKind, good, warmhearted6/4/2023PDF
621.May 21, 2023Jeff ChenFictional character known as the Master of Kung Fu (hyph.)5/21/2023PDF
620.May 7, 2023Mark HalpinQuality of a duckling or a plush towel5/7/2023PDF
619.April 23, 2023Jim HorneSwindler, grifter, shyster (2 wds.)4/23/2023PDF
618.April 9, 2023Mark HalpinIsland that's home to Eggs and Bacon Bay4/9/2023PDF
617.March 26, 2023HexOnset of a stroke?3/26/2023PDF
616.March 12, 2023HexActor who played Jim Lovell in "Apollo 13" (2 wds.)3/12/2023PDF
615.February 26, 2023HexKookaburra or a related bird2/26/2023PDF
614.February 12, 2023HexMeant to be olfactorily stimulating2/12/2023PDF
613.January 29, 2023HexClose close? (2 wds.)1/29/2023PDF
612.January 15, 2023HexLike opera and classical music, by repute1/15/2023PDF
611.January 1, 2023HexOne with not a ton of smarts, boob (hyph.)1/1/2023PDF
610.December 18, 2022HexThe opposite of freeze12/18/2022PDF
609.December 4, 2022HexDevice with moving parts; means to an end12/4/2022PDF
608.November 20, 2022HexBaloney, applesauce, moonshine11/20/2022PDF
607.November 6, 2022HexQuadrennial event for American voters11/6/2022PDF
606.October 23, 2022HexCrane described as oddly angular10/23/2022PDF
605.October 9, 2022HexEngines imparting thrust to missiles10/9/2022PDF
604.September 25, 2022HexShape atop some streetlights in Hershey, Pa.9/25/2022PDF
603.September 11, 2022HexLucy and Ricky's landlady on a 1950s sitcom (2 wds.)9/11/2022PDF
602.August 28, 2022Hex"Know what I mean?" (3 wds.)8/28/2022PDF
601.August 14, 2022HexExpression that's hard to read (2 wds.)8/14/2022PDF
600.July 31, 2022HexPioneering magazine of science fiction founded in 1930, informally 7/31/2022PDF
599.July 17, 2022HexPercussion instrument heard at the end of Tchaikovsky's Symphony No. 47/17/2022PDF
598.July 3, 2022HexReport of an explosive event?7/3/2022PDF
597.June 19, 2022HexEl Capitan or Devils Tower, e.g.6/19/2022PDF
596.June 5, 2022HexConcern in the food service industry6/5/2022PDF
595.May 22, 2022HexMagnetically levitated island in "Gulliver's Travels"5/22/2022PDF
594.May 8, 2022HexWhat you have upon learning the ropes (hyph.)5/8/2022PDF
593.April 24, 2022HexLike driftwood on a beach (2 wds.)4/24/2022PDF
592.April 10, 2022HexWarm wind of the Pacific Northwest4/10/2022PDF
591.March 27, 2022HexEpicurean press release? (2 wds.)3/27/2022PDF
590.March 13, 2022HexOutside of regular work (2 wds.)3/13/2022PDF
589.February 27, 2022HexFlat-bodied marine specimen such as an opah2/27/2022PDF
588.February 13, 2022HexAte noisily, and perhaps with some impatience2/13/2022PDF
587.January 30, 2022HexWhat Answer B. comprises1/30/2022PDF
586.January 16, 2022HexDisorienting blizzard condition1/16/2022PDF
585.January 2, 2022HexWithdraw, retire, lose (2 wds.)1/2/2022PDF
584.December 19, 2021Hex*Philip ____, director of 1983's nerve-wrecking "The Right Stuff"12/19/2021PDF
583.December 5, 2021HexSinister, evil, baleful12/5/2021PDF
582.November 21, 2021HexStock figure in commedia dell'arte11/21/2021PDF
581.November 7, 2021HexParts of orchestral works; army actions 11/7/2021PDF
580.October 24, 2021HexDo the same as10/24/2021PDF
579.October 10, 2021HexRoom where Puebloan rites are performed10/10/2021PDF
578.September 26, 2021HexLong-fingered lemur native to Madagascar; "Yes!" (hyph.)9/26/2021PDF
577.September 12, 2021HexExtinct giant herbivore of North America9/12/2021PDF
576.August 29, 2021HexFrequency that sounds really painful?8/29/2021PDF
575.August 15, 2021HexBrand name in home gyms8/15/2021PDF
574.August 1, 2021HexDark and deep; belonging to the underworld8/1/2021PDF
573.July 18, 2021HexRare, expensive food such as Graukäse or larb mote daeng7/18/2021PDF
572.July 4, 2021HexEquipment used in log production7/4/2021PDF
571.June 20, 2021HexPretenders6/20/2021PDF
570.June 6, 2021HexPlace for a soul to get a drink and forget it all?6/6/2021PDF
569.May 23, 2021HexGolden canine of South America (2 wds.)5/23/2021PDF
568.May 9, 2021HexMusical center of attention5/9/2021PDF
567.April 25, 2021HexFour-legged events on a track4/25/2021PDF
566.April 11, 2021HexMaker of Jell-O and Kool-Aid4/11/2021PDF
565.March 28, 2021HexQuaint way of saying "IMHO"3/28/2021PDF
564.March 14, 2021HexUnconnected, incoherent; out of whack3/14/2021PDF
563.February 28, 2021HexRootless wanderer 2/28/2021PDF
562.February 14, 2021HexHardest part of a problem2/14/2021PDF
561.January 31, 2021HexSpinster hen in animated Warner Bros. features (2 wds.)1/31/2021PDF
560.January 17, 2021HexLeading light of peaceful protest1/17/2021PDF
559.January 3, 2021HexUnplanned, headlong advance (2 wds.)1/3/2021PDF
558.December 20, 2020HexAttire for going out in?12/20/2020PDF
557.December 6, 2020HexBright and shiny12/6/2020PDF
556.November 22, 2020HexWillie Dixon blues song recorded by Howlin' Wolf and Cream11/22/2020PDF
555.November 8, 2020HexTony-winning musical set in old Baghdad11/8/2020PDF
554.October 25, 2020HexPet's plaything (2 wds.)10/25/2020PDF
553.October 11, 2020HexTool whose Mayan version starts with Pop10/11/2020PDF
552.September 27, 2020Hex"The first and direst of all disasters," per the author of this puzzle's quote9/27/2020PDF
551.September 13, 2020HexMoving aimlessly9/13/2020PDF
550.August 30, 2020HexWhat pairs of alleles determine8/30/2020PDF
549.August 16, 2020HexMedium used by Jacob Lawrence in his "Migration Series"8/16/2020PDF
548.August 2, 2020HexStatue of Helios erected in the third century B.C.8/2/2020PDF
547.July 19, 2020Nick Lowe & HexBars in westerns ...7/19/2020PDF
546.July 5, 2020HexSinger of the 1982 hit "Workin' for a Livin'" (2 wds.)7/5/2020PDF
545.June 21, 2020HexApplicator in many a dressing room (2 wds.)6/21/2020PDF
544.June 7, 2020HexObservational slant6/7/2020PDF
543.May 24, 2020HexSources of nonhuman "songs" on a 1970s album with more than 10 million copies5/24/2020PDF
542.May 10, 2020HexAct as a parent to; nurture5/10/2020PDF
541.April 26, 2020HexFloor, rock, bowl over, stun4/26/2020PDF
540.April 12, 2020HexPronounce the beginning of "hair" but not "heir," say4/12/2020PDF
539.March 29, 2020HexTypeface based on classroom handwriting, similar to Comic Sans3/29/2020PDF
538.March 15, 2020HexJazz bandleader who sang "Hi-de-ho" (2 wds.)3/15/2020PDF
537.March 1, 2020HexSmall amount; ostentatious display3/1/2020PDF
536.February 16, 2020HexHaving special talents2/16/2020PDF
535.February 2, 2020Hex"Caddyshack" director Harold 2/2/2020PDF
534.January 19, 2020HexAlternate title for "Mbube," also its refrain1/19/2020PDF
533.January 5, 2020HexEuropean region associated with an artsy lifestyle1/5/2020PDF
532.December 22, 2019HexBond for a time12/22/2019PDF
531.December 8, 2019HexTwo-Pinocchio (but not a four-Pinocchio) claim (hyph.)12/8/2019PDF
530.November 24, 2019HexMake a favorable impression (2 wds.)11/24/2019PDF
529.November 10, 2019HexSubject in cryptozoology 11/10/2019PDF
528.October 27, 2019HexNovelty song in which Dracula is referenced (2 wds.)10/27/2019PDF
527.October 13, 2019HexCompound used to make rubber and lubricants10/13/2019PDF
526.September 29, 2019HexEast Coast ski mecca9/29/2019PDF
525.September 15, 2019HexMusical piece in a playful vein9/15/2019PDF
524.September 1, 2019HexSpirited vigor; sexual allure9/1/2019PDF
523.August 18, 2019HexUp-and-down diversion8/18/2019PDF
522.August 4, 2019HexFinancial option for a retiree8/4/2019PDF
521.July 21, 2019HexConcern of the Fed; air travel option7/21/2019PDF
520.July 7, 2019HexSuperficial glamour of little real worth7/7/2019PDF
519.June 23, 2019HexLighthearted display of wit and cleverness (2 wds.)6/23/2019PDF
518.June 9, 2019HexOvoidal : egg :: lingulate : ____6/9/2019PDF
517.May 26, 2019HexLarge units of cheese5/26/2019PDF
516.May 12, 2019HexPacify, comfort5/12/2019PDF
515.April 28, 2019HexMeaning of "Abel" in Hebrew4/28/2019PDF
514.April 14, 2019HexAlleged entheogen: an agent enhancing spirituality4/14/2019PDF
513.March 31, 2019HexContingency plan; legal requirement3/31/2019PDF
512.March 17, 2019HexSeat or shade for the quote's subject3/17/2019PDF
511.March 3, 2019HexOutrageous or silly behavior3/3/2019PDF
510.February 17, 2019Hex2004 teen comedy starring Lindsay Lohan (2 wds.)2/17/2019PDF
509.February 3, 2019HexWrite down for the record2/3/2019PDF
508.January 20, 2019HexMetal protector of an aircraft engine1/20/2019PDF
507.January 6, 2019HexNickname for a loafer or sluggard1/6/2019PDF
506.December 23, 2018HexUncompromising12/23/2018PDF
505.December 9, 2018HexLoud and deeply mournful12/9/2018PDF
504.November 25, 2018Hex"____ means boy" (line from a waitress in "Pulp Fiction")11/25/2018PDF
503.November 11, 2018HexOne-dimensional measure11/11/2018PDF
502.October 28, 2018HexSour fruit (2 wds.)10/28/2018PDF
501.October 14, 2018HexFirst member of a certain "700 Club" (2 wds.)10/14/2018PDF
500.September 30, 2018HexSlang for a marijuana cigarette9/30/2018PDF
499.September 16, 2018HexStone-faced neighbor of Theodore9/16/2018PDF
498.September 2, 2018HexMake one's diaphragm contract rhythmically9/2/2018PDF
497.August 19, 2018HexAddiction for Dostoyevsky8/19/2018PDF
496.August 5, 2018HexSpacecraft launched in 2009 in search of exoplanets8/5/2018PDF
495.July 22, 2018HexThought process7/22/2018PDF
494.July 8, 2018HexLike a blacked-out dialogue balloon7/8/2018PDF
493.June 24, 2018HexGood person of any gender, despite the sound6/24/2018PDF
492.June 10, 2018HexBiennial event begun in 1927 (2 wds.)6/10/2018PDF
491.May 27, 2018HexObviously pregnant5/27/2018PDF
490.May 13, 2018HexDance, opera, writing or painting (2 wds.)5/13/2018PDF
489.April 29, 2018HexHigh Sierra browser4/29/2018PDF
488.April 15, 2018HexExhibiting genu varum4/15/2018PDF
487.April 1, 2018HexBeatles song that begins "Jo Jo was a man who thought he was a loner" (2 wds.)4/1/2018PDF
486.March 18, 2018HexGame for the preverbal set3/18/2018PDF
485.March 4, 2018HexWith Answer B., classic film star who said "Concentrate, don't embroider" 3/4/2018PDF
484.February 18, 2018HexWhat proton streams should never do, per "Ghostbusters"2/18/2018PDF
483.February 4, 2018HexSort of writing on a dinar or rial2/4/2018PDF
482.January 21, 2018HexAttractive, but a bit too precious1/21/2018PDF
481.January 7, 2018HexSmall, nocturnal scorpion-eating bird (2 wds.)1/7/2018PDF
480.December 24, 2017HexIn heraldry, shown with wings extended12/24/2017PDF
479.December 10, 2017HexUnesco and others12/10/2017PDF
478.November 26, 2017HexPatently so; based on truisms11/26/2017PDF
477.November 12, 2017HexFabric with a rippled pattern11/12/2017PDF
476.October 29, 2017HexKeening woman of Irish lore10/29/2017PDF
475.October 15, 2017HexTune that Pee-wee Herman danced to in "Pee-wee's Big Adventure"10/15/2017PDF
474.October 1, 2017HexWay of thinking about things10/1/2017PDF
473.September 17, 2017HexVessel also called a carboy9/17/2017PDF
472.September 3, 2017HexSite of mock naval battles9/3/2017PDF
471.August 20, 2017HexOuter Banks town with the motto "First in Flight" (2 wds.)8/20/2017PDF
470.August 6, 2017HexWeirdly absurd, off-the-wall8/6/2017PDF
469.July 23, 2017HexOne charging a safari trip?7/23/2017PDF
468.July 9, 2017HexArtful exercise of power by a monarch7/9/2017PDF
467.June 25, 2017HexSweets enjoyed at Hogwarts6/25/2017PDF
466.June 11, 2017HexLike Maybellene in a 1955 song6/11/2017PDF
465.May 28, 2017Hex"Oedipus Rex" playwright5/28/2017PDF
464.May 14, 2017HexLike the smells of a springtime garden5/14/2017PDF
463.April 30, 2017HexCryptid in numerous folk tales4/30/2017PDF
462.April 16, 2017HexCreator of the 1950s book and film "The Silent World"4/16/2017PDF
461.April 2, 2017Hex1974 action film with four sequels (2 wds.)4/2/2017PDF
460.March 19, 2017HexBig cheese, honcho, fat cat, pooh-bah3/19/2017PDF
459.March 5, 2017HexGraph called a "camembert" in France (2 wds.)3/5/2017PDF
458.February 19, 2017HexInvention described in the 1887 book "Unua Libro" (and the subject of this puzzle's quotation)2/19/2017PDF
457.February 5, 2017HexBelabored bit of questionable wit2/5/2017PDF
456.January 22, 2017HexComic "Saturday Night Live" offering1/22/2017PDF
455.January 8, 2017HexGushing, beyond glowing1/8/2017PDF
454.December 25, 2016HexSport testing speed and accuracy12/25/2016PDF
453.December 11, 2016HexRebuilding project for Hadrian12/11/2016PDF
452.November 27, 2016HexLast of 40 spaces in a game11/27/2016PDF
451.November 13, 2016HexChemist's name attached to a law and a constant11/13/2016PDF
450.October 30, 2016HexSign of nervousness (2 wds.)10/30/2016PDF
449.October 16, 2016HexQuail; feel really embarrassed10/16/2016PDF
448.October 2, 2016HexWanderer in Oz10/2/2016PDF
447.September 18, 2016HexDreamy place of pleasure, Shangri-La9/18/2016PDF
446.September 4, 2016HexGood thing to have in a campaign or sports contest9/4/2016PDF
445.August 21, 2016HexSpecialty of some runners8/21/2016PDF
444.August 7, 2016HexCranky, peevish, fractious, touchy8/7/2016PDF
443.July 24, 2016HexHardship, rigor, tribulation7/24/2016PDF
442.July 10, 2016HexFielding play associated with Willie Mays (2 wds.)7/10/2016PDF
441.June 26, 2016HexDramatic event in "The Martian" or "Dune"6/26/2016PDF
440.June 12, 2016HexSomeone on the other side6/12/2016PDF
439.May 29, 2016HexEasy gait (2 wds.)5/29/2016PDF
438.May 15, 2016HexStreaks made by falling rocks5/15/2016PDF
437.May 1, 2016HexMode of travel involving a team5/1/2016PDF
436.April 17, 2016HexHow you sometimes feel on a roller coaster4/17/2016PDF
435.April 3, 2016HexOne in search of the philosopher's stone4/3/2016PDF
434.March 20, 2016Hex"The Say Hey Kid" for Willie Mays, e.g.3/20/2016PDF
433.March 6, 2016HexSystem for D.C. negotiators?3/6/2016PDF
432.February 21, 2016HexContents of some books2/21/2016PDF
431.February 7, 2016HexQuite a tongue-lashing (2 wds.)2/7/2016PDF
430.January 24, 2016HexRake, but not the kind with prongs1/24/2016PDF
429.January 10, 2016HexStorage room for chasubles, chalices, etc.1/10/2016PDF
428.December 27, 2015HexMood of many people on the night of 12/3112/27/2015PDF
427.December 13, 2015HexPlotter linked with November 5 (2 wds.)12/13/2015PDF
426.November 29, 2015HexCar chase sound effect11/29/2015PDF
425.November 15, 2015HexHooch from a still11/15/2015PDF
424.November 1, 2015HexStretch during a stoppage of work11/1/2015PDF
423.October 18, 2015HexIrritable, as an old crank10/18/2015PDF
422.October 4, 2015HexSurrounding, as sound or light10/4/2015PDF
421.September 20, 2015HexEponym of a New York art museum9/20/2015PDF
420.September 6, 2015HexRogues' gallery component (2 wds.)9/6/2015PDF
419.August 23, 2015HexRegion known to the ancients as Via Lactea (2 wds.)8/23/2015PDF
418.August 9, 2015HexItem destroyed by the Wicked Witch of the West8/9/2015PDF
417.July 26, 2015HexResponse to a security threat7/26/2015PDF
416.July 12, 2015HexLiving space with zero privacy7/12/2015PDF
415.June 28, 2015HexLoss of language faculties6/28/2015PDF
414.June 14, 2015HexSinger who said "I am my own work of art"6/14/2015PDF
413.May 31, 2015HexPart of Queens served by the A train5/31/2015PDF
412.May 17, 2015HexCooks up; openings in NASA5/17/2015PDF
411.May 3, 2015HexAquatic plant's anchoring part5/3/2015PDF
410.April 19, 2015HexOriginal version, as of a musical score4/19/2015PDF
409.April 5, 2015HexLosers of Super Bowl XLVIII to the Seahawks4/5/2015PDF
408.March 22, 2015HexLike Stoker's "Dracula" or Shelley's "Frankenstein"3/22/2015PDF
407.March 8, 2015HexTrash-to-ashtray converter (2 wds.)3/8/2015PDF
406.February 22, 2015HexPart of life that was of interest to Scouting founder Lord Baden-Powell2/22/2015PDF
405.February 8, 2015HexWith winds rotating around a center of low pressure2/8/2015PDF
404.January 25, 2015HexFeature of a sinuous river1/25/2015PDF
403.January 11, 2015HexAt a full gallop, as in an English fox hunt1/11/2015PDF
402.December 28, 2014HexOn the case ahead of time12/28/2014PDF
401.December 14, 2014HexFirst and worst among adversaries12/14/2014PDF
400.November 30, 2014HexAction without conscious intent11/30/2014PDF
399.November 16, 2014HexOprah Winfrey, relative to Rosa Parks in 200511/16/2014PDF
398.November 2, 2014HexFull, rich outpouring of melodious sound; tuning fork11/2/2014PDF
397.October 19, 2014HexSlide-jiggling effect on a trombone10/19/2014PDF
396.October 5, 2014HexRock forming Gettysburg's Devil's Den10/5/2014PDF
395.September 21, 2014HexWhat is described by this puzzle's quotation, informally9/21/2014PDF
394.September 7, 2014HexComposer who influenced Ravel and Boulez9/7/2014PDF
393.August 24, 2014HexGreat fortune suddenly acquired8/24/2014PDF
392.August 10, 2014HexThe Pantheon in Rome has one8/10/2014PDF
391.July 27, 2014HexEighty-six in stages (2 wds.)7/27/2014PDF
390.July 13, 2014HexFruit salad with miniature marshmallows7/13/2014PDF
389.June 29, 2014HexInterim capital of Pakistan from 1959 to 19676/29/2014PDF
388.June 15, 2014HexRepeating the same music for each verse6/15/2014PDF
387.June 1, 2014HexFlag carrier of Australia6/1/2014PDF
386.May 18, 2014HexFigure out, as a secret message5/18/2014PDF
385.May 4, 2014HexCheckers, in England5/4/2014PDF
384.April 20, 2014HexSplit into branches4/20/2014PDF
383.April 6, 2014HexUnsystematic, chance4/6/2014PDF
382.March 23, 2014HexEdifice enabling surveillance of any inmate at any time3/23/2014PDF
381.March 9, 2014HexExcessive, a bit much (2 wds.)3/9/2014PDF
380.February 23, 2014HexKnack for being successful in any venture (2 wds.)2/23/2014PDF
379.February 9, 2014HexUnexpected diamond delivery?2/9/2014PDF
378.January 26, 2014HexSubject of a tale by Ovid about metamorphosis1/26/2014PDF
377.January 12, 2014HexWriter in the margin of Diophantus' "Arithmetica"1/12/2014PDF
376.December 29, 2013HexMechanical action film title character12/29/2013PDF
375.December 15, 2013HexTedious list; series of alternating invocations and responses in church12/15/2013PDF
374.December 1, 2013Hex1980 #1 hit for Christopher Cross12/1/2013PDF
373.November 17, 2013HexPrankish shenanigans11/17/2013PDF
372.November 3, 2013HexOldest U.S. state capital (2 wds.)11/3/2013PDF
371.October 20, 2013HexBeginning you may go back to (2 wds.)10/20/2013PDF
370.October 6, 2013HexLemming eater of frigid climes (2 wds.)10/6/2013PDF
369.September 22, 2013HexInsouciant, nonchalant9/22/2013PDF
368.September 8, 2013HexRapacious, predatory type9/8/2013PDF
367.August 25, 2013HexDreamy god of Greeks and Romans8/25/2013PDF
366.August 11, 2013HexShort race in fiction8/11/2013PDF
365.July 28, 2013HexTea party figure of note (2 wds.)7/28/2013PDF
364.July 14, 2013HexAnimal life adrift in the main7/14/2013PDF
363.June 30, 2013HexClever bit of trickery6/30/2013PDF
362.June 16, 2013HexSubject to a change of view6/16/2013PDF
361.June 2, 2013HexPiece of self-validation (2 wds.)6/2/2013PDF
360.May 19, 2013HexBelief of a yogi or Gnostic5/19/2013PDF
359.May 5, 2013HexVenue for some diving5/5/2013PDF
358.April 21, 2013HexGroup to which grasshoppers and crickets belong4/21/2013PDF
357.April 7, 2013Hex"No gains without pains" writer of 17454/7/2013PDF
356.March 24, 2013HexVocabulary, to a walking dictionary3/24/2013PDF
355.March 10, 2013HexSinger of the 2006 hit "Deja Vu"3/10/2013PDF
354.February 24, 2013HexHero by another name2/24/2013PDF
353.February 10, 2013HexToon with a toy piano2/10/2013PDF
352.January 27, 2013HexMuscle used in arm-flapping1/27/2013PDF
351.January 13, 2013HexMen associated with missions1/13/2013PDF
350.December 30, 2012Hex"Sh" or "wr," in phonetics12/30/2012PDF
349.December 16, 2012HexMunchies not always nutritious (2 wds.)12/16/2012PDF
348.December 2, 2012HexCounterfactual premise (hyph.)12/2/2012PDF
347.November 18, 2012Hex1985 novel of alien encounters11/18/2012PDF
346.November 4, 2012HexForum for questioning citizens (2 wds.)11/4/2012PDF
345.October 21, 2012Hex1982 film horrorfest written by Stephen King 10/21/2012PDF
344.October 7, 2012HexFail to keep up with demand (2 wds.)10/7/2012PDF
343.September 23, 2012HexIdeal amount for some gamblers (hyph.)9/23/2012PDF
342.September 9, 2012HexGathering place for the inn crowd9/9/2012PDF
341.August 26, 2012HexGuys who've got mail8/26/2012PDF
340.August 12, 2012HexSize, shape and proportions8/12/2012PDF
339.July 29, 2012HexChuck Berry song that repeatedly asks "Honey, is that you?"7/29/2012PDF
338.July 15, 2012HexConstruction technique for cranes?7/15/2012PDF
337.July 1, 2012HexSlashed picture of 2008? (2 wds.)7/1/2012PDF
336.June 17, 2012HexSparkle like snow in the sun6/17/2012PDF
335.June 3, 2012HexBroadcast of bad actors, e.g.6/3/2012PDF
334.May 20, 2012HexReal swordsman fictionalized in Dumas novels5/20/2012PDF
333.May 6, 2012HexFlirt with smooth moves5/6/2012PDF
332.April 22, 2012HexFeathery plant for a woodland garden (2 wds.)4/22/2012PDF
331.April 8, 2012HexObject of a chiseler's desire4/8/2012PDF
330.March 25, 2012HexOnline promo for a TV show3/25/2012PDF
329.March 11, 2012HexPollyanna's opposite3/11/2012PDF
328.February 26, 2012HexSleeping with the fishes2/26/2012PDF
327.February 12, 2012HexFellows in a flock2/12/2012PDF
326.January 29, 2012HexEnglish county home to the River Dee1/29/2012PDF
325.January 15, 2012HexPlace affording a panoramic view1/15/2012PDF
324.January 1, 2012HexThe world of organized crime1/1/2012PDF
323.December 18, 2011HexWalk unsteadily, tremble as one moves12/18/2011PDF
322.December 4, 2011HexRed-faced dismay12/4/2011PDF
321.November 20, 2011HexCourses for beginners?11/20/2011PDF
320.November 6, 2011HexPeriod of deterioration (hyph.)11/6/2011PDF
319.October 23, 2011HexChart-topping song of October 1962 (2 wds.)10/23/2011PDF
318.October 9, 2011HexOnline video gamer's exclamation of joy10/9/2011PDF
317.September 25, 2011HexNot particularly tailored (hyph.)9/25/2011PDF
316.September 11, 2011HexCase for a small memento9/11/2011PDF
315.August 28, 2011HexSomething felt on a man's head8/28/2011PDF
314.August 14, 2011Hex"___ is an instant vacation" (Milton Berle) 8/14/2011PDF
313.July 31, 2011HexLike some moccasins and cowboy shirts7/31/2011PDF
312.July 17, 2011HexCurrent affair taking place at a high level? (2 wds.)7/17/2011PDF
311.July 3, 2011Hex1984 debut that included a mouse7/3/2011PDF
310.June 19, 2011HexArmy form of communication?6/19/2011PDF
309.June 5, 2011HexSecond banana, in vaudeville6/5/2011PDF
308.May 22, 2011HexExpected deliverer5/22/2011PDF
307.May 8, 2011HexBig Ten squad from Minnesota, informally5/8/2011PDF
306.April 24, 2011HexWhat can be scared out of you4/24/2011PDF
305.April 10, 2011HexPlant whose root is used in magic rituals4/10/2011PDF
304.March 27, 2011HexVenture made risky by the forces of chance3/27/2011PDF
303.March 13, 2011HexHigh point in horology3/13/2011PDF
302.March 6, 2011HexIntense homesickness or longing for the past3/6/2011PDF
301.February 13, 2011HexBig and bold; attention-getting2/13/2011PDF
300.January 30, 2011HexEdna Ferber's Cotton Blossom, for one1/30/2011PDF
299.January 16, 2011HexProtagonist in H. G. Wells's "The Invisible Man"1/16/2011PDF
298.January 2, 2011HexPresident of the Senate under Nixon1/2/2011PDF
297.December 19, 2010HexTypical giver of a gift signed "from St. Nick" 12/19/2010PDF
296.December 5, 2010HexEntrepreneur who founded an Odditorium12/5/2010PDF
295.November 21, 2010HexHandouts from quartermasters11/21/2010PDF
294.November 7, 2010HexA million joules per second11/7/2010PDF
293.October 24, 2010HexSaskatchewan city that is home to an annual Festival of Words (2 wds.)10/24/2010PDF
292.October 10, 2010HexCross-out, erasure10/10/2010PDF
291.September 26, 2010HexExoskeleton in a littoral setting9/26/2010PDF
290.September 12, 2010Hex"At the same time, back at the ranch ..."9/12/2010PDF
289.August 29, 2010HexGavel-to-gavel period8/29/2010PDF
288.August 15, 2010HexRoald Dahl novel made into a 1996 movie8/15/2010PDF
287.August 1, 2010HexEpic with stanzas in the form a-b-a-b-a-b-c-c (2 wds.)8/1/2010PDF
286.July 18, 2010HexLike some Protestantism and Judaism7/18/2010PDF
285.July 4, 2010HexPlot with evil intent7/4/2010PDF
284.June 20, 2010HexOf first importance (2 wds.)6/20/2010PDF
283.June 6, 2010HexRazorback, Duroc, Poland China, etc.6/6/2010PDF
282.May 23, 2010HexSprout forth; mushroom5/23/2010PDF
281.May 9, 2010HexOffspring that don't resemble their parents5/9/2010PDF
280.April 25, 2010HexHard rock of a sort (2 wds.)4/25/2010PDF
279.April 11, 2010HexBring to life with an infusion of juice (hyph.)4/11/2010PDF
278.March 28, 2010HexMeal of cereal grain3/28/2010PDF
277.March 14, 2010HexBeluga, by another name (2 wds.)3/14/2010PDF
276.February 28, 2010HexAdvise without consent2/28/2010PDF
275.February 14, 2010HexApposite anagram of "tender names"2/14/2010PDF
274.January 31, 2010HexRole in "Shrek" with no lines1/31/2010PDF
273.January 17, 2010HexLike many a treasured heirloom1/17/2010PDF
272.January 3, 2010HexGoal reached on Dec. 14, 1911 (2 wds.)1/3/2010PDF
271.December 20, 2009HexCrag called "Six Grandfathers" by the Lakota12/20/2009PDF
270.December 6, 2009HexTV secret agent resourceful with a Swiss Army knife12/6/2009PDF
269.November 22, 2009HexGerman town where Johann Sebastian Bach was born11/22/2009PDF
268.November 8, 2009HexFate who cut the thread of destiny11/8/2009PDF
267.October 25, 2009HexPotentially spooky shift of work (2 wds.)10/25/2009PDF
266.October 11, 2009HexVersatile women's garment10/11/2009PDF
265.September 27, 2009HexMisleading bit of advice (2 wds.)9/27/2009PDF
264.September 13, 2009HexWent through some changes9/13/2009PDF
263.August 30, 2009HexExemplar of superfluity (2 wds.)8/30/2009PDF
262.August 16, 2009HexSymbiosis8/16/2009PDF
261.August 2, 2009HexAct of noncompliance8/2/2009PDF
260.July 19, 2009HexDeficient, politically correctly7/19/2009PDF
259.July 5, 2009HexFlight to another world?7/5/2009PDF
258.June 21, 2009HexOpenly shocked or bewildered (hyph.)6/21/2009PDF
257.June 7, 2009HexTV character in apartment 5B6/7/2009PDF
256.May 24, 2009HexOne allure of exploration5/24/2009PDF
255.May 10, 2009HexActivity for a chef or a dandy5/10/2009PDF
254.April 26, 2009HexBird whose courting flight spirals up, then nosedives4/26/2009PDF
253.April 12, 2009HexCow or pony well past its prime4/12/2009PDF
252.March 29, 2009HexResult of a big hit3/29/2009PDF
251.March 15, 2009HexEarly TV cop show with Lt. Dan Muldoon (2 wds.)3/15/2009PDF
250.March 1, 2009HexAwkward extra on a date (2 wds.)3/1/2009PDF
249.February 15, 2009HexFirst call before shooting2/15/2009PDF
248.January 25, 2009HexStructure or contrivance in its entirety1/25/2009PDF
247.January 18, 2009HexSoul, essence1/18/2009PDF
246.January 4, 2009Hex"Some people are afraid of heights. I'm afraid of ___." (Steven Wright)1/4/2009PDF
245.December 21, 2008HexCranky, easily annoyed12/21/2008PDF
244.December 7, 2008HexScourge of the Great Plains12/7/2008PDF
243.November 23, 2008HexNutlike Far Eastern fruit11/23/2008PDF
242.November 9, 2008HexState sought by pleasure-seekers11/9/2008PDF
241.October 26, 2008HexLocale of snakes in a 2006 thriller10/26/2008PDF
240.October 12, 2008HexPass the time as Queequeg did10/12/2008PDF
239.September 28, 2008HexTown whose main street is Chocolate Avenue9/28/2008PDF
238.September 14, 2008Hex"The very essence of ___ is uncertainty"9/14/2008PDF
237.August 31, 2008HexSoda fountain supply (2 wds.)8/31/2008PDF
236.August 17, 2008HexEndangered sea creature that is the primary source for tortoiseshell8/17/2008PDF
235.August 3, 2008HexPreprandial theatergoing option8/3/2008PDF
234.July 20, 2008HexOne way to reach a conclusion7/20/2008PDF
233.July 6, 2008HexWartime-only rank for a general (hyph.)7/6/2008PDF
232.June 22, 2008HexBusiness symbolized by three gold globes hanging from a bar6/22/2008PDF
231.June 8, 2008HexHighest mount in the continental U.S.6/8/2008PDF
230.May 25, 2008HexSymbol worn on St. George's Day (2 wds.)5/25/2008PDF
229.May 11, 2008HexDrink served in a Champagne flute5/11/2008PDF
228.April 27, 2008HexTop-level canines4/27/2008PDF
227.April 13, 2008HexAll-time pro home-run champ (2 wds.)4/13/2008PDF
226.March 30, 2008HexCrude and not very clever3/30/2008PDF
225.March 16, 2008HexLike the words in un diccionario3/16/2008PDF
224.March 2, 2008HexCraft operated alone in Egypt by this quote's author3/2/2008PDF
223.February 17, 2008HexDust Bowl Troubadour of folk music2/17/2008PDF
222.February 3, 2008HexRing used in some circus acts (2 wds.)2/3/2008PDF
221.January 20, 2008HexWhat you may shoot in the wild1/20/2008PDF
220.January 6, 2008HexTraditional preparation in a casserole or hot pot (2 wds.)1/6/2008PDF
219.December 23, 2007HexWell adapted for travel in water (hyph.)12/23/2007PDF
218.December 9, 2007HexBrowning selection?12/9/2007PDF
217.November 25, 2007HexBook listing eight Beatitudes11/25/2007PDF
216.November 11, 2007HexDiner's choice on Thanksgiving Day (2 wds.)11/11/2007PDF
215.October 28, 2007HexPolite term for a know-it-all10/28/2007PDF
214.October 14, 2007HexHere today, gone tomorrow10/14/2007PDF
213.September 30, 2007HexArtwork on two hinged panels9/30/2007PDF
212.September 16, 2007HexComposer of "The Planets"9/16/2007PDF
211.September 2, 2007HexHeated enclosure for raising fowl9/2/2007PDF
210.August 19, 2007HexMadness, from the Latin for "being out of one's furrow"8/19/2007PDF
209.August 5, 2007HexJoe Blow or John Doe8/5/2007PDF
208.July 22, 2007HexThe study of clouds and their formation7/22/2007PDF
207.July 8, 2007HexGems used in lasers of a certain hue7/8/2007PDF
206.June 24, 2007HexComposer whose dying words were "Applaud, my friends, the comedy is over"6/24/2007PDF
205.June 10, 2007HexConventionally middle-class6/10/2007PDF
204.May 27, 2007HexPlatform for public speaking5/27/2007PDF
203.May 13, 2007HexHel, to Loki, or Gaea, to Chaos5/13/2007PDF
202.April 29, 2007HexHaving a pattern of brightly colored diamond shapes4/29/2007PDF
201.April 15, 2007HexOn the way toward impoverishment4/15/2007PDF
200.April 1, 2007HexWhat Carry Nation carried into saloons4/1/2007PDF
199.March 18, 2007HexMovement upon stimulation3/18/2007PDF
198.March 4, 2007HexSet of playthings for a logophile3/4/2007PDF
197.February 18, 2007HexDevoted to pleasure2/18/2007PDF
196.February 4, 2007HexMusical performance, usually by a soloist2/4/2007PDF
195.January 21, 2007HexClub for athletically inclined seniors1/21/2007PDF
194.January 7, 2007HexGiving no quarter (hyph.)1/7/2007PDF
193.December 24, 2006HexOffer as a gift12/24/2006
192.December 10, 2006HexPurple stone thought by ancient Greeks to cure drunkenness12/10/2006
191.November 26, 2006HexLike diners observing some holidays11/26/2006
190.November 12, 2006HexWhere Boston motorists go in circles11/12/2006
189.October 29, 2006HexSupporter of Michelangelo in the Sistine Chapel10/29/2006
188.October 15, 2006HexLike a manuscript in an in-box10/15/2006
187.October 1, 2006HexNot budging10/1/2006
186.September 17, 2006HexStar-studded PBS series of 19809/17/2006
185.September 3, 2006HexLabored; prepared for an infant?9/3/2006
184.August 20, 2006Hex1925 novel of a doctor from Zenith8/20/2006
183.August 6, 2006HexQuantum with no mass or charge8/6/2006
182.July 23, 2006HexThe opposite of diminished7/23/2006
181.July 9, 2006HexDavid and Goliath, e.g.7/9/2006
180.June 25, 2006HexComputer whose heyday has passed (2 wds.)6/25/2006
179.June 11, 2006HexExpert in the stuff of life6/11/2006
178.May 28, 2006HexMexican scarf used at times as a baby sling5/28/2006
177.May 14, 2006HexFlower-shaped decoration on a cake5/14/2006
176.April 30, 2006HexGreek mathematician who wrote about pi4/30/2006
175.April 16, 2006HexMany a mom or dad, say, after school lets out4/16/2006
174.April 2, 2006HexA couple of dumbbells, e.g.4/2/2006
173.March 19, 2006HexArea inside a circle of wagons3/19/2006
172.March 5, 2006HexSwiss town that's hosted an annual jazz festival since 19673/5/2006
171.February 19, 2006HexQueen who established the Spanish Inquisition2/19/2006
170.February 5, 2006HexConfigured like some pilots' formations (hyph.)2/5/2006
169.January 22, 2006HexMedieval scholar, a numbskull's eponym (2 wds.)1/22/2006
168.January 8, 2006HexField of centaurs and unicorns1/8/2006
167.December 25, 2005HexFood-raising device12/25/2005
166.December 11, 2005HexPublisher of "The Amazing Spider-Man"12/11/2005
165.November 27, 2005HexWork performed in a garage or an orchestra pit? (hyph.)11/27/2005
164.November 13, 2005HexSplit infinitive from "Star Trek" (3 wds.)11/13/2005
163.October 30, 2005HexDeliverer of enigmatic statements10/30/2005
162.October 16, 2005HexLanguage called tlhingan Hol by "native speakers"10/16/2005
161.October 2, 2005HexRadical environmentalist10/2/2005
160.September 18, 2005HexPre-extraction application9/18/2005
159.September 4, 2005HexSweetly endearing9/4/2005
158.August 21, 2005HexParent-to-child contribution8/21/2005
157.August 7, 2005HexRelease, discharge (2 wds.)8/7/2005
156.July 24, 2005HexEpisode whose ending leaves you in suspense7/24/2005
155.July 10, 2005HexGiant octopus-like sea monster of legend7/10/2005
154.June 26, 2005HexAthletic act that takes place at a tee6/26/2005
153.June 12, 2005HexTragic flaw, in literature6/12/2005
152.May 29, 2005HexWith Z, group of deep structures in the brain associated with memory and emotion5/29/2005
151.May 15, 2005HexFlorida rivals of Georgia's Bulldogs5/15/2005
150.May 1, 2005HexVisiting lecturer or museum guide5/1/2005
149.April 17, 2005HexAmplifier component4/17/2005
148.April 3, 2005HexExplanation for a magician's trick, maybe4/3/2005
147.March 20, 2005HexRuler whose title means "great house"3/20/2005
146.March 6, 2005HexBotanically persistent, like most tropical plants3/6/2005
145.February 20, 2005HexAmelia Earhart's Kansas birthplace2/20/2005
144.February 6, 2005HexSound of cymbals; group of rhinos2/6/2005
143.January 23, 2005HexFabric made from the wool of Angora goats1/23/2005
142.January 9, 2005HexTamora, over the Goths, in "Titus Andronicus"1/9/2005
141.December 26, 2004HexRemain completely dry12/26/2004
140.December 12, 2004HexBusinesslike, utilitarian (hyph.)12/12/2004
139.November 28, 2004HexContest involving recipes (hyph.)11/28/2004
138.November 14, 2004HexSeemingly self-contradictory term for a son (hyph.)11/14/2004
137.October 31, 2004HexPolitical platform?10/31/2004
136.October 17, 2004HexComposer whose first hit was "Swanee"10/17/2004
135.October 3, 2004HexOfferer of charity fund-raiser tickets10/3/2004
134.September 19, 2004HexGroove-throated whale also called a razorback9/19/2004
133.September 5, 2004HexProperty for which salvage may be paid9/5/2004
132.August 22, 2004HexDutch art school represented by Piet Mondrian (2 wds.)8/22/2004
131.August 8, 2004HexPlayful or flirtatious exchange8/8/2004
130.July 25, 2004HexShow to have had sufficient legal reason7/25/2004
129.July 11, 2004HexTriple Crown winner of 19787/11/2004
128.June 27, 2004HexWhistling bird with hornlike ear tufts (2 wds.)6/27/2004
127.June 13, 2004HexDirector of "Shoot the Piano Player," 19606/13/2004
126.May 30, 2004HexFeaturing two or more melodic parts played together5/30/2004
125.May 16, 2004HexMaker of maps and travel guides5/16/2004
124.May 2, 2004HexShooter of rounds whose score is too high5/2/2004
123.April 18, 2004HexGame played with bones4/18/2004
122.April 4, 2004HexStandard of judgment or comparison4/4/2004
121.March 21, 2004HexPlaything whose name is famously hard to say five times fast (2 wds.)3/21/2004
120.March 7, 2004HexWhere to get down3/7/2004
119.February 22, 2004HexStanley Cup champions of 1970 and 19722/22/2004
118.February 8, 2004Hex"Magnificat" composer2/8/2004
117.January 25, 2004HexConfederate capital in the Civil War1/25/2004
116.January 11, 2004HexOccupation of an ostler1/11/2004
115.December 28, 2003HexSomething seen in a shower12/28/2003
114.December 14, 2003HexDim region around a galaxy; nimbus12/14/2003
113.November 30, 2003HexAntonio Stradivari, for one11/30/2003
112.November 16, 2003Hex1996 John Sayles western (2 wds.)11/16/2003
111.November 2, 2003HexShowing lofty dignity or nobility11/2/2003
110.October 19, 2003HexVengeful sister of Orestes10/19/2003
109.October 5, 2003HexDetermination made by a stylometrist10/5/2003
108.September 21, 2003HexLeaf of a sort used by Leonardo for drawing inventions9/21/2003
107.September 7, 2003HexPertaining to the summer9/7/2003
106.August 24, 2003HexFirecracker with a zippy sound effect (hyph.)8/24/2003
105.August 17, 2003HexAffected in speech or manners; pretentiously refined (hyph.)8/17/2003
104.July 27, 2003HexType of oil high in monounsaturated fatty acids7/27/2003
103.July 13, 2003HexReflective greeting from the dawn of history? (3 wds.)7/13/2003
102.June 29, 2003HexHigh-muck-a-muck (2 wds.)6/29/2003
101.June 15, 2003HexFigure in a pivotal 1920 deal (2 wds.)6/15/2003
100.June 1, 2003HexEarldom of the eponymous John Montagu6/1/2003
99.May 18, 2003HexComic strip created by Bob Montana5/18/2003
98.May 4, 2003HexBanded metamorphic rock5/4/2003
97.April 20, 2003HexBottle with a narrow neck and a wicker casing4/20/2003
96.April 6, 2003HexOcular peduncle, ommatophore4/6/2003
95.March 23, 2003HexStaple of Northern Italian cuisine3/23/2003
94.March 9, 2003HexPainter whose "Olympia" shocked the world in 18633/9/2003
93.February 23, 2003HexHardly a subtle or pleasant raconteur2/23/2003
92.February 9, 2003HexBook, movie, TV series and Oscar-winning song (2 wds.)2/9/2003
91.January 26, 2003HexTitle role for which Olivia de Havilland won an Oscar, with "The"1/26/2003
90.January 12, 2003HexFlowering herb also called madwort and once believed to cure rabies1/12/2003
89.December 29, 2002HexFounding member of the Group f/64 (2 wds.)12/29/2002
88.December 15, 2002HexPeople-loving breed of cat12/15/2002
87.December 1, 2002HexOne of refined tastes12/1/2002
86.November 17, 2002HexSecurity measure after a prison riot11/17/2002
85.November 3, 2002HexFomenting mischief (4 wds.)11/3/2002
84.October 20, 2002HexArtwork of dubious taste10/20/2002
83.October 6, 2002Hex"Where ___ with Men for Pieces plays" (Omar Khayyam)10/6/2002
82.September 22, 2002HexDeviating from emmetropia in one of two ways9/22/2002
81.September 8, 2002HexSmall, round deep-fried cakes9/8/2002
80.August 25, 2002HexPublication of the Washington Post Company8/25/2002
79.August 11, 2002HexFerocious marcher in a column (2 wds.)8/11/2002
78.July 28, 2002HexEngine additive (2 wds.)7/28/2002
77.July 14, 2002HexParliamentary body first elected in 19497/14/2002
76.June 30, 2002HexComposition of Enchanted Mesa6/30/2002
75.June 16, 2002HexAuthor of the play "Watch on the Rhine"6/16/2002
74.June 2, 2002HexActivity of some ships and archaeologists6/2/2002
73.May 19, 2002HexFrantically claw or grope5/19/2002
72.May 5, 2002HexLike Tennyson's "Idylls of the King"5/5/2002
71.April 21, 2002HexIn one's right mind (2 wds.)4/21/2002
70.April 7, 2002HexOscar-nominated film whose sequel was 1990's "The Two Jakes"4/7/2002
69.March 24, 2002HexFigure sitting with crossed legs3/24/2002
68.March 10, 2002HexDwelling like Hawthorne's in Concord, Mass.3/10/2002
67.February 24, 2002HexUtterance of exasperation2/24/2002
66.February 10, 2002HexHope-giving reply to a wooer2/10/2002
65.January 27, 2002HexIllegitimate son of Gloucester in "King Lear"1/27/2002
64.January 13, 2002HexTreat a sore throat with liquid1/13/2002
63.December 30, 2001HexComing at the end of a series12/30/2001
62.December 16, 2001HexMad scramble, competitive struggle (2 wds.)12/16/2001
61.December 2, 2001HexRoadies and groupies12/2/2001
60.November 18, 2001HexProduct of ruthless demolition11/18/2001
59.November 11, 2001HexImperial age accessible as well as unpleasant (2 wds.)11/11/2001
58.November 4, 2001HexNeighbor of Greece11/4/2001
57.October 21, 2001HexPlayer of Dr. Stantz in "Ghostbusters"10/21/2001
56.October 7, 2001HexSquare-cut printing type without serifs or hairlines10/7/2001
55.September 23, 2001HexKnown through the senses, not the mind9/23/2001
54.September 9, 2001HexOf a Gibson girl's era9/9/2001
53.August 26, 2001HexBoisterous partying8/26/2001
52.August 12, 2001HexOne who might beat you with a stick (2 wds.)8/12/2001
51.July 29, 2001HexDirty rotten scoundrel (hyph.)7/29/2001
50.July 15, 2001HexFree of cavities7/15/2001
49.July 1, 2001HexCarbonated fruit drink at a soda fountain7/1/2001
48.June 17, 2001Hex1920's silent-film star trained by Lee Duncan (3 wds.)6/17/2001
47.June 3, 2001HexMain export of Uzbekistan6/3/2001
46.May 20, 2001HexTitle heroine of a Samuel Richardson tale, 17405/20/2001
45.May 6, 2001HexOne of a breed of dairy cattle5/6/2001
44.April 22, 2001HexBe in a state of subdued anger4/22/2001
43.April 8, 2001HexNoted painter of odalisques4/8/2001
42.March 25, 2001HexGerman composer who wrote for Lotte Lenya (2 wds.)3/25/2001
41.March 11, 2001HexWithout any charge3/11/2001
40.February 25, 2001HexAuthor of "Black Holes and Baby Universes and Other Essays"2/25/2001
39.February 11, 2001HexDerringer or revolver, e.g.2/11/2001
38.January 28, 2001HexPolish-born novelist and dramatist (1880-1957) who wrote in Yiddish1/28/2001
37.January 14, 2001HexSource of revenue for an ecclesiastic1/14/2001
36.December 31, 2000HexWerewolf (hyph.)12/31/2000
35.December 17, 2000HexWhom Mentor counseled12/17/2000
34.December 3, 2000HexHaving no flaws or weaknesses; invulnerable12/3/2000
33.November 19, 2000HexDish served with a dollop of sour cream11/19/2000
32.November 5, 2000HexInsipidly sentimental11/5/2000
31.October 22, 2000HexTeratophobe's fear10/22/2000
30.October 8, 2000HexFish that attaches itself to sharks by means of a sucking disk10/8/2000
29.September 24, 2000HexSafeguard against computer viruses9/24/2000
28.September 10, 2000HexCraft in a work from 18789/10/2000
27.August 27, 2000HexIdol of Krishna pulled on an enormous cart8/27/2000
26.August 13, 2000HexRecord-breaking voyager whose best seller was "We"8/13/2000
25.July 30, 2000HexIngredient of pate de foie gras7/30/2000
24.July 16, 2000HexOlivier's directorial debut (2 wds.)7/16/2000
23.July 2, 2000HexPresident whose vice president was named Clinton7/2/2000
22.June 18, 2000HexTropical South American stingers (2 wds.)6/18/2000
21.June 4, 2000HexOne method of surveillance6/4/2000
20.May 21, 2000HexButler in "Remains of the Day"5/21/2000
19.May 7, 2000HexAngle measured by an astrolabe5/7/2000
18.April 23, 2000HexIt holds a little less than a jigger (2 wds.)4/23/2000
17.April 9, 2000HexSelf-satisfied conformist to middle-class ideals4/9/2000
16.March 26, 2000HexExcessive talkativeness3/26/2000
15.March 12, 2000HexHapless hunter of "Merrie Melodies" (2 wds.)3/12/2000
14.February 27, 2000HexA glow from something living, such as a firefly2/27/2000
13.February 13, 2000HexSound formed by syneresis, as the "oi" in "join"2/13/2000
12.January 30, 2000HexWooden sheathing in which the adjacent boards have overlapping edges1/30/2000
11.January 16, 2000HexBuddy Holly's Texas birthplace1/16/2000
10.January 2, 2000HexSomeone engagingly crafty1/2/2000
9.December 19, 1999HexSmall shark often seen near shore12/19/1999
8.December 5, 1999HexCosmetics, especially for actors12/5/1999
7.November 21, 1999HexBandleader with the 1939 hit "Thanks for Ev'rything" (2 wds.)11/21/1999
6.November 7, 1999HexAlloy made of tin, antimony and copper11/7/1999
5.October 24, 1999HexDessert often made from fruit (hyph.)10/24/1999
4.October 10, 1999HexFigure in blue10/10/1999
3.September 26, 1999HexRain gear trademark (hyph.)9/26/1999
2.September 12, 1999HexRoman god of fire9/12/1999
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