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Here are the 359 variety puzzles made available by the NYT in Across Lite format. (Acrostics are here.)

Cryptic: 119, Diagramless: 156, Puns and Anagrams: 71, Vowelless: 6, Takeaway: 3, Mixup: 1, Other: 3

January 14, 2018diagramlessAcross LitePaula GamacheSolution
December 31, 2017pandaAcross LiteMel TaubSolution
December 3, 2017crypticAcross LiteDaniel RaymonSolution
November 5, 2017pandaAcross LiteSam EzerskySolution
October 8, 2017crypticAcross LiteRichard SilvestriSolution
September 24, 2017diagramlessAcross LiteSam EzerskySolution
September 10, 2017pandaAcross LiteMel TaubSolution
August 13, 2017crypticAcross LiteRichard SilvestriSolution
July 16, 2017pandaAcross LiteJoel FaglianoSolution
June 18, 2017crypticAcross LiteFraser SimpsonSolution
June 4, 2017diagramlessAcross LiteBrendan Emmett QuigleySolution
May 21, 2017pandaAcross LiteMel TaubSolution
April 23, 2017crypticAcross LiteRichard SilvestriSolution
March 26, 2017pandaAcross LiteSam EzerskySolution
February 26, 2017crypticAcross LiteEmily Cox and Henry RathvonSolution
February 12, 2017vowellessAcross LiteArthur SchulmanSolution
January 29, 2017pandaAcross LiteMel TaubSolution
January 1, 2017crypticAcross LiteRichard SilvestriSolution
December 4, 2016pandaAcross LiteJoe DiPietroSolution
November 6, 2016crypticAcross LiteEmily Cox and Henry RathvonSolution
October 23, 2016diagramlessAcross LiteMary Lou Guizzo and David SteinbergSolution
September 25, 2016pandaAcross LiteMel TaubSolution
August 28, 2016crypticAcross LiteDaniel RaymonSolution
August 14, 2016diagramlessAcross LiteSam EzerskySolution
July 31, 2016pandaAcross LiteJoel FaglianoSolution
July 3, 2016crypticAcross LiteRichard SilvestriSolution
June 5, 2016pandaAcross LiteMel TaubSolution
May 8, 2016crypticAcross LiteEmily Cox and Henry RathvonSolution
April 10, 2016pandaAcross LiteMark DiehlSolution
March 13, 2016crypticAcross LiteRosalie Moscovitch (1942-2015)Solution
February 28, 2016diagramlessAcross LiteFred PiscopSolution
February 14, 2016pandaAcross LiteMel TaubSolution
January 17, 2016crypticAcross LiteRichard SilvestriSolution
December 20, 2015pandaAcross LiteJoel FaglianoSolution
November 22, 2015crypticAcross LiteEmily Cox and Henry RathvonSolution
November 8, 2015diagramlessAcross LiteFred PiscopSolution
October 25, 2015pandaAcross LiteMel TaubSolution
September 27, 2015crypticAcross LiteDaniel RaymonSolution
August 30, 2015pandaAcross LiteJoe DiPietroSolution
August 2, 2015pandaAcross LiteMel TaubSolution
July 5, 2015crypticAcross LiteRichard SilvestriSolution
June 7, 2015pandaAcross LiteMark DiehlSolution
May 24, 2015diagramlessAcross LitePaula GamacheSolution
May 10, 2015crypticAcross LiteEmily Cox and Henry RathvonSolution
April 12, 2015pandaAcross LiteMel TaubSolution
March 15, 2015crypticAcross LiteRichard SilvestriSolution
February 1, 2015crypticAcross LiteDaniel RaymonSolution
January 18, 2015diagramlessAcross LiteFred PiscopSolution
January 4, 2015takeawayAcross LiteMatt GinsbergSolution
December 21, 2014pandaAcross LiteMel TaubSolution
December 7, 2014diagramlessAcross LitePaula GamacheSolution
November 9, 2014crypticAcross LiteRichard SilvestriSolution
October 26, 2014diagramlessAcross LiteFred PiscopSolution
September 28, 2014crypticAcross LiteRosalie MoscovitchSolution
September 14, 2014diagramlessAcross LiteFred PiscopSolution
August 17, 2014pandaAcross LiteMel TaubSolution
August 3, 2014diagramlessAcross LitePaula GamacheSolution
July 6, 2014crypticAcross LiteRichard SilvestriSolution
June 22, 2014diagramlessAcross LiteFred PiscopSolution
June 8, 2014vowellessAcross LiteArthur SchulmanSolution
May 25, 2014crypticAcross LiteRichard SilvestriSolution
May 11, 2014diagramlessAcross LiteFred PiscopSolution
April 13, 2014pandaAcross LiteMel TaubSolution
March 30, 2014diagramlessAcross LiteEd Stein and Paula GamacheSolution
March 2, 2014crypticAcross LiteFraser SimpsonSolution
February 16, 2014diagramlessAcross LiteFred PiscopSolution
February 2, 2014otherAcross LitePatrick BlindauerSolution
January 19, 2014crypticAcross LiteDaniel RaymonSolution
January 5, 2014diagramlessAcross LiteFred PiscopSolution
December 8, 2013pandaAcross LiteMel TaubSolution
November 24, 2013diagramlessAcross LitePaula GamacheSolution
October 27, 2013crypticAcross LiteRichard SilvestriSolution
October 13, 2013diagramlessAcross LiteFred PiscopSolution
September 15, 2013crypticAcross LiteEmily Cox & Henry RathvonSolution
September 1, 2013diagramlessAcross LiteJoel FaglianoSolution
August 4, 2013pandaAcross LiteMel TaubSolution
July 21, 2013diagramlessAcross LiteFred PiscopSolution
June 23, 2013crypticAcross LiteRosalie MoscovitchSolution
June 9, 2013diagramlessAcross LiteFred PiscopSolution
May 12, 2013pandaAcross LiteMel TaubSolution
April 28, 2013diagramlessAcross LiteFred PiscopSolution
March 31, 2013crypticAcross LiteRichard SilvestriSolution
March 17, 2013diagramlessAcross LiteFred PiscopSolution
March 3, 2013takeawayAcross LiteMatt GinsbergSolution
February 17, 2013crypticAcross LiteEmily Cox and Henry RathvonSolution
February 3, 2013diagramlessAcross LitePaula GamacheSolution
January 6, 2013pandaAcross LiteMel TaubSolution
December 23, 2012diagramlessAcross LiteFred PiscopSolution
November 25, 2012crypticAcross LiteJeffrey HarrisSolution
November 11, 2012diagramlessAcross LitePaula GamacheSolution
October 14, 2012crypticAcross LiteRosalie MoscovitchSolution
September 30, 2012diagramlessAcross LiteFred PiscopSolution
September 2, 2012pandaAcross LiteMel TaubSolution
August 19, 2012diagramlessAcross LiteFred PiscopSolution
July 22, 2012crypticAcross LiteRichard SilvestriSolution
July 8, 2012diagramlessAcross LitePaula GamacheSolution
June 10, 2012crypticAcross LiteEmily Cox and Henry RathvonSolution
May 27, 2012diagramlessAcross LiteFred PiscopSolution
May 13, 2012mixupAcross LiteMatt GinsbergSolution
April 29, 2012pandaAcross LiteMel TaubSolution
April 15, 2012diagramlessAcross LitePaula GamacheSolution
March 18, 2012crypticAcross LiteRosalie MoscovitchSolution
March 4, 2012diagramlessAcross LiteMike NothnagelSolution
February 5, 2012crypticAcross LiteEmily Cox and Henry RathvonSolution
January 22, 2012diagramlessAcross LiteFred PiscopSolution
December 25, 2011pandaAcross LiteMel TaubSolution
December 11, 2011diagramlessAcross LiteMike SelinkerSolution
November 13, 2011crypticAcross LiteRichard SilvestriSolution
October 30, 2011diagramlessAcross LiteFred PiscopSolution
October 2, 2011crypticAcross LiteEmily Cox and Henry RathvonSolution
September 18, 2011diagramlessAcross LitePaula GamacheSolution
August 21, 2011pandaAcross LiteMel TaubSolution
August 7, 2011diagramlessAcross LiteMike NothnagelSolution
July 10, 2011crypticAcross LiteEmily Cox and Henry RathvonSolution
June 26, 2011diagramlessAcross LiteFred PiscopSolution
May 29, 2011diagramlessAcross LitePatrick BlindauerSolution
May 15, 2011crypticAcross LiteDon ManleySolution
April 17, 2011pandaAcross LiteMel TaubSolution
April 3, 2011diagramlessAcross LiteFred PiscopSolution
February 27, 2011crypticAcross LiteBrian GreerSolution
February 20, 2011diagramlessAcross LitePaula GamacheSolution
January 23, 2011crypticAcross LiteEmily Cox and Henry RathvonSolution
January 9, 2011diagramlessAcross LiteMike NothnagelSolution
December 12, 2010pandaAcross LiteMel TaubSolution
November 28, 2010diagramlessAcross LiteFred PiscopSolution
October 31, 2010crypticAcross LiteRichard SilvestriSolution
October 17, 2010diagramlessAcross LitePaula GamacheSolution
September 19, 2010crypticAcross LiteEmily Cox & Henry RathvonSolution
September 5, 2010diagramlessAcross LiteFred PiscopSolution
August 8, 2010pandaAcross LiteMel TaubSolution
July 25, 2010diagramlessAcross LiteFred PiscopSolution
June 27, 2010crypticAcross LiteDaniel RaymonSolution
June 13, 2010diagramlessAcross LiteMichael ShteymanSolution
May 16, 2010crypticAcross LiteEmily Cox & Henry RathvonSolution
May 2, 2010diagramlessAcross LiteBrendan Emmett QuigleySolution
April 4, 2010pandaAcross LiteMel TaubSolution
March 21, 2010diagramlessAcross LitePatrick BlindauerSolution
February 21, 2010crypticAcross LiteEmily Cox and Henry RathvonSolution
February 7, 2010diagramlessAcross LiteJoon PahkSolution
January 10, 2010crypticAcross LiteRichard SilvestriSolution
December 27, 2009diagramlessAcross LiteMike NothnagelSolution
November 29, 2009pandaAcross LiteMel TaubSolution
November 15, 2009diagramlessAcross LiteFred PiscopSolution
October 18, 2009crypticAcross LiteRichard SilvestriSolution
October 4, 2009diagramlessAcross LitePatrick BlindauerSolution
September 6, 2009crypticAcross LiteBob StiggerSolution
August 23, 2009diagramlessAcross LitePaula GamacheSolution
July 26, 2009pandaAcross LiteMel TaubSolution
July 12, 2009diagramlessAcross LiteJim HyresSolution
June 14, 2009crypticAcross LiteDaniel RaymonSolution
May 31, 2009diagramlessAcross LiteFrancis HeaneySolution
May 17, 2009takeawayAcross LiteMatt GinsbergSolution
May 3, 2009crypticAcross LiteEmily Cox and Henry RathvonSolution
April 19, 2009diagramlessAcross LitePatrick BlindauerSolution
March 8, 2009diagramlessAcross LiteMike NothnagelSolution
February 22, 2009pandaAcross LiteMel TaubSolution
February 8, 2009crypticAcross LiteRichard SilvestriSolution
February 1, 2009diagramlessAcross LitePaula GamacheSolution
December 28, 2008crypticAcross LiteDoug PetersonSolution
December 14, 2008diagramlessAcross LiteThomas TakaroSolution
November 16, 2008pandaAcross LiteMel TaubSolution
November 2, 2008diagramlessAcross LitePatrick BlindauerSolution
October 5, 2008crypticAcross LiteRichard SilvestriSolution
September 21, 2008diagramlessAcross LiteByron WaldenSolution
August 24, 2008crypticAcross LiteEmily Cox and Henry RathvonSolution
August 10, 2008diagramlessAcross LitePatrick BlindauerSolution
July 13, 2008pandaAcross LiteMel TaubSolution
June 1, 2008crypticAcross LiteFraser SimpsonSolution
May 18, 2008diagramlessAcross LiteJon WeemsSolution
April 20, 2008crypticAcross LiteEmily Cox & Henry RathvonSolution
April 6, 2008diagramlessAcross LitePaula GamacheSolution
March 9, 2008pandaAcross LiteMel TaubSolution
February 24, 2008diagramlessAcross LitePatrick BlindauerSolution
January 13, 2008diagramlessAcross LiteByron WaldenSolution
December 16, 2007crypticAcross LiteEmily Cox and Henry RathvonSolution
December 2, 2007diagramlessAcross LiteMike NothnagelSolution
November 4, 2007pandaAcross LiteMel TaubSolution
October 21, 2007diagramlessAcross LiteCraig Kasper and Todd McClarySolution
September 23, 2007crypticAcross LiteDaniel RaymonSolution
September 9, 2007diagramlessAcross LiteJanet R. BenderSolution
August 12, 2007crypticAcross LiteBrian GreerSolution
July 29, 2007diagramlessAcross LiteByron WaldenSolution
July 1, 2007pandaAcross LiteMel TaubSolution
June 17, 2007diagramlessAcross LiteBarry L. CohenSolution
May 20, 2007crypticAcross LiteRichard SilvestriSolution
May 6, 2007diagramlessAcross LitePaula GamacheSolution
April 8, 2007crypticAcross LiteEmily Cox & Henry RathvonSolution
March 25, 2007diagramlessAcross LiteBrendan Emmett QuigleySolution
February 25, 2007pandaAcross LiteMel TaubSolution
January 14, 2007crypticAcross LiteFraser SimpsonSolution
December 31, 2006diagramlessAcross LitePaula GamacheSolution
December 3, 2006crypticAcross LiteEmily Cox & Henry RathvonSolution
November 19, 2006diagramlessAcross LiteBrendan Emmett QuigleySolution
October 22, 2006pandaAcross LiteMel TaubSolution
October 8, 2006otherAcross LiteEric BerlinSolution
September 10, 2006crypticAcross LiteTodd McClarySolution
August 27, 2006diagramlessAcross LiteJim HyresSolution
August 13, 2006vowellessAcross LiteArthur SchulmanSolution
July 30, 2006crypticAcross LiteEmily Cox and Henry RathvonSolution
July 16, 2006diagramlessAcross LiteByron WaldenSolution
June 18, 2006pandaAcross LiteMel TaubSolution
June 4, 2006diagramlessAcross LiteBrendan Emmett QuigleySolution
May 7, 2006crypticAcross LiteEmily Cox and Henry RathvonSolution
April 23, 2006diagramlessAcross LiteFred PiscopSolution
March 26, 2006crypticAcross LiteDoug PetersonSolution
March 12, 2006diagramlessAcross LiteByron WaldenSolution
February 12, 2006pandaAcross LiteMel TaubSolution
January 29, 2006diagramlessAcross LiteFred PiscopSolution
December 18, 2005diagramlessAcross LiteBrendan Emmett QuigleySolution
November 20, 2005crypticAcross LiteGary DischSolution
November 6, 2005diagramlessAcross LitePaula GamacheSolution
October 9, 2005pandaAcross LiteMel TaubSolution
August 28, 2005crypticAcross LiteRichard SilvestriSolution
August 14, 2005diagramlessAcross LiteBrendan Emmett QuigleySolution
July 17, 2005crypticAcross LiteEmily Cox and Henry RathvonSolution
July 3, 2005diagramlessAcross LiteBrendan Emmett QuigleySolution
June 5, 2005pandaAcross LiteMel TaubSolution
May 22, 2005diagramlessAcross LiteBrendan Emmett QuigleySolution
April 24, 2005crypticAcross LiteRichard SilvestriSolution
March 27, 2005diagramlessAcross LiteMichael ShteymanSolution
March 13, 2005crypticAcross LiteEmily Cox and Henry RathvonSolution
February 27, 2005diagramlessAcross LiteByron WaldenSolution
January 30, 2005pandaAcross LiteMel TaubSolution
January 16, 2005diagramlessAcross LiteByron WaldenSolution
December 19, 2004crypticAcross LiteEmily Cox and Henry RathvonSolution
December 5, 2004diagramlessAcross LiteBrendan Emmett QuigleySolution
November 7, 2004crypticAcross LiteBrian GreerSolution
October 24, 2004diagramlessAcross LiteEd EarlySolution
October 10, 2004otherAcross LiteLee Glickstein and Nancy SalomonSolution
September 26, 2004pandaAcross LiteMel TaubSolution
September 12, 2004diagramlessAcross LiteBrendan Emmett QuigleySolution
August 15, 2004crypticAcross LiteEmily Cox & Henry RathvonSolution
August 1, 2004diagramlessAcross LiteBrendan Emmett QuigleySolution
July 4, 2004crypticAcross LiteRichard SilvestriSolution
June 20, 2004diagramlessAcross LiteFred PiscopSolution
May 23, 2004pandaAcross LiteMel TaubSolution
May 9, 2004diagramlessAcross LiteBrendan Emmett QuigleySolution
April 11, 2004crypticAcross LiteFraser SimpsonSolution
March 28, 2004diagramlessAcross LiteBrendan Emmett QuigleySolution
February 29, 2004crypticAcross LiteEmily Cox & Henry RathvonSolution
February 15, 2004diagramlessAcross LiteFred PiscopSolution
January 18, 2004pandaAcross LiteMel TaubSolution
January 4, 2004diagramlessAcross LiteFred PiscopSolution
December 7, 2003crypticAcross LiteEmily Cox & Henry RathvonSolution
November 23, 2003diagramlessAcross LiteFred PiscopSolution
October 26, 2003crypticAcross LiteRichard SilvestriSolution
October 12, 2003diagramlessAcross LiteFred PiscopSolution
September 14, 2003pandaAcross LiteMel TaubSolution
August 31, 2003diagramlessAcross LiteTrip PayneSolution
August 3, 2003crypticAcross LiteEmily Cox & Henry RathvonSolution
July 20, 2003diagramlessAcross LiteMichael ShteymanSolution
June 22, 2003crypticAcross LiteRichard SilvestriSolution
June 8, 2003diagramlessAcross LiteJoe DiPietroSolution
May 11, 2003pandaAcross LiteMel TaubSolution
April 27, 2003diagramlessAcross LiteFrank LongoSolution
March 30, 2003crypticAcross LitePeter GordonSolution
March 16, 2003diagramlessAcross LiteFred PiscopSolution
February 16, 2003crypticAcross LiteEmily Cox and Henry RathvonSolution
February 2, 2003diagramlessAcross LiteDave TullerSolution
January 5, 2003pandaAcross LiteMel TaubSolution
December 22, 2002diagramlessAcross LiteMichael ShteymanSolution
November 24, 2002crypticAcross LiteRIchard SilvestriSolution
November 10, 2002diagramlessAcross LiteDave TullerSolution
October 13, 2002crypticAcross LiteTrip PayneSolution
September 29, 2002diagramlessAcross LiteFrank LongoSolution
September 1, 2002pandaAcross LiteMel TaubSolution
August 18, 2002diagramlessAcross LiteFrank LongoSolution
July 21, 2002crypticAcross LiteFraser SimpsonSolution
July 7, 2002diagramlessAcross LiteFred PiscopSolution
June 9, 2002crypticAcross LiteEmily Cox and Henry RathvonSolution
May 26, 2002diagramlessAcross LiteFrank LongoSolution
April 28, 2002pandaAcross LiteMel TaubSolution
April 14, 2002diagramlessAcross LiteFrank LongoSolution
March 17, 2002crypticAcross LiteRichard SilvestriSolution
March 3, 2002diagramlessAcross LitePeter GordonSolution
February 3, 2002crypticAcross LiteFraser SimpsonSolution
January 20, 2002diagramlessAcross LiteFrank LongoSolution
December 23, 2001pandaAcross LiteMel TaubSolution
December 9, 2001diagramlessAcross LitePeter GordonSolution
October 28, 2001diagramlessAcross LiteFred PiscopSolution
September 30, 2001crypticAcross LiteFraser SimpsonSolution
September 16, 2001diagramlessAcross LitePeter GordonSolution
September 2, 2001vowellessAcross LiteArthur SchulmanSolution
August 19, 2001pandaAcross LiteMel TaubSolution
August 5, 2001diagramlessAcross LiteFrank LongoSolution
July 8, 2001crypticAcross LiteRichard SilvestriSolution
June 24, 2001diagramlessAcross LitePeter GordonSolution
May 27, 2001crypticAcross LiteDavid StickleySolution
May 13, 2001diagramlessAcross LitePeter GordonSolution
April 15, 2001pandaAcross LiteMel TaubSolution
April 1, 2001diagramlessAcross LitePeter GordonSolution
March 4, 2001crypticAcross LiteRichard SilvestriSolution
February 18, 2001diagramlessAcross LiteFred PiscopSolution
January 21, 2001crypticAcross LiteEmily Cox and Henry RathvonSolution
January 7, 2001diagramlessAcross LitePeter GordonSolution
December 10, 2000pandaAcross LiteMel TaubSolution
November 26, 2000diagramlessAcross LitePeter GordonSolution
October 29, 2000crypticAcross LiteMike SelinkerSolution
October 15, 2000diagramlessAcross LiteFred PiscopSolution
September 17, 2000crypticAcross LiteRichard SilvestriSolution
September 3, 2000diagramlessAcross LiteJanet R. BenderSolution
August 6, 2000pandaAcross LiteMel TaubSolution
July 23, 2000diagramlessAcross LiteFred PiscopSolution
June 25, 2000crypticAcross LiteEmily Cox and Henry RathvonSolution
June 11, 2000diagramlessAcross LiteFrank LongoSolution
May 14, 2000crypticAcross LiteTrip PayneSolution
April 30, 2000diagramlessAcross LiteJean Wykoff RenoSolution
April 2, 2000pandaAcross LiteMel TaubSolution
March 19, 2000diagramlessAcross LiteFrank LongoSolution
February 20, 2000crypticAcross LiteRichard SilvestriSolution
February 6, 2000diagramlessAcross LiteFred PiscopSolution
January 9, 2000crypticAcross LiteEmily Cox and Henry RathvonSolution
December 26, 1999diagramlessAcross LiteFrank LongoSolution
November 28, 1999pandaAcross LiteMel TaubSolution
November 14, 1999diagramlessAcross LitePatrick BerrySolution
October 17, 1999crypticAcross LiteRichard SilvestriSolution
October 3, 1999diagramlessAcross LiteFrank LongoSolution
September 5, 1999crypticAcross LiteEmily Cox and Henry RathvonSolution
August 22, 1999diagramlessAcross LiteFred PiscopSolution
July 25, 1999pandaAcross LiteMel TaubSolution
July 11, 1999diagramlessAcross LitePatrick BerrySolution
June 13, 1999crypticAcross LiteThe Usenet Crossword Publishing ProjectSolution
May 30, 1999diagramlessAcross LiteFrank LongoSolution
May 2, 1999crypticAcross LiteRichard SilvestriSolution
April 18, 1999diagramlessAcross LiteFred PiscopSolution
March 21, 1999pandaAcross LiteMel TaubSolution
March 7, 1999diagramlessAcross LiteFred PiscopSolution
February 7, 1999crypticAcross LiteRichard SilvestriSolution
January 24, 1999diagramlessAcross LiteFrank LongoSolution
December 27, 1998crypticAcross LiteEmily Cox and Henry RathvonSolution
December 13, 1998diagramlessAcross LiteFrank LongoSolution
November 15, 1998pandaAcross LiteMel TaubSolution
November 1, 1998diagramlessAcross LiteFrank LongoSolution
October 4, 1998crypticAcross LiteRichard SilvestriSolution
September 20, 1998diagramlessAcross LiteFrank LongoSolution
August 23, 1998crypticAcross LiteEmily Cox and Henry RathvonSolution
August 9, 1998diagramlessAcross LiteFred PiscopSolution
July 26, 1998vowellessAcross LiteArthur SchulmanSolution
July 12, 1998pandaAcross LiteMel TaubSolution
June 28, 1998diagramlessAcross LiteEd EarlySolution
May 31, 1998crypticAcross LiteRichard SilvestriSolution
May 17, 1998diagramlessAcross LiteFrank LongoSolution
April 19, 1998crypticAcross LiteEmily Cox and Henry RathvonSolution
April 5, 1998diagramlessAcross LiteFrank LongoSolution
March 8, 1998pandaAcross LiteMel TaubSolution
February 22, 1998diagramlessAcross LiteFrank LongoSolution
January 25, 1998crypticAcross LiteRichard SilvestriSolution
December 14, 1997crypticAcross LiteEmily Cox and Henry RathvonSolution
November 30, 1997diagramlessAcross LiteFred PiscopSolution
November 2, 1997pandaAcross LiteMel TaubSolution
October 19, 1997diagramlessAcross LiteFred PiscopSolution
September 21, 1997crypticAcross LiteRichard SilvestriSolution
September 7, 1997diagramlessAcross LiteFrank LongoSolution
August 10, 1997crypticAcross LiteEmily Cox and Henry RathvonSolution
July 13, 1997vowellessAcross LiteArthur SchulmanSolution
June 29, 1997pandaAcross LiteMel TaubSolution
June 15, 1997diagramlessAcross LiteFrank LongoSolution
May 18, 1997crypticAcross LiteFraser SimpsonSolution
April 6, 1997crypticAcross LiteEmily Cox and Henry RathvonSolution