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Here are the 417 variety puzzles made available by the NYT in Across Lite format.

Cryptic: 142,   Diagramless: 163,   Puns and Anagrams: 93,   Vowelless: 8,   Takeaway: 3,   Going Too Far: 4,   Other: 4

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June 13, 2021crypticRichard SilvestriAcross LitePDF
May 16, 2021pandaAndrew J. RiesAcross LitePDF
May 2, 2021vowellessEvan KalishAcross LitePDF
April 18, 2021crypticJohn Halpern and FriendsAcross LitePDF
March 21, 2021pandaDaniel RaymonAcross LitePDF
February 21, 2021crypticEmily Cox and Henry RathvonAcross LitePDF
January 24, 2021pandaAndrew J. RiesAcross LitePDF
December 27, 2020crypticEmily Cox and Henry RathvonAcross LitePDF
November 29, 2020pandaSam EzerskyAcross LitePDF
November 1, 2020crypticJohn ForbesAcross LitePDF
October 18, 2020diagramlessAlex Eaton-SalnersAcross LitePDF
September 20, 2020pandaDaniel RaymonAcross LitePDF
August 23, 2020crypticEmily Cox and Henry RathvonAcross LitePDF
July 26, 2020pandaSam EzerskyAcross LitePDF
July 12, 2020diagramlessAlex Eaton-SalnersAcross LitePDF
June 28, 2020crypticRichard SilvestriAcross LitePDF
May 31, 2020pandaAndrew J. RiesAcross LitePDF
May 3, 2020crypticDaniel RaymonAcross LitePDF
April 19, 2020going too farAlex Eaton-SalnersAcross LitePDF
April 5, 2020pandaAndy Kravis and Andrew J. RiesAcross LitePDF
March 8, 2020crypticAli GascoigneAcross LitePDF
February 9, 2020pandaAndrew J. RiesAcross LitePDF
January 12, 2020crypticRichard SilvestriAcross LitePDF
December 29, 2019diagramlessPeter GordonAcross LitePDF
December 15, 2019pandaDaniel RaymonAcross LitePDF
November 17, 2019crypticEmily Cox and Henry RathvonAcross LitePDF
October 20, 2019pandaMel TaubAcross LitePDF
September 22, 2019crypticEmily Cox and Henry RathvonAcross LitePDF
September 8, 2019going too farAlex Eaton-SalnersAcross LitePDF
August 25, 2019pandaAndrew J. RiesAcross LitePDF
July 28, 2019crypticFraser SimpsonAcross LitePDF
June 30, 2019pandaDaniel RaymonAcross LitePDF
June 16, 2019diagramlessAlex Eaton-SalnersAcross LitePDF
June 2, 2019crypticRichard SilvestriAcross LitePDF
May 5, 2019pandaSam EzerskyAcross LitePDF
April 7, 2019crypticFraser SimpsonAcross LitePDF
March 10, 2019pandaSam EzerskyAcross LitePDF
February 10, 2019crypticJohn ForbesAcross LitePDF
January 27, 2019going too farBrendan Emmett QuigleyAcross LitePDF
January 13, 2019pandaAndrew J. RiesAcross LitePDF
December 16, 2018crypticDaniel RaymonAcross LitePDF
December 2, 2018diagramlessAlex Eaton-SalnersAcross LitePDF
November 18, 2018pandaErik AgardAcross LitePDF
October 21, 2018crypticRichard SilvestriAcross LitePDF
September 23, 2018pandaAndrew RiesAcross LitePDF
September 9, 2018vowellessTrenton CharlsonAcross LitePDF
August 26, 2018crypticEmily Cox and Henry RathvonAcross LitePDF
July 29, 2018pandaMel TaubAcross LitePDF
July 1, 2018crypticRichard SilvestriAcross LitePDF
June 3, 2018pandaJoel FaglianoAcross LitePDF
May 20, 2018crypticEmily Cox and Henry RathvonAcross LitePDF
April 22, 2018pandaMel TaubAcross LitePDF
April 8, 2018diagramlessDavid SteinbergAcross LitePDF
March 25, 2018crypticRichard SilvestriAcross LitePDF
February 25, 2018pandaSam EzerskyAcross LitePDF
January 28, 2018crypticEmily Cox and Henry RathvonAcross LitePDF
January 14, 2018diagramlessPaula GamacheAcross LitePDF
December 31, 2017pandaMel TaubAcross LitePDF
December 3, 2017crypticDaniel RaymonAcross LitePDF
November 5, 2017pandaSam EzerskyAcross LitePDF
October 8, 2017crypticRichard SilvestriAcross LitePDF
September 24, 2017diagramlessSam EzerskyAcross LitePDF
September 10, 2017pandaMel TaubAcross LitePDF
August 13, 2017crypticRichard SilvestriAcross LitePDF
July 16, 2017pandaJoel FaglianoAcross LitePDF
June 18, 2017crypticFraser SimpsonAcross LitePDF
June 4, 2017diagramlessBrendan Emmett QuigleyAcross LitePDF
May 21, 2017pandaMel TaubAcross LitePDF
April 23, 2017crypticRichard SilvestriAcross LitePDF
March 26, 2017pandaSam EzerskyAcross LitePDF
February 26, 2017crypticEmily Cox and Henry RathvonAcross LitePDF
February 12, 2017vowellessArthur SchulmanAcross LitePDF
January 29, 2017pandaMel TaubAcross LitePDF
January 1, 2017crypticRichard SilvestriAcross LitePDF
December 4, 2016pandaJoe DiPietroAcross LitePDF
November 6, 2016crypticEmily Cox and Henry RathvonAcross LitePDF
October 23, 2016diagramlessMary Lou Guizzo and David SteinbergAcross LitePDF
September 25, 2016pandaMel TaubAcross LitePDF
August 28, 2016crypticDaniel RaymonAcross LitePDF
August 14, 2016diagramlessSam EzerskyAcross LitePDF
July 31, 2016pandaJoel FaglianoAcross LitePDF
July 3, 2016crypticRichard SilvestriAcross LitePDF
June 5, 2016pandaMel TaubAcross LitePDF
May 8, 2016crypticEmily Cox and Henry RathvonAcross LitePDF
April 10, 2016pandaMark DiehlAcross LitePDF
March 13, 2016crypticRosalie Moscovitch (1942-2015)Across LitePDF
February 28, 2016diagramlessFred PiscopAcross LitePDF
February 14, 2016pandaMel TaubAcross LitePDF
January 17, 2016crypticRichard SilvestriAcross LitePDF
December 20, 2015pandaJoel FaglianoAcross LitePDF
November 22, 2015crypticEmily Cox and Henry RathvonAcross LitePDF
November 8, 2015diagramlessFred PiscopAcross LitePDF
October 25, 2015pandaMel TaubAcross LitePDF
September 27, 2015crypticDaniel RaymonAcross LitePDF
August 30, 2015pandaJoe DiPietroAcross LitePDF
August 2, 2015pandaMel TaubAcross LitePDF
July 5, 2015crypticRichard SilvestriAcross LitePDF
June 7, 2015pandaMark DiehlAcross LitePDF
May 24, 2015diagramlessPaula GamacheAcross LitePDF
May 10, 2015crypticEmily Cox and Henry RathvonAcross LitePDF
April 12, 2015pandaMel TaubAcross LitePDF
March 15, 2015crypticRichard SilvestriAcross LitePDF
February 1, 2015crypticDaniel RaymonAcross LitePDF
January 18, 2015diagramlessFred PiscopAcross LitePDF
January 4, 2015takeawayMatt GinsbergAcross LitePDF
December 21, 2014pandaMel TaubAcross LitePDF
December 7, 2014diagramlessPaula GamacheAcross LitePDF
November 9, 2014crypticRichard SilvestriAcross LitePDF
October 26, 2014diagramlessFred PiscopAcross LitePDF
September 28, 2014crypticRosalie MoscovitchAcross LitePDF
September 14, 2014diagramlessFred PiscopAcross LitePDF
August 17, 2014pandaMel TaubAcross LitePDF
August 3, 2014diagramlessPaula GamacheAcross LitePDF
July 6, 2014crypticRichard SilvestriAcross LitePDF
June 22, 2014diagramlessFred PiscopAcross Lite
June 8, 2014vowellessArthur SchulmanAcross Lite
May 25, 2014crypticRichard SilvestriAcross Lite
May 11, 2014diagramlessFred PiscopAcross Lite
April 13, 2014pandaMel TaubAcross Lite
March 30, 2014diagramlessEd Stein and Paula GamacheAcross Lite
March 2, 2014crypticFraser SimpsonAcross Lite
February 16, 2014diagramlessFred PiscopAcross Lite
February 2, 2014otherPatrick BlindauerAcross Lite
January 19, 2014crypticDaniel RaymonAcross Lite
January 5, 2014diagramlessFred PiscopAcross Lite
December 8, 2013pandaMel TaubAcross Lite
November 24, 2013diagramlessPaula GamacheAcross Lite
October 27, 2013crypticRichard SilvestriAcross Lite
October 13, 2013diagramlessFred PiscopAcross Lite
September 15, 2013crypticEmily Cox & Henry RathvonAcross Lite
September 1, 2013diagramlessJoel FaglianoAcross Lite
August 4, 2013pandaMel TaubAcross Lite
July 21, 2013diagramlessFred PiscopAcross Lite
June 23, 2013crypticRosalie MoscovitchAcross Lite
June 9, 2013diagramlessFred PiscopAcross Lite
May 12, 2013pandaMel TaubAcross Lite
April 28, 2013diagramlessFred PiscopAcross Lite
March 31, 2013crypticRichard SilvestriAcross Lite
March 17, 2013diagramlessFred PiscopAcross Lite
March 3, 2013takeawayMatt GinsbergAcross Lite
February 17, 2013crypticEmily Cox and Henry RathvonAcross Lite
February 3, 2013diagramlessPaula GamacheAcross Lite
January 6, 2013pandaMel TaubAcross Lite
December 23, 2012diagramlessFred PiscopAcross Lite
November 25, 2012crypticJeffrey HarrisAcross Lite
November 11, 2012diagramlessPaula GamacheAcross Lite
October 14, 2012crypticRosalie MoscovitchAcross Lite
September 30, 2012diagramlessFred PiscopAcross Lite
September 2, 2012pandaMel TaubAcross Lite
August 19, 2012diagramlessFred PiscopAcross Lite
July 22, 2012crypticRichard SilvestriAcross Lite
July 8, 2012diagramlessPaula GamacheAcross Lite
June 10, 2012crypticEmily Cox and Henry RathvonAcross Lite
May 27, 2012diagramlessFred PiscopAcross Lite
May 13, 2012otherMatt GinsbergAcross Lite
April 29, 2012pandaMel TaubAcross Lite
April 15, 2012diagramlessPaula GamacheAcross Lite
March 18, 2012crypticRosalie MoscovitchAcross Lite
March 4, 2012diagramlessMike NothnagelAcross Lite
February 5, 2012crypticEmily Cox and Henry RathvonAcross Lite
January 22, 2012diagramlessFred PiscopAcross Lite
December 25, 2011pandaMel TaubAcross Lite
December 11, 2011diagramlessMike SelinkerAcross Lite
November 13, 2011crypticRichard SilvestriAcross Lite
October 30, 2011diagramlessFred PiscopAcross Lite
October 2, 2011crypticEmily Cox and Henry RathvonAcross Lite
September 18, 2011diagramlessPaula GamacheAcross Lite
August 21, 2011pandaMel TaubAcross Lite
August 7, 2011diagramlessMike NothnagelAcross Lite
July 10, 2011crypticEmily Cox and Henry RathvonAcross Lite
June 26, 2011diagramlessFred PiscopAcross Lite
May 29, 2011diagramlessPatrick BlindauerAcross Lite
May 15, 2011crypticDon ManleyAcross Lite
April 17, 2011pandaMel TaubAcross Lite
April 3, 2011diagramlessFred PiscopAcross Lite
February 27, 2011crypticBrian GreerAcross Lite
February 20, 2011diagramlessPaula GamacheAcross Lite
January 23, 2011crypticEmily Cox and Henry RathvonAcross Lite
January 9, 2011diagramlessMike NothnagelAcross Lite
December 12, 2010pandaMel TaubAcross Lite
November 28, 2010diagramlessFred PiscopAcross Lite
October 31, 2010crypticRichard SilvestriAcross Lite
October 17, 2010diagramlessPaula GamacheAcross Lite
September 19, 2010crypticEmily Cox & Henry RathvonAcross Lite
September 5, 2010diagramlessFred PiscopAcross Lite
August 8, 2010pandaMel TaubAcross Lite
July 25, 2010diagramlessFred PiscopAcross Lite
June 27, 2010crypticDaniel RaymonAcross Lite
June 13, 2010diagramlessMichael ShteymanAcross Lite
May 16, 2010crypticEmily Cox & Henry RathvonAcross Lite
May 2, 2010diagramlessBrendan Emmett QuigleyAcross Lite
April 4, 2010pandaMel TaubAcross Lite
March 21, 2010diagramlessPatrick BlindauerAcross Lite
February 21, 2010crypticEmily Cox and Henry RathvonAcross Lite
February 7, 2010diagramlessJoon PahkAcross Lite
January 10, 2010crypticRichard SilvestriAcross Lite
December 27, 2009diagramlessMike NothnagelAcross Lite
November 29, 2009pandaMel TaubAcross Lite
November 15, 2009diagramlessFred PiscopAcross Lite
October 18, 2009crypticRichard SilvestriAcross Lite
October 4, 2009diagramlessPatrick BlindauerAcross Lite
September 6, 2009crypticBob StiggerAcross Lite
August 23, 2009diagramlessPaula GamacheAcross Lite
July 26, 2009pandaMel TaubAcross Lite
July 12, 2009diagramlessJim HyresAcross Lite
June 14, 2009crypticDaniel RaymonAcross Lite
May 31, 2009diagramlessFrancis HeaneyAcross Lite
May 17, 2009takeawayMatt GinsbergAcross Lite
May 3, 2009crypticEmily Cox and Henry RathvonAcross Lite
April 19, 2009diagramlessPatrick BlindauerAcross Lite
March 8, 2009diagramlessMike NothnagelAcross Lite
February 22, 2009pandaMel TaubAcross Lite
February 8, 2009crypticRichard SilvestriAcross Lite
February 1, 2009diagramlessPaula GamacheAcross Lite
December 28, 2008crypticDoug PetersonAcross Lite
December 14, 2008diagramlessThomas TakaroAcross Lite
November 16, 2008pandaMel TaubAcross Lite
November 2, 2008diagramlessPatrick BlindauerAcross Lite
October 5, 2008crypticRichard SilvestriAcross Lite
September 21, 2008diagramlessByron WaldenAcross Lite
August 24, 2008crypticEmily Cox and Henry RathvonAcross Lite
August 10, 2008diagramlessPatrick BlindauerAcross Lite
July 13, 2008pandaMel TaubAcross Lite
June 1, 2008crypticFraser SimpsonAcross Lite
May 18, 2008diagramlessJon WeemsAcross Lite
April 20, 2008crypticEmily Cox & Henry RathvonAcross Lite
April 6, 2008diagramlessPaula GamacheAcross Lite
March 9, 2008pandaMel TaubAcross Lite
February 24, 2008diagramlessPatrick BlindauerAcross Lite
January 13, 2008diagramlessByron WaldenAcross Lite
December 16, 2007crypticEmily Cox and Henry RathvonAcross Lite
December 2, 2007diagramlessMike NothnagelAcross Lite
November 4, 2007pandaMel TaubAcross Lite
October 21, 2007diagramlessCraig Kasper and Todd McClaryAcross Lite
September 23, 2007crypticDaniel RaymonAcross Lite
September 9, 2007diagramlessJanet R. BenderAcross Lite
August 12, 2007crypticBrian GreerAcross Lite
July 29, 2007diagramlessByron WaldenAcross Lite
July 1, 2007pandaMel TaubAcross Lite
June 17, 2007diagramlessBarry L. CohenAcross Lite
May 20, 2007crypticRichard SilvestriAcross Lite
May 6, 2007diagramlessPaula GamacheAcross Lite
April 8, 2007crypticEmily Cox & Henry RathvonAcross Lite
March 25, 2007diagramlessBrendan Emmett QuigleyAcross Lite
February 25, 2007pandaMel TaubAcross Lite
January 14, 2007crypticFraser SimpsonAcross Lite
December 31, 2006diagramlessPaula GamacheAcross Lite
December 3, 2006crypticEmily Cox & Henry RathvonAcross Lite
November 19, 2006diagramlessBrendan Emmett QuigleyAcross Lite
October 22, 2006pandaMel TaubAcross Lite
October 8, 2006going too farEric BerlinAcross Lite
September 10, 2006crypticTodd McClaryAcross Lite
August 27, 2006diagramlessJim HyresAcross Lite
August 13, 2006vowellessArthur SchulmanAcross Lite
July 30, 2006crypticEmily Cox and Henry RathvonAcross Lite
July 16, 2006diagramlessByron WaldenAcross Lite
June 18, 2006pandaMel TaubAcross Lite
June 4, 2006diagramlessBrendan Emmett QuigleyAcross Lite
May 7, 2006crypticEmily Cox and Henry RathvonAcross Lite
April 23, 2006diagramlessFred PiscopAcross Lite
March 26, 2006crypticDoug PetersonAcross Lite
March 12, 2006diagramlessByron WaldenAcross Lite
February 12, 2006pandaMel TaubAcross Lite
January 29, 2006diagramlessFred PiscopAcross Lite
December 18, 2005diagramlessBrendan Emmett QuigleyAcross Lite
November 20, 2005crypticGary DischAcross Lite
November 6, 2005diagramlessPaula GamacheAcross Lite
October 9, 2005pandaMel TaubAcross Lite
August 28, 2005crypticRichard SilvestriAcross Lite
August 14, 2005diagramlessBrendan Emmett QuigleyAcross Lite
July 17, 2005crypticEmily Cox and Henry RathvonAcross Lite
July 3, 2005diagramlessBrendan Emmett QuigleyAcross Lite
June 5, 2005pandaMel TaubAcross Lite
May 22, 2005diagramlessBrendan Emmett QuigleyAcross Lite
April 24, 2005crypticRichard SilvestriAcross Lite
March 27, 2005diagramlessMichael ShteymanAcross Lite
March 13, 2005crypticEmily Cox and Henry RathvonAcross Lite
February 27, 2005diagramlessByron WaldenAcross Lite
January 30, 2005pandaMel TaubAcross Lite
January 16, 2005diagramlessByron WaldenAcross Lite
December 19, 2004crypticEmily Cox and Henry RathvonAcross Lite
December 5, 2004diagramlessBrendan Emmett QuigleyAcross Lite
November 7, 2004crypticBrian GreerAcross Lite
October 24, 2004diagramlessEd EarlyAcross Lite
October 10, 2004otherLee Glickstein and Nancy SalomonAcross Lite
September 26, 2004pandaMel TaubAcross Lite
September 12, 2004diagramlessBrendan Emmett QuigleyAcross Lite
August 15, 2004crypticEmily Cox & Henry RathvonAcross Lite
August 1, 2004diagramlessBrendan Emmett QuigleyAcross Lite
July 4, 2004crypticRichard SilvestriAcross Lite
June 20, 2004diagramlessFred PiscopAcross Lite
May 23, 2004pandaMel TaubAcross Lite
May 9, 2004diagramlessBrendan Emmett QuigleyAcross Lite
April 11, 2004crypticFraser SimpsonAcross Lite
March 28, 2004diagramlessBrendan Emmett QuigleyAcross Lite
February 29, 2004crypticEmily Cox & Henry RathvonAcross Lite
February 15, 2004diagramlessFred PiscopAcross Lite
January 18, 2004pandaMel TaubAcross Lite
January 4, 2004diagramlessFred PiscopAcross Lite
December 7, 2003crypticEmily Cox & Henry RathvonAcross Lite
November 23, 2003diagramlessFred PiscopAcross Lite
October 26, 2003crypticRichard SilvestriAcross Lite
October 12, 2003diagramlessFred PiscopAcross Lite
September 14, 2003pandaMel TaubAcross Lite
August 31, 2003diagramlessTrip PayneAcross Lite
August 3, 2003crypticEmily Cox & Henry RathvonAcross Lite
July 20, 2003diagramlessMichael ShteymanAcross Lite
June 22, 2003crypticRichard SilvestriAcross Lite
June 8, 2003diagramlessJoe DiPietroAcross Lite
May 11, 2003pandaMel TaubAcross Lite
April 27, 2003diagramlessFrank LongoAcross Lite
March 30, 2003crypticPeter GordonAcross Lite
March 16, 2003diagramlessFred PiscopAcross Lite
February 16, 2003crypticEmily Cox and Henry RathvonAcross Lite
February 2, 2003diagramlessDave TullerAcross Lite
January 5, 2003pandaMel TaubAcross Lite
December 22, 2002diagramlessMichael ShteymanAcross Lite
November 24, 2002crypticRichard SilvestriAcross Lite
November 10, 2002diagramlessDave TullerAcross Lite
October 13, 2002crypticTrip PayneAcross Lite
September 29, 2002diagramlessFrank LongoAcross Lite
September 1, 2002pandaMel TaubAcross Lite
August 18, 2002diagramlessFrank LongoAcross Lite
July 21, 2002crypticFraser SimpsonAcross Lite
July 7, 2002diagramlessFred PiscopAcross Lite
June 9, 2002crypticEmily Cox and Henry RathvonAcross Lite
May 26, 2002diagramlessFrank LongoAcross Lite
April 28, 2002pandaMel TaubAcross Lite
April 14, 2002diagramlessFrank LongoAcross Lite
March 17, 2002crypticRichard SilvestriAcross Lite
March 3, 2002diagramlessPeter GordonAcross Lite
February 3, 2002crypticFraser SimpsonAcross Lite
January 20, 2002diagramlessFrank LongoAcross Lite
December 23, 2001pandaMel TaubAcross Lite
December 9, 2001diagramlessPeter GordonAcross Lite
October 28, 2001diagramlessFred PiscopAcross Lite
September 30, 2001crypticFraser SimpsonAcross Lite
September 16, 2001diagramlessPeter GordonAcross Lite
September 2, 2001vowellessArthur SchulmanAcross Lite
August 19, 2001pandaMel TaubAcross Lite
August 5, 2001diagramlessFrank LongoAcross Lite
July 8, 2001crypticRichard SilvestriAcross Lite
June 24, 2001diagramlessPeter GordonAcross Lite
May 27, 2001crypticDavid StickleyAcross Lite
May 13, 2001diagramlessPeter GordonAcross Lite
April 15, 2001pandaMel TaubAcross Lite
April 1, 2001diagramlessPeter GordonAcross Lite
March 4, 2001crypticRichard SilvestriAcross Lite
February 18, 2001diagramlessFred PiscopAcross Lite
January 21, 2001crypticEmily Cox and Henry RathvonAcross Lite
January 7, 2001diagramlessPeter GordonAcross Lite
December 10, 2000pandaMel TaubAcross Lite
November 26, 2000diagramlessPeter GordonAcross Lite
October 29, 2000crypticMike SelinkerAcross Lite
October 15, 2000diagramlessFred PiscopAcross Lite
September 17, 2000crypticRichard SilvestriAcross Lite
September 3, 2000diagramlessJanet R. BenderAcross Lite
August 6, 2000pandaMel TaubAcross Lite
July 23, 2000diagramlessFred PiscopAcross Lite
July 9, 2000otherHenry HookAcross Lite
June 25, 2000crypticEmily Cox and Henry RathvonAcross Lite
June 11, 2000diagramlessFrank LongoAcross Lite
May 14, 2000crypticTrip PayneAcross Lite
April 30, 2000diagramlessJean Wykoff RenoAcross Lite
April 2, 2000pandaMel TaubAcross Lite
March 19, 2000diagramlessFrank LongoAcross Lite
February 20, 2000crypticRichard SilvestriAcross Lite
February 6, 2000diagramlessFred PiscopAcross Lite
January 9, 2000crypticEmily Cox and Henry RathvonAcross Lite
December 26, 1999diagramlessFrank LongoAcross Lite
November 28, 1999pandaMel TaubAcross Lite
November 14, 1999diagramlessPatrick BerryAcross Lite
October 17, 1999crypticRichard SilvestriAcross Lite
October 3, 1999diagramlessFrank LongoAcross Lite
September 5, 1999crypticEmily Cox and Henry RathvonAcross Lite
August 22, 1999diagramlessFred PiscopAcross Lite
July 25, 1999pandaMel TaubAcross Lite
July 11, 1999diagramlessPatrick BerryAcross Lite
June 13, 1999crypticThe Usenet Crossword Publishing ProjectAcross Lite
May 30, 1999diagramlessFrank LongoAcross Lite
May 2, 1999crypticRichard SilvestriAcross Lite
April 18, 1999diagramlessFred PiscopAcross Lite
March 21, 1999pandaMel TaubAcross Lite
March 7, 1999diagramlessFred PiscopAcross Lite
February 7, 1999crypticRichard SilvestriAcross Lite
January 24, 1999diagramlessFrank LongoAcross Lite
December 27, 1998crypticEmily Cox and Henry RathvonAcross Lite
December 13, 1998diagramlessFrank LongoAcross Lite
November 15, 1998pandaMel TaubAcross Lite
November 1, 1998diagramlessFrank LongoAcross Lite
October 4, 1998crypticRichard SilvestriAcross Lite
September 20, 1998diagramlessFrank LongoAcross Lite
August 23, 1998crypticEmily Cox and Henry RathvonAcross Lite
August 9, 1998diagramlessFred PiscopAcross Lite
July 26, 1998vowellessArthur SchulmanAcross Lite
July 12, 1998pandaMel TaubAcross Lite
June 28, 1998diagramlessEd EarlyAcross Lite
May 31, 1998crypticRichard SilvestriAcross Lite
May 17, 1998diagramlessFrank LongoAcross Lite
April 19, 1998crypticEmily Cox and Henry RathvonAcross Lite
April 5, 1998diagramlessFrank LongoAcross Lite
March 8, 1998pandaMel TaubAcross Lite
February 22, 1998diagramlessFrank LongoAcross Lite
January 25, 1998crypticRichard SilvestriAcross Lite
January 11, 1998diagramlessFrank LongoAcross Lite
December 14, 1997crypticEmily Cox and Henry RathvonAcross Lite
November 30, 1997diagramlessFred PiscopAcross Lite
November 2, 1997pandaMel TaubAcross Lite
October 19, 1997diagramlessFred PiscopAcross Lite
September 21, 1997crypticRichard SilvestriAcross Lite
September 7, 1997diagramlessFrank LongoAcross Lite
August 10, 1997crypticEmily Cox and Henry RathvonAcross Lite
July 13, 1997vowellessArthur SchulmanAcross Lite
June 29, 1997pandaMel TaubAcross Lite
June 15, 1997diagramlessFrank LongoAcross Lite
May 18, 1997crypticFraser SimpsonAcross Lite
April 6, 1997crypticEmily Cox and Henry RathvonAcross Lite