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Variety Puzzle FAQ

Questions about Second Sunday puzzles in XWord Info

What are variety puzzles?

Every week, the NYT Sunday Magazine publishes a large crossword and one or more variety puzzles. Acrostics alternate weeks with cryptics and various other special puzzles.

Why have they been added to XWord Info?

There is some brilliant work here that I want to organize and surface for others to see. Many of the best clues have been in acrostics or other variety puzzles.

Which variety puzzles are included in XWord Info?

Acrostics are included back to mid-1999. Other puzzles are here if they similar to crosswords. That includes cryptic, diagramless, and panda (Puns and Anagram) puzzles, as well as a small number of vowelless and other crosswords.

What about Split Decisions or Going Too Far or Spirals?

Split Decisions have no clues. Spirals have clues which could be tracked but our software doesn't support them.

Is variety data integrated with data from normal puzzles? Does it "count" in the stats?

Mostly yes. Finder searches can show Variety results separately.

Is the data here complete?

No. As explained earlier, many variety types are not included at all. For those I do include, I rely mostly on the puzzle archives at the NYT Crossword page. Variety puzzles haven't been curated with the same care as the daily puzzles, so there are gaps.

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