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Least Scrabulous Sunday puzzles

30 Sunday puzzles with the lowest average letter value in the Shortz Era

Scrabble values: A:1 B:3 C:3 D:2 E:1 F:4 G:2 H:4 I:1 J:8 K:5 L:1 M:3 N:1 O:1 P:3 Q:10 R:1 S:1 T:1 U:1 V:4 W:4 X:8 Y:4 Z:10

RankDateAuthorSizeTotal scoreAveragePangram?
1.Sunday, March 18, 2001Richard Silvestri21x215051.37
2.Sunday, May 13, 2007Jim Page21x215001.37
3.Sunday, August 2, 1998Nancy Nicholson Joline21x215031.37
4.Sunday, February 23, 1997Nancy Nicholson Joline21x215001.38
5.Sunday, May 29, 1994Janet R. Bender21x215141.39
6.Sunday, September 7, 2003Alan Arbesfeld21x215201.39
7.Sunday, August 30, 1998John Wolting21x215121.39
8.Sunday, December 23, 2007Adam G. Perl21x215111.39
9.Sunday, December 13, 1998Richard Silvestri21x215161.39
10.Sunday, May 4, 2014Mary Lou Guizzo21x215151.40
11.Sunday, July 10, 1994Alvin Chase21x214991.40
12.Sunday, November 27, 1994Jacques Liwer21x215061.40
13.Sunday, July 10, 2005Con Pederson21x215141.40
14.Sunday, February 18, 2007David Kwong and Kevan Choset21x215201.40
15.Sunday, May 15, 1994Charles M. Deber21x215151.40
16.Sunday, December 3, 2006Patrick Merrell21x215181.41
17.Sunday, February 9, 2003David J. Kahn21x215171.41
18.Sunday, February 12, 1995Alex & Victoria Black21x215091.41
19.Sunday, December 29, 2002Richard Silvestri21x215131.41
20.Sunday, May 14, 1995Richard Silvestri21x215181.42
21.Sunday, October 19, 1997David J. Kahn21x215311.42
22.Sunday, November 8, 2009Robert W. Harris21x215241.42
23.Sunday, January 25, 1998Dave Tuller21x215201.42
Sunday, July 23, 1995Fran & Lou Sabin21x215201.42
25.Sunday, December 15, 2002RIchard Hughes21x215121.42
26.Sunday, February 18, 2001David J. Kahn21x215241.42
27.Sunday, January 21, 2007Patrick Berry21x215301.42
28.Sunday, March 25, 2007Fred Piscop21x215231.42
Sunday, April 30, 1995Warren W. Reich21x215231.42
30.Sunday, November 9, 1997Rich Norris21x215181.42