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Most Scrabulous Sunday puzzles

30 Sunday puzzles with the highest average letter value in the Shortz Era

Scrabble values: A:1 B:3 C:3 D:2 E:1 F:4 G:2 H:4 I:1 J:8 K:5 L:1 M:3 N:1 O:1 P:3 Q:10 R:1 S:1 T:1 U:1 V:4 W:4 X:8 Y:4 Z:10

RankDateAuthorSizeTotal scoreAveragePangram?
1.Sunday, August 10, 2008Will Nediger21x216591.79yes
2.Sunday, November 7, 1999Brendan Emmett Quigley21x216331.78
3.Sunday, April 13, 2003Charles Deber21x216521.77yes
4.Sunday, July 9, 2017Will Nediger21x216651.76
5.Sunday, January 29, 2006Rich Norris21x216271.76
6.Sunday, January 27, 2008Mike Nothnagel23x237761.75
7.Sunday, August 29, 2010Derek Bowman21x216361.74yes
8.Sunday, December 20, 2015Peter Wentz21x216401.73
9.Sunday, September 2, 2012Joel Fagliano21x216381.73
Sunday, September 25, 2011Paul Hunsberger21x216381.73
11.Sunday, October 9, 2011Brendan Emmett Quigley21x216271.73yes
12.Sunday, November 29, 2009Will Nediger21x216371.73
13.Sunday, November 14, 2010Patrick Berry21x216301.73
14.Sunday, April 7, 2002Nancy Salomon21x216431.72
15.Sunday, April 27, 2003Jon Delfin21x216381.72yes
16.Sunday, January 23, 2011Chris A. McGlothlin21x216051.72yes
17.Sunday, February 8, 2009Alan Arbesfeld21x216411.72
18.Sunday, June 12, 2016Finn Vigeland21x216341.72
Sunday, September 8, 2013Pete Muller and Sue Keefer21x216341.72
20.Sunday, March 16, 2014Jeremy Newton21x216271.72
21.Sunday, June 22, 1997Matt Gaffney21x216291.71
22.Sunday, August 24, 2003Patrick Berry21x216391.71
23.Sunday, September 19, 2010Kevin G. Der21x216231.71
24.Sunday, July 25, 2004Brendan Emmett Quigley21x216251.71yes
25.Sunday, October 18, 2015Dan Schoenholz21x216331.71
Sunday, September 15, 2013Joe DiPietro21x216331.71
27.Sunday, July 17, 2011Daniel A. Finan21x226621.71
28.Sunday, July 14, 2013Daniel A. Finan21x216361.71
29.Sunday, July 5, 1998Joe DiPietro21x216121.70
30.Sunday, February 19, 2017Bruce Haight21x216271.70