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Least Scrabulous daily puzzles

100 daily puzzles with the lowest average letter value in the Shortz Era

Scrabble values: A:1 B:3 C:3 D:2 E:1 F:4 G:2 H:4 I:1 J:8 K:5 L:1 M:3 N:1 O:1 P:3 Q:10 R:1 S:1 T:1 U:1 V:4 W:4 X:8 Y:4 Z:10

RankDateAuthorSizeTotal scoreAveragePangram?
1.Tuesday, April 18, 2017Bruce Haight15x151831.00
Tuesday, June 5, 2001Peter Gordon15x151891.00
3.Saturday, July 27, 2002Robert H. Wolfe15x152391.23
4.Saturday, August 24, 2002Chuck Menning15x152411.25
5.Saturday, December 22, 2007Harvey Estes15x152361.26
6.Wednesday, August 3, 2011Paul Guttormsson15x152361.26
7.Tuesday, December 23, 2008Joe Krozel15x152281.27
8.Tuesday, April 14, 2015Bruce Haight15x152421.27
9.Saturday, May 28, 1994Gerald R. Ferguson15x152481.27
10.Monday, December 5, 1994Sidney L. Robbins15x152401.28
11.Saturday, March 28, 2009Joe Krozel15x152651.29
12.Wednesday, April 20, 1994Walter Webb15x152401.29
13.Saturday, January 20, 2007Harvey Estes15x152441.30
14.Friday, August 22, 2008Kevin G. Der15x152691.30
15.Friday, November 4, 2005Martin Ashwood-Smith15x152511.30
16.Friday, November 26, 1993Nancy A. Corbett15x152381.30
17.Friday, February 18, 2005Harvey Estes15x152531.30
18.Saturday, October 31, 2009Robert H. Wolfe15x152481.31
19.Saturday, January 1, 2005Raymond C. Young15x152461.31
20.Wednesday, February 2, 2011Peter A. Collins15x152451.31
21.Saturday, October 15, 1994Randolph Ross15x152491.31
22.Saturday, November 20, 1999A. J. Santora15x152571.31
Saturday, December 28, 1996N. Joline15x152571.31
24.Saturday, October 7, 1995Frank A. Longo15x152511.31
25.Thursday, July 19, 2012Alan Arbesfeld15x152531.32
26.Wednesday, November 2, 2005Randall J. Hartman15x152501.32
27.Friday, August 8, 2003Myles Callum15x152581.32
28.Friday, June 1, 2012Joe Krozel15x152371.32
29.Friday, January 21, 2005Frank Longo15x152481.33
30.Saturday, April 12, 2003Robert H. Wolfe15x152521.33
31.Friday, July 16, 1999Gerald R. Ferguson15x152601.33
32.Tuesday, January 14, 2003Adam G. Perl15x152461.33
33.Tuesday, December 8, 2009Joe Krozel15x152411.33
34.Wednesday, November 19, 1997Elizabeth C. Gorski15x152491.33
35.Saturday, January 2, 2010Robert H. Wolfe15x152531.33
36.Friday, February 18, 2011Patrick Berry15x152571.33
37.Monday, December 17, 2007Richard Chisholm15x152601.33
38.Saturday, July 3, 2010Joe Krozel15x162911.33
39.Saturday, February 1, 1997R. H. Burns15x152631.34
40.Saturday, March 16, 1996G. R. Ferguson15x152551.34
41.Friday, December 22, 2000Martin Ashwood-Smith and Brendan Emmett Quigley15x152611.34
Saturday, January 24, 1998Randolph Ross15x152611.34
43.Friday, April 25, 1997Robert H. Wolfe15x152571.34
Saturday, May 13, 1995Nancy Joline15x152571.34
45.Monday, May 15, 2000Gregory E. Paul15x152531.34
46.Thursday, June 4, 2009Peter A. Collins and Joe Krozel15x152601.34
Saturday, March 13, 2004Harvey Estes15x152601.34
48.Tuesday, August 16, 1994Wayne Robert Williams15x152561.34
49.Tuesday, August 22, 1995Gregory E. Paul15x152481.34
50.Saturday, June 10, 2006Harvey Estes15x152671.34
51.Friday, June 8, 2012Martin Ashwood-Smith15x152591.34
52.Monday, September 12, 1994Sidney L. Robbins15x152471.34
53.Saturday, April 14, 2007Sherry O. Blackard15x152701.34
54.Friday, November 9, 2001Chuck Menning15x152581.34
55.Friday, January 7, 1994Fred Piscop15x152461.34
56.Friday, December 3, 2004Michael Shteyman15x152571.35
57.Friday, October 24, 1997Frank Longo15x152491.35
58.Thursday, April 7, 1994Fred Piscop15x152641.35
59.Saturday, July 28, 2007Manny Nosowsky15x152601.35
Friday, August 7, 1998Frank Longo15x152601.35
Saturday, June 15, 1996R. Ross15x152601.35
62.Monday, September 3, 2007Sarah Keller15x152521.35
63.Friday, March 10, 1995Frank A. Longo15x152591.35
64.Monday, October 30, 2000Gregory E. Paul15x152551.35
Thursday, January 9, 1997C. Millhauser15x152551.35
66.Saturday, May 31, 2008Robert H. Wolfe15x152661.35
67.Saturday, February 11, 2012Joe Krozel14x152391.35
68.Wednesday, March 14, 2001Greg Staples15x152541.35
Monday, January 10, 1994Randolph Ross15x152541.35
70.Friday, May 9, 1997Richard Hughes15x152501.35
71.Saturday, February 8, 1997G. R. Ferguson15x152651.35
72.Friday, December 26, 2003Robert H. Wolfe15x152611.35
73.Saturday, June 26, 1999John Wolting15x152571.35
74.Friday, January 2, 2004Sherry O. Blackard15x152681.35
75.Saturday, February 14, 2004Frank Longo15x152641.35
Friday, June 9, 1995A.J. Santora15x152641.35
77.Wednesday, July 29, 1998Elizabeth C. Gorski15x152561.35
78.Friday, June 23, 2000Noah Dephoure15x152631.36
79.Thursday, June 19, 2008Joe Krozel15x152401.36
80.Thursday, January 3, 2013Bruce Haight15x152511.36
81.Saturday, July 13, 2002Randolph Ross15x152661.36
82.Wednesday, March 4, 1998Jonathan Schmalzbach15x152621.36
83.Saturday, January 6, 2007Robert H. Wolfe15x152581.36
84.Wednesday, April 8, 2015Zhouqin Burnikel15x152541.36
Tuesday, June 10, 2014Pamela Klawitter15x152541.36
Friday, October 17, 2008Patrick Berry15x152541.36
Tuesday, August 21, 2001Sarah Keller15x152541.36
88.Monday, February 28, 1994Sidney L. Robbins15x152461.36
89.Friday, September 2, 2011Tim Croce15x152611.36
90.Saturday, July 15, 2000David J. Kahn15x152571.36
Monday, December 29, 1997Gregory E. Paul15x152571.36
Tuesday, November 14, 1995Gregory E. Paul15x152571.36
93.Friday, May 21, 2004Eric Berlin15x152641.36
94.Friday, April 30, 1999Pat M. Hugel15x152601.36
Friday, June 6, 1997Gerald R. Ferguson15x152601.36
96.Monday, March 28, 1994William P. Baxley15x152561.36
97.Saturday, February 12, 2005Joe DiPietro15x152711.36
98.Tuesday, April 29, 1997Jeff Herrington15x152521.36
99.Friday, April 16, 2010Eric Berlin15x152671.36
Saturday, March 10, 2001Charles E. Gersch15x152671.36