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Most Scrabulous daily puzzles

100 daily puzzles with the highest average letter value in the Shortz Era

Scrabble values: A:1 B:3 C:3 D:2 E:1 F:4 G:2 H:4 I:1 J:8 K:5 L:1 M:3 N:1 O:1 P:3 Q:10 R:1 S:1 T:1 U:1 V:4 W:4 X:8 Y:4 Z:10

RankDateAuthorSizeTotal scoreAveragePangram?
1.Wednesday, August 10, 2016David C. Duncan Dekker15x154902.65yes
2.Tuesday, January 30, 2007Nancy Salomon15x154662.49
3.Thursday, November 18, 2010Peter Wentz15x164642.39yes
4.Saturday, May 30, 2009Matt Ginsberg15x154482.36
5.Wednesday, March 20, 2013Raymond C. Young15x154332.32yes
6.Monday, January 14, 2002Michael Shteyman15x154162.27
7.Friday, March 31, 2017David C. Duncan Dekker15x154302.17yes
8.Tuesday, April 24, 2007Brendan Emmett Quigley15x153992.16
9.Thursday, November 30, 2017Trenton Charlson15x154022.15
10.Thursday, December 10, 1998Peter Gordon15x153882.14
11.Friday, September 10, 2010Peter Wentz15x154152.14yes
12.Thursday, November 11, 2010Andrew Zhou15x154032.13
13.Thursday, July 10, 2003Michael Shteyman15x153942.13yes
14.Tuesday, April 29, 2008Will Nediger15x154012.10
15.Saturday, November 14, 1998Matt Gaffney15x153862.09yes
16.Monday, May 16, 1994Ed Pegg Jr.15x153822.03
17.Friday, September 28, 2001Peter Gordon15x153862.02
18.Friday, October 15, 2010Peter Wentz15x153922.02yes
19.Friday, September 4, 2015David C. Duncan Dekker15x153962.02yes
20.Tuesday, February 4, 2014David Steinberg15x153732.02
21.Saturday, September 3, 2011Peter Wentz15x153952.02
22.Wednesday, August 6, 2014Brendan Emmett Quigley15x153672.01
23.Thursday, February 19, 2009Kevin G. Der15x153742.00yes
24.Thursday, April 2, 2009Brendan Emmett Quigley15x153611.99
25.Wednesday, July 7, 2010Will Nediger15x153801.99
26.Tuesday, September 12, 2000Bill Zais15x153681.99
27.Saturday, March 7, 2015David C. Duncan Dekker15x153931.98yes
28.Saturday, July 4, 2015Sam Ezersky15x153781.98
29.Monday, April 20, 2009Randall J. Hartman15x153701.98
30.Saturday, January 3, 2009Peter Wentz15x153911.97
31.Friday, September 8, 2017Sam Trabucco15x153831.96
32.Wednesday, April 26, 2017Trenton Charlson15x153661.95
33.Saturday, October 19, 2013Peter Wentz15x153851.94
34.Wednesday, February 3, 2010Kristian House15x153551.94yes
35.Friday, September 15, 2017Damon Gulczynski15x153761.94
36.Saturday, December 24, 2016David Steinberg15x153721.94
37.Friday, June 10, 2005David Quarfoot15x153831.93
38.Wednesday, September 20, 2017Hal Moore15x153571.93yes
39.Saturday, September 6, 2008Barry C. Silk15x153821.93yes
40.Saturday, August 22, 2015Barry C. Silk15x153801.93yes
41.Tuesday, March 15, 2011Jeremy Newton15x153491.93
42.Thursday, July 14, 2011Brendan Emmett Quigley and Ian Livengood15x153661.93
43.Wednesday, July 23, 1997Brendan Emmett Quigley15x153641.93
44.Friday, October 31, 1997Matt Gaffney15x153771.92yes
45.Saturday, August 28, 1999Frank Longo15x153711.92yes
46.Monday, March 23, 2015Michael Dewey15x153591.92
47.Wednesday, July 11, 2012Allan E. Parrish15x153621.92
48.Thursday, May 11, 1995Wayne Robert Williams15x153581.91
49.Saturday, May 26, 2012Peter Wentz15x153751.91
50.Saturday, November 22, 2014David Steinberg15x153711.91
51.Tuesday, April 25, 2017Gary J. Whitehead15x153611.91
52.Saturday, April 22, 2017Adam Fromm15x153741.91yes
53.Friday, November 18, 2016Peter Wentz15x153641.91
54.Saturday, January 8, 2011Will Nediger15x153601.90
55.Saturday, May 27, 2006Will Nediger15x153771.90
56.Friday, August 15, 1997Joe DiPietro15x153561.90yes
57.Friday, June 28, 2013Ian Livengood and Brad Wilber15x153731.90
58.Wednesday, January 30, 2013Will Nediger15x153591.90
59.Monday, December 28, 2009Patrick Merrell15x153571.90
60.Wednesday, December 23, 2009Jonathan Porat15x153551.90yes
Thursday, September 30, 1999Matt Gaffney15x153551.90yes
62.Wednesday, March 15, 1995Frances Hansen15x153511.90
63.Monday, February 12, 2018Michael Black15x153581.89
Wednesday, January 26, 2005Stanley Newman15x153581.89
65.Thursday, April 9, 2009Patrick Blindauer and Tony Orbach15x153461.89
66.Wednesday, May 18, 2005Brendan Emmett Quigley15x153611.89
67.Friday, May 16, 2008Kevin G. Der15x153741.89yes
Wednesday, April 5, 2006Patrick Merrell15x153571.89
69.Thursday, May 26, 2011Ashish Vengsarkar15x153531.89
Saturday, August 20, 1994Manny Nosowsky15x153531.89
71.Saturday, May 10, 2014Barry C. Silk15x153661.89
72.Thursday, May 24, 2007Patrick Merrell15x153601.88
73.Wednesday, January 23, 2008Henry Hook15x153561.88
74.Friday, October 23, 2015Evan Birnholz15x153711.88
75.Thursday, November 20, 2014Timothy Polin15x153511.88
Monday, December 23, 2013Michael Blake and Andrea Carla Michaels15x153511.88yes
Wednesday, August 26, 1998A. J. Santora15x153511.88
78.Wednesday, February 27, 2002Brendan Emmett Quigley15x153471.88yes
79.Saturday, December 15, 2012Will Nediger15x153621.88
80.Saturday, April 10, 2010Kevin G. Der15x153691.87yes
81.Friday, June 25, 1999Matt Gaffney15x153651.87
82.Wednesday, August 18, 2010Alex Boisvert15x153501.87
Thursday, March 15, 2007Michael Shteyman15x153501.87
84.Saturday, October 14, 2017Sam Ezersky15x153571.87
Wednesday, May 30, 2001Joe DiPietro15x153571.87yes
86.Saturday, April 8, 1995A.J. Santora15x153421.87
87.Friday, February 16, 1996M. Nosowsky15x153551.87
88.Monday, June 28, 2010Joel Fagliano15x153531.87
89.Saturday, January 15, 2000Matt Gaffney15x153661.87
90.Tuesday, February 21, 1995Martin Schneider15x153491.87yes
91.Saturday, August 21, 2010Barry C. Silk15x153631.86yes
92.Wednesday, September 24, 2014Andy Kravis15x153461.86
93.Wednesday, July 13, 2005Manny Nosowsky15x153551.86
94.Friday, December 7, 2012Peter Wentz15x153661.86
Friday, January 28, 2011Kevin G. Der15x153661.86yes
96.Thursday, November 28, 2013Loren Muse Smith and Jeff Chen16x143451.85
97.Thursday, October 9, 2014Joel Fagliano15x153431.85
Tuesday, June 30, 2009Steve Dobis15x153431.85yes
99.Thursday, November 27, 1997Kiran S. Kedlaya15x153501.85yes
100.Tuesday, April 26, 2011Brendan Emmett Quigley15x153461.85