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Tour Part 2 — Tips for Solvers

Looking for answers? You've come to the right place, but there's much more.

Find solutions

Most people come to XWord Info because they're looking for answers to puzzles.

Maybe you've got an old puzzle from a magazine or book.

Find organized lists Solve links or PDF puzzles

Remember, you need an NYT Games Subscription to access these.

And perhaps my favorite page on the site:

  • Solve links organized by constructor. Once you find a constructor you like, print out your own book of other puzzles by the same author. It's perfect preparation for a plane trip or a long weekend at the beach.

Familiarize yourself with crossword trivia

Many pages here help you understand typical crossword patterns.

Explore from puzzle to puzzle and constructor to constructor

Poke around by exploring links.

  • Each answer word in each puzzle is a link to all the NYT clues for that word.
  • Each clue links to where that answer is used in each puzzle.
  • Each constructor name or photo links to a list of thumbnail views of all the puzzles by that constructor.
  • Hover over dates or constructor names to see rich pop-up tooltips showing grids or constructor photos where available.

Solve acrostics online

If you love crosswords then most likely you either love acrostics too, or you haven't given them enough of a chance.

NYT acrostics are brilliant and they have some of the cleverest clues you'll see anyway. They're difficult to solve on paper, but electronic assistance takes out the drudgery so you can focus on the puzzle.

Try the most recent Acrostic puzzle here.

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