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The XWord Info Grand Tour

XWord Info is a comprehensive record of NYT crosswords but more importantly, it's a celebration of great word puzzles and the people who construct them.

Whether you're considering supporting our site or just wondering what all the fuss is about, this tour is a great place to start. There's a lot more here than you might realize.

XWord Info is unlike any other crossword website

  • This is the most complete source of NYT puzzle information. It includes every crossword going back to the first one in 1942, and most Variety puzzles.
  • It's up-to-date. Every relevant page is updated as soon as each new puzzle is available at
  • It's the most accurate source of NYT puzzle data anywhere. Word lists correctly handle rebus entries or answers that bend around corners, etc.
  • It's the only database that organizes puzzles by constructors, carefully keeping track of alternate names or name changes.
  • Wherever possible, puzzles look like they are supposed to.

There are many corners for solvers to explore

  • Find complete solutions to every daily and most Variety puzzles.
  • Find unusual or extraordinary puzzles by any number of criteria.
  • Collect links to puzzles by your favorite constructors.
  • Solve acrostics online.
  • See a complete statistical analysis of any puzzle.

And many tools for constructors too

  • Find every clue for any word, or any word that matches a pattern you need to fill your grid.
  • Analyze your own puzzles to view the same information your solvers will see when your crossword gets published in the NYT.
  • Create web-based pages for your test solvers so they can try your puzzles-in-progress online.
  • Download extensive scored word lists to use with your construction software.

What you cannot do here


  • You can get the most out of your premium subscription here. Solver links and PDF files are organized in ways that are actually useful. There's nothing like it at

Navigating the tour

The tour is divided into five pages, including this overview. Continue on to the parts that most interest you.

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