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Account level details

Regular User Regular Users get access to every NYT puzzle solution and to all the stats pages. You can, for example, see our Grid Art page, all the rebus puzzles, or find out which constructors are most prolific, etc. You can also solve NYT Acrostic puzzles online.

You also have access to our most popular feature — the Finder page. If you're a constructor or you'd like to be one, the Finder can be used to discover all the clues for specific words, or find words that match specific patterns you need to fit into your grid.

Our Finder returns results from every puzzle in our database including Acrostics and rebus crosswords. It also searches a large dictionary so you can find words that have never appeared in any NYT puzzle.

Users at this level get one more key benefit. Jeff Chen has collected many tens of thousands of additional words over years of working as a constructor into what we call the XWord Info Word List. These additional words aren't found in any NYT grid or even in our extensive dictionary, but they are now included in Finder page searches for Regular Users.
Angel Angels get three significant additional benefits.
  1. The XWord Info Word List with 247,294 entries scored from 5 to 60 can be downloaded for you to use with your own construction program. Scoring means that you and your software can make the best word choices and, in particular, avoid words that work but that editors tend to shun. Details are here.
  2. Finder searches show not only XWord Info Word List results, but also words from Jeff Chen's Personal List. This second list contains 29,353 additional high-value words that Jeff feels are particularly strong crossword entries. These additional words have never appeared in an NYT crossword. (Jeff Chen's Personal List is also available for download at an additional cost. See the FAQ or contact Jeff. for more information.)
  3. Most pages are ad-free so your pages will load faster and be less cluttered.
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