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XWord Info Scored Word Lists

A scored word list is one of a crossword constructor's most important tools

Will Shortz and Jeff Chen
Will Shortz and Jeff Chen
"XWord Info is a source of excellent tools for crossword constructors, including a scored word list for optimizing fill. I recommend it."
"It's fitting that GAME-CHANGER appears on this word list. That's what we've got here for crossword constructors."
— Matt Gaffney, professional constructor

A great word list helps constructors produce great puzzles. The lists here contain answer words from every NYT puzzle in the Modern Era including Variety and Acrostic puzzles, and even rebus crosswords, plus many tens of thousands more added by Jeff Chen. This huge variety of useful words is a treasure trove for constructors.

Each word is scored so you and your crossword construction software can make better and more efficient choices when filling a grid.

There are two lists here, each available in either Windows (.txt) or Mac (.dict) format. Use them with Crossword Compiler, or CrossFire, or other construction software.

  • The basic XWord Info Word List has 247,378 entries scored from 5 (avoid) to 60 (great). It's available to anyone with an Angel account. (113,860 come from published NYT puzzles, the rest are manual additions from us.)
  • The premium list, called Jeff Chen's Personal List, has all the words in the basic list plus an additional 29,308 high-value words scored at 60 that have never appeared in any NYT crossword. For this list, you need a current Angel account and a one-time payment of $200 made directly to Jeff.

Both lists are updated regularly. Questions? Read our Word List FAQ.

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If you need to create an account, pay now at the $50 Angel level to get access to the XWord Info Word List until Mon Jul 21, 2025.

The XWord Info Word List   (Angels only)

247,378 words scored from 5 to 60. (133,518 have never appeared in any NYT crossword.)

Download the XWI List as .txt for Windows Download the XWI List as .dict for Mac

Jeff Chen's Personal List   (extra cost)

Adds 29,308 additional words scored at 60 that have never appeared in any NYT crossword.

Download Jeff Chen's Personal List as .txt Download Jeff Chen's Personal List as .dict
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