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Will Shortz Picks His Favorite Puzzles

The list of puzzles from his 2011 puzzle collection

Will Shortz Picks His Favorites
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Bloggers express their opinions every day but in June 2011, Will Shortz himself picked his favorite puzzles from September 2002 to December 2010.

If you have an NYT Crossword subscription you can solve them here in Across Lite but the real value comes from reading Mr. Shortz's commentary on each puzzle. For that, you need to buy the book Will Shortz Picks His Favorite Puzzles: 101 of the Top Crosswords from The New York Times.

"In my opinion we're living in the golden age of crosswords. Puzzles have never been better or more interesting than they are now." This collection makes a great case for Will's bold claim. Working your way through all these would be quite a journey.

Here are the puzzles from oldest to most recent:

NumAcross LiteAuthorAnswers
1.Monday, September 9, 2002William I. JohnstonSolution
2.Thursday, October 24, 2002Patrick MerrellSolution
3.Friday, November 15, 2002Brendan Emmett QuigleySolution
4.Thursday, January 23, 2003Cathy MillhauserSolution
5.Wednesday, March 5, 2003Tyler HinmanSolution
6.Thursday, May 8, 2003***Elizabeth C. GorskiSolution
7.Thursday, June 26, 2003Patrick BerrySolution
8.Thursday, September 25, 2003Patrick MerrellSolution
9.Thursday, December 25, 2003John UnderwoodSolution
10.Saturday, January 3, 2004James M. and James C. JenistaSolution
* 11.Thursday, January 15, 2004 (PDF)Patrick MerrellSolution
12.Thursday, March 25, 2004David Liben-Nowell and Ryan O'DonnellSolution
13.Thursday, April 1, 2004Byron WaldenSolution
14.Thursday, June 3, 2004Mike TorchSolution
15.Friday, August 20, 2004Harvey EstesSolution
16.Thursday, September 2, 2004David J. KahnSolution
17.Monday, October 11, 2004Jim HyresSolution
18.Tuesday, November 2, 2004Patrick MerrellSolution
19.Thursday, December 2, 2004***Patrick BerrySolution
20.Friday, December 10, 2004Frank LongoSolution
21.Wednesday, January 5, 2005***Michael ShteymanSolution
22.Friday, March 11, 2005Manny NosowskySolution
23.Wednesday, March 23, 2005Mike ShenkSolution
24.Friday, April 1, 2005David PringleSolution
25.Tuesday, May 31, 2005Merl ReagleSolution
26.Wednesday, August 3, 2005David Liben-Nowell and Ryan O'DonnellSolution
27.Tuesday, August 23, 2005Holden Baker and Nancy SalomonSolution
28.Thursday, November 10, 2005 (PDF)Lee Glickstein and Craig KasperSolution
29.Thursday, November 24, 2005***Michael ShteymanSolution
30.Thursday, December 15, 2005***Patrick MerrellSolution
31.Wednesday, December 21, 2005David J. KahnSolution
32.Wednesday, January 25, 2006John FarmerSolution
33.Wednesday, February 1, 2006***Elizabeth C. GorskiSolution
34.Tuesday, April 18, 2006Pete MullerSolution
35.Tuesday, April 25, 2006Kevan ChosetSolution
36.Wednesday, May 17, 2006Patrick BlindauerSolution
37.Thursday, May 18, 2006Peter A. CollinsSolution
38.Wednesday, May 31, 2006Trip PayneSolution
39.Wednesday, June 7, 2006Patrick BlindauerSolution
40.Tuesday, June 27, 2006Damon J. GulczynskiSolution
41.Monday, August 7, 2006Lynn LempelSolution
42.Tuesday, August 22, 2006Michael J. DoranSolution
43.Tuesday, October 3, 2006Ed SteinSolution
44.Thursday, October 5, 2006Joe DiPietroSolution
45.Thursday, October 26, 2006Todd McClary and Dave TullerSolution
46.Thursday, January 25, 2007Manny NosowskySolution
47.Tuesday, May 1, 2007Courtenay Crocker and Nancy SalomonSolution
48.Thursday, July 26, 2007Joe KrozelSolution
49.Monday, August 20, 2007Lynn LempelSolution
50.Monday, September 10, 2007Edward M SessaSolution
51.Thursday, September 27, 2007Peter WentzSolution
52.Thursday, November 1, 2007Larry ShearerSolution
53.Thursday, December 20, 2007Peter A. CollinsSolution
54.Thursday, January 24, 2008Matt GinsbergSolution
55.Friday, February 15, 2008***Patrick BerrySolution
56.Thursday, June 19, 2008Joe KrozelSolution
57.Thursday, August 14, 2008Damon J. GulczynskiSolution
58.Thursday, September 11, 2008Caleb MadisonSolution
59.Thursday, September 18, 2008Mike NothnagelSolution
60.Wednesday, October 1, 2008Barry BooneSolution
61.Monday, October 6, 2008Patrick BlindauerSolution
62.Tuesday, October 14, 2008Lucy Gardner AndersonSolution
63.Saturday, November 22, 2008***Frank LongoSolution
64.Tuesday, January 20, 2009Tim WescottSolution
65.Tuesday, February 10, 2009John UnderwoodSolution
66.Wednesday, April 1, 2009Ed Stein and Paula GamacheSolution
67.Thursday, April 2, 2009Brendan Emmett QuigleySolution
68.Wednesday, April 22, 2009Daniel A. FinanSolution
69.Thursday, June 4, 2009Peter A. Collins and Joe KrozelSolution
70.Thursday, June 11, 2009Alex BoisvertSolution
71.Thursday, June 25, 2009Bill ZaisSolution
72.Wednesday, July 1, 2009David J. KahnSolution
73.Thursday, July 30, 2009Ashish VengsarkarSolution
74.Wednesday, September 2, 2009Jim HyresSolution
75.Friday, September 4, 2009Joe KrozelSolution
76.Thursday, October 22, 2009Joel FaglianoSolution
77.Monday, November 23, 2009Ben PallSolution
78.Tuesday, December 8, 2009Joe KrozelSolution
79.Thursday, December 17, 2009Francis Heaney and Patrick BlindauerSolution
80.Monday, January 25, 2010 (see GIF)Holden BakerSolution
81.Friday, February 12, 2010Kevin G. DerSolution
82.Tuesday, February 23, 2010Joanne SullivanSolution
83.Tuesday, March 9, 2010Jeffrey WechslerSolution
84.Thursday, March 25, 2010Dan NaddorSolution
85.Thursday, April 1, 2010Lee GlicksteinSolution
86.Wednesday, April 21, 2010Peter A. CollinsSolution
87.Thursday, April 22, 2010Caleb MadisonSolution
88.Friday, June 25, 2010Robin Schulman and Byron WaldenSolution
89.Thursday, July 8, 2010John FarmerSolution
90.Wednesday, July 21, 2010Oliver HillSolution
91.Thursday, August 5, 2010Gary J. WhiteheadSolution
92.Wednesday, August 25, 2010Clive ProbertSolution
93.Saturday, September 18, 2010Natan Last, Brown University '12Solution
94.Monday, October 4, 2010Adam G. PerlSolution
95.Thursday, October 7, 2010***Patrick BlindauerSolution
96.Tuesday, October 12, 2010José ChardietSolution
97.Thursday, October 21, 2010Dan NaddorSolution
98.Tuesday, October 26, 2010Chris HandmanSolution
99.Thursday, November 4, 2010Mike NothnagelSolution
100.Friday, November 5, 2010Mike NothnagelSolution
101.Thursday, December 16, 2010Charles DeberSolution

*** indicates puzzle also appears in the Will Shortz's Favorite Puzzlemakers collection.

* Erratum: The book lists the date for puzzle #11 as 1/1/2004 but the puzzle in the book is actually 1/15/2004.