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Will Shortz Picks His Favorite Constructors

The list of puzzles from his 2015 puzzle collection

Will Shortz picks his favorite puzzlemakers
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In 2015, Will Shortz was asked to pick his favorite puzzlemakers for a new crossword collection.

To simplify the decision, he set some criteria: each contributor had to be current with at least 25 published NYT puzzles at all skill levels including Sundays. The results are the constructors you see below.

Interestingly, the constructors themselves got to choose ten puzzles each, eight dailies and two Sundays, so you're seeing the ones they're most proud of.

Each constructor also has a brief bio. To read those, you need to buy the book.

Update: apparently in at least some cases, puzzles were chosen by the editor, not by the constructors, despite what the Introduction in the book says.

The Constructors

Patrick Blindauer
Patrick Blindauer
Joel Fagliano
Joel Fagliano
Paula Gamache
Paula Gamache
Elizabeth C. Gorski
Elizabeth C. Gorski
Ian Livengood
Ian Livengood
Frank Longo
Frank Longo
Patrick Merrell
Patrick Merrell
Patrick Berry
Patrick Berry
Brendan Emmett Quigley
Brendan Emmett Quigley
Michael Shteyman
Michael Shteyman

The Puzzles

NumAcross LiteAuthorAnswers
1.Tue Jun 2, 2009Patrick BlindauerSolution
2.Tue May 9, 2006Patrick BlindauerSolution
3.Wed Jul 22, 2009Patrick BlindauerSolution
4.Wed May 16, 2007Patrick BlindauerSolution
5.Thu Oct 7, 2010***Patrick BlindauerSolution
6.Thu Nov 5, 2009Patrick BlindauerSolution
7.Thu Jan 15, 2009Patrick BlindauerSolution
8.Thu Jun 18, 2009Patrick BlindauerSolution
9.Sun Jun 4, 2006Patrick BlindauerSolution
10.Sun Oct 30, 2011Andrea Carla Michaels & Patrick BlindauerSolution
11.Mon Aug 1, 2011Joel FaglianoSolution
12.Mon Oct 22, 2012Joel FaglianoSolution
13.Wed Jan 23, 2013Joel FaglianoSolution
14.Thu Sep 1, 2011Joel FaglianoSolution
15.Thu Jul 26, 2012Joel FaglianoSolution
16.Thu Sep 27, 2012Joel FaglianoSolution
17.Thu Nov 22, 2012Joel FaglianoSolution
18.Fri Mar 16, 2012Joel FaglianoSolution
19.Sun Sep 2, 2012Joel FaglianoSolution
20.Sun Oct 16, 2011Joel FaglianoSolution
21.Mon Jun 29, 2009Paula GamacheSolution
22.Mon Jan 2, 2012Paula GamacheSolution
23.Tue Aug 3, 2010Paula GamacheSolution
24.Tue Oct 5, 2010Paula GamacheSolution
25.Tue Feb 14, 2012Paula GamacheSolution
26.Fri Jun 17, 2011Paula GamacheSolution
27.Fri Jul 29, 2011Paula GamacheSolution
28.Sat Oct 24, 2009Paula GamacheSolution
29.Sun Apr 9, 2006Paula GamacheSolution
30.Sun Sep 12, 2010Paula GamacheSolution
31.Mon Jul 31, 2006Elizabeth C. GorskiSolution
32.Wed Feb 21, 2007Elizabeth C. GorskiSolution
33.Wed Feb 1, 2006***Elizabeth C. GorskiSolution
34.Wed Mar 28, 2001Elizabeth C. GorskiSolution
35.Thu May 8, 2003***Elizabeth C. GorskiSolution
36.Thu Jun 3, 2010Elizabeth C. GorskiSolution
37.Thu Jun 28, 2012Elizabeth C. GorskiSolution
38.Fri Jul 22, 2005Elizabeth C. GorskiSolution
39.Sun Feb 20, 2011Elizabeth C. GorskiSolution
40.Sun Oct 18, 2009Elizabeth C. GorskiSolution
41.Mon Apr 11, 2011Ian LivengoodSolution
42.Mon May 21, 2012Ian LivengoodSolution
43.Tue Nov 16, 2010Ian LivengoodSolution
44.Tue Aug 14, 2012Ian LivengoodSolution
45.Thu Mar 24, 2011Ian LivengoodSolution
46.Thu Jul 5, 2012Ian LivengoodSolution
47.Fri Feb 17, 2012Ian LivengoodSolution
48.Fri Jan 11, 2013Ian LivengoodSolution
49.Sun Jan 29, 2012Ian LivengoodSolution
50.Sun Feb 17, 2013Ian Livengood and J.A.S.A. Crossword ClassSolution
51.Tue Jul 15, 1997Frank LongoSolution
52.Wed Feb 28, 1996F. A. LongoSolution
53.Wed Nov 14, 2001Frank A. LongoSolution
54.Thu Feb 10, 2005Frank LongoSolution
55.Thu Sep 15, 2005Frank LongoSolution
56.Fri Oct 24, 1997Frank LongoSolution
57.Sat Nov 22, 2008***Frank LongoSolution
58.Sat Aug 6, 2005Frank LongoSolution
59.Sun Feb 5, 1995Frank A. LongoSolution
60.Sun Oct 31, 1999Frank A. LongoSolution
61.Mon Dec 28, 2009Patrick MerrellSolution
62.Wed Dec 29, 2010Patrick MerrellSolution
63.Thu Jun 24, 2004Patrick MerrellSolution
64.Thu Sep 22, 2005Patrick MerrellSolution
65.Thu Dec 15, 2005***Patrick MerrellSolution
66.Thu Nov 17, 2011Patrick MerrellSolution
67.Fri Aug 11, 2006Patrick MerrellSolution
68.Fri Mar 18, 2011Patrick MerrellSolution
69.Sun Nov 20, 2005Patrick MerrellSolution
70.Sun Dec 18, 2011Patrick MerrellSolution
71.Tue Oct 18, 2011Patrick BerrySolution
72.Thu Oct 26, 2000Patrick BerrySolution
73.Thu Dec 2, 2004***Patrick BerrySolution
74.Fri Aug 31, 2012Patrick BerrySolution
75.Fri Oct 19, 2012Patrick BerrySolution
76.Fri Feb 21, 2014Patrick BerrySolution
77.Fri Feb 15, 2008***Patrick BerrySolution
78.Sat May 19, 2012Patrick BerrySolution
79.Sun Aug 12, 2012Patrick BerrySolution
80.Sun Mar 9, 2008Patrick BerrySolution
81.Mon Mar 1, 2010Brendan Emmett QuigleySolution
82.Tue Nov 2, 2010Brendan Emmett QuigleySolution
83.Wed May 18, 2005Brendan Emmett QuigleySolution
84.Wed Jan 31, 2007Brendan Emmett QuigleySolution
85.Thu Jun 2, 2011Brendan Emmett QuigleySolution
86.Fri Oct 8, 2010Brendan Emmett QuigleySolution
87.Sat Jan 21, 2006Brendan Emmett QuigleySolution
88.Sat Mar 1, 2008Brendan Emmett QuigleySolution
89.Sun Mar 2, 2003Brendan Emmett QuigleySolution
90.Sun Oct 25, 2009Brendan Emmett QuigleySolution
91.Mon Sep 12, 2005Michael ShteymanSolution
92.Mon Sep 6, 2004Michael ShteymanSolution
93.Wed Jan 5, 2005***Michael ShteymanSolution
94.Thu Nov 24, 2005***Michael ShteymanSolution
95.Thu Jul 12, 2007Michael ShteymanSolution
96.Sat Sep 16, 2006Michael ShteymanSolution
97.Sat Apr 7, 2007Michael ShteymanSolution
98.Sat Aug 30, 2008Michael ShteymanSolution
99.Sun Jan 22, 2006George Barany and Michael ShteymanSolution
100.Sun Mar 19, 2006Michael ShteymanSolution

*** indicates puzzle also appears in the Will Shortz Favorite Puzzles collection.

Erratum: in the book, puzzle 65 is different. The one listed here is the one Will Shortz and Patrick Merrell intended.