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464 Pangrams

Pangrams use each letter of the alphabet at least once.

3.3% of Shortz Era daily crosswords are pangrams.

Pangram Level 2 means each letter is used at least twice, 3 means a triple pangram. Amazingly, there are now quadruple and even quintuple pangrams!

Rebus crosswords are excluded from this list. Sundays are included only if they are double pangrams or better.

239 from the Shortz Era

Friday, December 8, 20171515Paolo Pasco
Thursday, September 28, 20171515Joe Krozel
Wednesday, September 20, 20171515Hal Moore
Wednesday, May 3, 20171515Alan Arbesfeld
Saturday, April 22, 20171515Adam Fromm
Friday, March 31, 20171515David C. Duncan Dekker
Saturday, March 18, 20171515Roland Huget
Wednesday, January 18, 20171515Matthew Sewell
Saturday, January 7, 20171515Roland Huget
Wednesday, August 10, 201651515David C. Duncan Dekker
Saturday, April 30, 20161515Mark Diehl
Thursday, March 24, 20161614David Liben-Nowell and Tom Pepper
Tuesday, March 22, 20161515Don Gagliardo and Zhouqin Burnikel
Tuesday, March 15, 20161515Gordon Johnson
Tuesday, November 10, 20151515Will Treece
Tuesday, November 3, 20151515Brendan Emmett Quigley and Joel Fagliano
Saturday, October 31, 20151515Peter Wentz
Friday, October 16, 20151515Joe Krozel
Friday, September 4, 201531515David C. Duncan Dekker
Thursday, September 3, 20151717Merl Reagle (1950-2015)
Saturday, August 22, 20151515Barry C. Silk
Monday, August 17, 20151515Andrea Carla Michaels
Saturday, June 27, 20151515Tim Croce
Tuesday, June 2, 20151515Bruce Haight
Tuesday, May 19, 20151515Allan E. Parrish
Saturday, March 7, 20151515David C. Duncan Dekker
Thursday, December 11, 20141515Joe DiPietro
Wednesday, December 10, 20141515Tom McCoy
Friday, November 21, 20141515Kevin Christian
Monday, November 10, 20141515Bruce Haight
Monday, September 15, 20141515Andrea Carla Michaels
Saturday, August 30, 20141515David Steinberg
Saturday, June 28, 20141515Josh Knapp
Wednesday, May 14, 20141515Victor Barocas
Friday, April 11, 20141515Peter Wentz
Thursday, March 20, 20141515Victor Barocas
Monday, March 3, 20141515Andrea Carla Michaels and Michael Blake
Friday, February 28, 20141615Martin Ashwood-Smith
Tuesday, February 18, 20141515David Steinberg
Saturday, February 1, 20141515Will Nediger
Wednesday, January 29, 20141515Michael Black
Monday, December 23, 20131515Michael Blake and Andrea Carla Michaels
Monday, October 21, 20131515Gary Cee
Thursday, September 12, 20131515Ian Livengood
Thursday, August 15, 20131515Jeff Chen
Friday, May 31, 20131515Josh Knapp
Wednesday, March 20, 201341515Raymond C. Young
Saturday, March 16, 20131515Julian Lim
Thursday, January 31, 20131515Mike Buckley
Wednesday, December 12, 20121515Peter A. Collins
Monday, December 3, 20121515Andrea Carla Michaels
Monday, July 2, 20121515Bernice Gordon
Saturday, June 23, 20121515Laura Sternberg
Wednesday, June 13, 20121515Susan Gelfand
Thursday, May 10, 20121515Jules P. Markey
Wednesday, April 11, 20121515David Kwong
Friday, January 27, 20121515Joe Krozel
Tuesday, November 1, 20111515Kristian House
Monday, August 29, 20111515Andrea Carla Michaels and Michael Blake
Thursday, August 11, 20111515Parker Lewis
Tuesday, July 26, 20111515Michael Black
Thursday, June 16, 20111515David Steinberg
Tuesday, May 17, 20111515John Farmer
Wednesday, April 27, 20111515William I. Johnston
Tuesday, April 12, 20111515Barry C. Silk
Wednesday, March 30, 20111515Erik Wennstrom
Wednesday, March 2, 20111515David Poole
Friday, January 28, 20111515Kevin G. Der
Monday, January 24, 20111515Fred Piscop
Wednesday, December 15, 20101515John Lampkin
Thursday, November 25, 20101515Bill Thompson
Thursday, November 18, 201041516Peter Wentz
Friday, October 22, 20101515Scott Atkinson
Friday, October 15, 20101515Peter Wentz
Thursday, September 16, 20101515Joey Weissbrot, Brown University '11
Friday, September 10, 20101515Peter Wentz
Saturday, August 21, 20101515Barry C. Silk
Thursday, August 19, 20101515Kristian House
Tuesday, July 6, 20101515José Chardiet
Friday, June 18, 20101515Karen M. Tracey
Saturday, April 10, 20101515Kevin G. Der
Wednesday, April 7, 20101515Richard Silvestri
Saturday, April 3, 20101515Peter A. Collins and Joe Krozel
Wednesday, February 10, 20101515Ed Sessa
Wednesday, February 3, 20101515Kristian House
Wednesday, December 23, 20091515Jonathan Porat
Friday, November 20, 20091515Alan Olschwang
Thursday, November 19, 20091515Tyler Hinman and Jeremy Horwitz
Saturday, November 14, 20091615Joe Krozel
Wednesday, September 9, 20091515Richard Chisholm
Saturday, August 8, 20091515Karen M. Tracey
Tuesday, June 30, 20091515Steve Dobis
Wednesday, June 24, 20091515Corey Rubin
Tuesday, June 23, 20091515Caleb Madison
Friday, May 8, 20091515John Farmer
Friday, April 17, 20091515Corey Rubin
Monday, March 23, 20091515Randy Sowell
Saturday, March 14, 20091515Barry C. Silk
Thursday, February 26, 20091515Brendan Emmett Quigley
Thursday, February 19, 20091515Kevin G. Der
Friday, January 23, 20091515Barry C. Silk
Saturday, December 20, 20081515Brad Wilber
Saturday, September 27, 20081515Karen M. Tracey
Saturday, September 6, 20081515Barry C. Silk
Friday, August 15, 20081515Barry C. Silk
Friday, July 11, 20081515Barry C. Silk
Saturday, July 5, 20081515Karen M. Tracey
Thursday, June 12, 20081515Alex Boisvert
Friday, May 16, 20081515Kevin G. Der
Wednesday, April 2, 20081515Patrick Merrell
Friday, March 21, 20081515Peter A. Collins
Saturday, February 23, 20081515Barry C. Silk
Tuesday, February 19, 20081515Victor Fleming
Thursday, January 31, 20081515Paula Gamache
Saturday, January 26, 20081515Karen M. Tracey
Friday, December 28, 20071515John Farmer
Friday, November 2, 20071515Barry C. Silk
Monday, October 22, 20071515Lynn Lempel
Wednesday, September 19, 20071515Stella Daily and Bruce Venzke
Tuesday, September 18, 20071515Chuck Deodene
Friday, September 14, 20071515John Farmer
Thursday, September 13, 20071515Joe Krozel & Victor Fleming
Friday, September 7, 20071515Barry C. Silk
Friday, August 3, 20071515Charles Barasch
Friday, July 20, 20071515Barry C. Silk
Friday, July 13, 20071515Manny Nosowsky
Tuesday, June 12, 20071515Jonathan Gersch
Friday, May 25, 20071515Mike Nothnagel
Monday, May 21, 20071515Allan E. Parrish
Monday, May 7, 20071515Janet Bender
Wednesday, April 25, 20071515John Farmer
Tuesday, April 3, 20071515David Quarfoot and Mike Nothnagel
Wednesday, February 7, 20071515David Kwong
Tuesday, February 6, 20071515Stella Daily and Bruce Venzke
Friday, December 22, 20061515Mike Nothnagel
Friday, September 8, 20061515David Bunker
Saturday, September 2, 20061515Mel Rosen
Saturday, July 8, 20061515Barry C. Silk
Friday, June 30, 20061515Manny Nosowsky
Tuesday, June 13, 20061515Janet R. Bender
Thursday, June 8, 20061515Joe DiPietro
Thursday, May 25, 20061515Gilbert H. Ludwig
Saturday, March 25, 20061515Byron Walden
Saturday, March 11, 20061515David Quarfoot
Tuesday, November 29, 20051515Adam Cohen
Friday, September 30, 20051515Nancy Kavanaugh
Tuesday, September 6, 20051515Barry C. Silk
Tuesday, August 9, 20051515Victor Fleming
Thursday, July 28, 20051515Eric Berlin
Tuesday, May 17, 20051515Sherry O. Blackard
Monday, February 21, 20051515Sherry O. Blackard
Monday, February 14, 20051515Janet R. Bender
Friday, December 31, 20041515David Quarfoot
Wednesday, December 22, 20041515John Underwood
Tuesday, November 30, 20041515Joan Yanofsky
Tuesday, November 9, 20041515Robert Dillman
Saturday, June 19, 20041515Brendan Emmett Quigley
Thursday, May 27, 20041515Cathy Millhauser
Wednesday, May 19, 20041515Alan Arbesfeld
Tuesday, April 27, 20041515Janet R. Bender
Friday, January 16, 20041515Manny Nosowsky
Monday, November 24, 20031515Nancy Kavanaugh
Tuesday, October 28, 20031515Brendan Emmett Quigley
Saturday, September 27, 20031515Craig Kasper
Thursday, September 25, 20031515Patrick Merrell
Friday, July 25, 20031515Michael Shteyman
Thursday, July 10, 200331515Michael Shteyman
Thursday, July 3, 20031515Cathy Millhauser
Wednesday, May 28, 20031515Alan Arbesfeld
Wednesday, May 7, 20031515Alan Arbesfeld
Saturday, April 26, 20031515Patrick Merrell
Thursday, March 6, 20031515Cathy Millhauser
Tuesday, December 17, 20021515Tyler Hinman
Tuesday, October 1, 20021515Michael Shteyman
Wednesday, July 10, 20021515Richard Silvestri
Wednesday, March 6, 20021515Richard Silvestri
Wednesday, February 27, 20021515Brendan Emmett Quigley
Tuesday, February 26, 20021515Peter Gordon
Friday, February 8, 20021515Manny Nosowsky
Thursday, November 22, 20011515Richard Silvestri
Friday, October 19, 20011515Joe DiPietro
Monday, September 17, 20011515Peter Gordon
Wednesday, August 22, 20011515Brendan Emmett Quigley
Friday, August 10, 20011515Manny Nosowsky
Monday, June 18, 20011515Sherry O. Blackard
Friday, June 15, 20011515Manny Nosowsky
Wednesday, June 6, 20011515Richard Silvestri
Wednesday, May 30, 200121515Joe DiPietro
Thursday, March 29, 20011515William I. Johnston
Wednesday, February 21, 20011515Karen Hodge
Monday, January 22, 20011515Nancy Kavanaugh
Monday, January 15, 20011515Janet R. Bender
Friday, January 5, 20011515Nelson Hardy
Monday, November 13, 20001515Peter Gordon
Wednesday, November 8, 20001515Elizabeth C. Gorski
Tuesday, October 24, 20001515Alan Arbesfeld
Wednesday, September 27, 20001515Fred Piscop
Friday, July 7, 20001515M. Francis Vuolo
Friday, November 19, 19991515Manny Nosowsky
Thursday, September 30, 19991515Matt Gaffney
Saturday, August 28, 19991515Frank Longo
Wednesday, June 16, 19991515Gilbert H. Ludwig
Thursday, March 18, 19991515Rand H. Burns
Friday, January 29, 19991515Emily Cox and Henry Rathvon
Saturday, November 14, 199831515Matt Gaffney
Monday, July 13, 19981515Bill Ballard
Friday, June 19, 19981515A. J. Santora
Tuesday, May 26, 19981515Jonathan Schmalzbach
Thursday, May 21, 19981515Cathy Millhauser
Friday, March 13, 19981515Shannon Burns
Monday, February 16, 19981515Peter Gordon
Saturday, February 7, 19981515Frank Longo
Thursday, November 27, 19971515Kiran S. Kedlaya
Thursday, November 13, 19971515Manny Nosowsky
Thursday, November 6, 19971515Nancy Salomon
Friday, October 31, 19971515Matt Gaffney
Monday, October 20, 19971515Peter Gordon
Saturday, September 27, 19971515Matt Gaffney
Tuesday, September 2, 19971515Alan Arbesfeld
Friday, August 15, 19971515Joe DiPietro
Wednesday, August 6, 19971515Rich Norris
Thursday, July 31, 19971515Trip Payne
Saturday, June 14, 19971515A. J. Santora
Friday, May 30, 19971515Manny Nosowsky
Monday, March 31, 19971515Janet R. Bender
Wednesday, December 6, 19951515Chet Currier
Tuesday, October 10, 19951515Janet R. Bender
Tuesday, October 3, 19951515Alan Arbesfeld
Wednesday, July 5, 19951515Norman S. Wizer
Saturday, February 25, 19951515Bob Klahn
Tuesday, February 21, 19951515Martin Schneider
Thursday, August 11, 19941515Bryant White
Tuesday, July 12, 19941515Charles Arnold
Friday, June 10, 19941515Wayne Robert Williams
Thursday, April 21, 19941515Timothy S. Lewis
Friday, April 15, 19941515Cathy Millhauser
Friday, April 1, 19941515Stanley Newman
Tuesday, March 29, 19941515Mark Danna
Monday, January 31, 19941515Janet R. Bender

225 pre-Shortz Pangrams

Thursday, June 17, 19931515Joel D. LafargueMaleska
Thursday, May 14, 19921515Joel D. LafargueMaleska
Saturday, May 11, 19911515Joel D. LafargueMaleska
Wednesday, April 24, 19911515Charles E. GerschMaleska
Tuesday, January 29, 19911515Melvin KenworthyMaleska
Saturday, October 20, 19901515William CanineMaleska
Thursday, February 1, 19901515Virginia L. YatesMaleska
Tuesday, September 5, 19891515Peter GordonMaleska
Sunday, July 16, 198922121Peggy DevlinMaleska
Friday, April 28, 19891515Joel D. LafargueMaleska
Thursday, September 29, 19881515S. E. WilkinsonMaleska
Monday, July 18, 19881515Virginia L. YatesMaleska
Thursday, January 14, 19881515Dorothy CannanMaleska
Wednesday, November 4, 19871515Virginia L. YatesMaleska
Thursday, October 2, 19861515Joel D. LafargueMaleska
Monday, May 19, 19861515Virginia L. YatesMaleska
Friday, June 21, 19851515Robert KatzMaleska
Monday, April 29, 19851515Virginia L. YatesMaleska
Thursday, April 4, 19851515HickmottMaleska
Wednesday, January 23, 19851515Christy RidleyMaleska
Saturday, December 8, 19841515Alan ArbesfeldMaleska
Saturday, September 8, 19841515William LutwiniakMaleska
Sunday, August 5, 198422323Vaughn KeithMaleska
Thursday, January 5, 19841515William LutwiniakMaleska
Wednesday, December 14, 19831515William LutwiniakMaleska
Friday, November 18, 19831515William LutwiniakMaleska
Friday, September 30, 19831515William LutwiniakMaleska
Saturday, May 14, 19831515Vaughn KeithMaleska
Saturday, April 9, 19831515William LutwiniakMaleska
Friday, March 18, 19831515William LutwiniakMaleska
Friday, February 25, 19831515William LutwiniakMaleska
Friday, February 18, 19831515William LutwiniakMaleska
Friday, January 28, 19831515William LutwiniakMaleska
Saturday, November 6, 19821515William LutwiniakMaleska
Friday, December 11, 19811515William LutwiniakMaleska
Saturday, September 12, 19811515Jim ModneyMaleska
Monday, August 10, 19811515Mike ShenkMaleska
Thursday, April 9, 19811515William LutwiniakMaleska
Tuesday, June 3, 19801515William LutwiniakMaleska
Friday, October 19, 19791515William LutwiniakMaleska
Saturday, September 8, 19791515William LutwiniakMaleska
Saturday, July 14, 19791515William LutwiniakMaleska
Saturday, July 7, 19791515William LutwiniakMaleska
Saturday, November 12, 19771515Kathryn RighterMaleska
Tuesday, July 19, 19771515William LutwiniakMaleska
Saturday, June 4, 19771515William LutwiniakMaleska
Saturday, May 28, 19771515William LutwiniakMaleska
Thursday, April 14, 19771515William LutwiniakMaleska
Tuesday, March 15, 19771515William LutwiniakMaleska
Monday, February 21, 19771515William LutwiniakWeng
Friday, February 4, 19771515Stanley A. KurzbanWeng
Tuesday, January 11, 19771515William LutwiniakWeng
Tuesday, November 16, 19761515William LutwiniakWeng
Wednesday, October 27, 19761515William LutwiniakWeng
Saturday, October 2, 19761515William LutwiniakWeng
Tuesday, August 31, 19761515William LutwiniakWeng
Thursday, July 29, 19761515William LutwiniakWeng
Tuesday, July 6, 19761515William LutwiniakWeng
Wednesday, June 9, 19761515William LutwiniakWeng
Tuesday, May 11, 19761515William LutwiniakWeng
Friday, April 9, 19761515William LutwiniakWeng
Wednesday, March 17, 19761515William LutwiniakWeng
Wednesday, March 10, 19761515Raymond F. EisnerWeng
Tuesday, February 24, 19761515William LutwiniakWeng
Saturday, January 17, 197621515William LutwiniakWeng
Sunday, December 28, 197522323Frances HansenWeng
Wednesday, December 17, 19751515William LutwiniakWeng
Wednesday, November 26, 19751515William LutwiniakWeng
Tuesday, October 14, 19751515William LutwiniakWeng
Wednesday, September 24, 19751515William LutwiniakWeng
Thursday, September 4, 19751515William LutwiniakWeng
Wednesday, August 13, 19751515William LutwiniakWeng
Wednesday, July 23, 19751515William LutwiniakWeng
Saturday, June 21, 19751515William LutwiniakWeng
Thursday, May 29, 19751515William LutwiniakWeng
Tuesday, May 6, 19751515William LutwiniakWeng
Saturday, March 29, 19751515Arthur SchulmanWeng
Monday, March 17, 19751515William LutwiniakWeng
Wednesday, February 26, 19751515William LutwiniakWeng
Tuesday, February 4, 19751515William LutwiniakWeng
Wednesday, December 18, 19741515William LutwiniakWeng
Tuesday, November 26, 19741515William LutwiniakWeng
Thursday, November 7, 19741515William LutwiniakWeng
Monday, October 14, 19741515William LutwiniakWeng
Wednesday, September 25, 19741515William LutwiniakWeng
Saturday, September 7, 19741515William LutwiniakWeng
Tuesday, August 6, 19741515William LutwiniakWeng
Wednesday, July 31, 19741515William LutwiniakWeng
Monday, June 17, 19741515William LutwiniakWeng
Wednesday, June 5, 19741515William LutwiniakWeng
Thursday, May 16, 19741515William LutwiniakWeng
Wednesday, April 24, 19741515William LutwiniakWeng
Tuesday, April 16, 19741515Eugene T. MaleskaWeng
Tuesday, March 12, 19741515William LutwiniakWeng
Thursday, January 24, 19741515William LutwiniakWeng
Thursday, December 13, 19731515UnknownWeng
Thursday, November 8, 19731515UnknownWeng
Tuesday, October 16, 19731515UnknownWeng
Thursday, September 27, 19731515UnknownWeng
Friday, September 14, 19731515UnknownWeng
Tuesday, June 26, 19731515UnknownWeng
Monday, June 25, 19731515UnknownWeng
Thursday, April 19, 19731515UnknownWeng
Tuesday, March 6, 19731515UnknownWeng
Tuesday, February 13, 19731515UnknownWeng
Wednesday, January 24, 19731515UnknownWeng
Friday, January 12, 19731515UnknownWeng
Wednesday, December 27, 197221515UnknownWeng
Thursday, December 7, 19721515UnknownWeng
Saturday, November 25, 19721515UnknownWeng
Thursday, October 26, 19721515UnknownWeng
Friday, October 13, 19721515UnknownWeng
Thursday, August 24, 19721515UnknownWeng
Thursday, July 13, 19721515UnknownWeng
Friday, June 30, 19721515UnknownWeng
Friday, June 2, 19721515UnknownWeng
Tuesday, May 9, 19721515UnknownWeng
Thursday, March 16, 19721515UnknownWeng
Friday, February 11, 19721515UnknownWeng
Friday, January 14, 19721515UnknownWeng
Thursday, December 30, 19711515UnknownWeng
Monday, December 6, 19711515UnknownWeng
Tuesday, November 30, 19711515UnknownWeng
Friday, November 12, 19711515UnknownWeng
Friday, November 5, 19711515UnknownWeng
Monday, October 11, 197121515UnknownWeng
Wednesday, September 1, 19711515UnknownWeng
Saturday, August 21, 19711515UnknownWeng
Friday, July 2, 19711515UnknownWeng
Wednesday, June 9, 19711515UnknownWeng
Thursday, March 25, 19711515UnknownWeng
Saturday, March 13, 19711515UnknownWeng
Saturday, February 6, 19711515UnknownWeng
Tuesday, January 12, 19711515UnknownWeng
Saturday, December 26, 19701515UnknownWeng
Friday, December 11, 19701515UnknownWeng
Saturday, November 28, 19701515UnknownWeng
Tuesday, November 10, 19701515UnknownWeng
Saturday, October 31, 19701515UnknownWeng
Saturday, October 3, 19701515UnknownWeng
Wednesday, September 16, 19701515UnknownWeng
Friday, August 28, 19701515UnknownWeng
Thursday, August 20, 19701515UnknownWeng
Friday, August 14, 19701515UnknownWeng
Friday, July 17, 19701515UnknownWeng
Wednesday, June 24, 19701515UnknownWeng
Friday, June 5, 19701515UnknownWeng
Tuesday, May 19, 19701515UnknownWeng
Thursday, May 14, 19701515UnknownWeng
Wednesday, February 4, 19701515UnknownWeng
Friday, December 26, 19691515UnknownWeng
Wednesday, December 17, 19691515UnknownWeng
Tuesday, December 2, 19691515UnknownWeng
Saturday, November 22, 19691515UnknownWeng
Tuesday, November 18, 19691515UnknownWeng
Friday, October 10, 19691515UnknownWeng
Monday, September 15, 19691515UnknownWeng
Thursday, September 11, 19691515UnknownWeng
Monday, August 25, 19691515UnknownWeng
Saturday, August 2, 19691515UnknownWeng
Tuesday, May 13, 19691515UnknownWeng
Tuesday, March 25, 19691515UnknownWeng
Saturday, March 22, 19691515UnknownWeng
Monday, March 10, 19691515UnknownWeng
Tuesday, March 4, 19691515UnknownWeng
Monday, February 3, 19691515UnknownWeng
Wednesday, January 8, 19691515UnknownWeng
Wednesday, December 18, 19681515UnknownFarrar
Tuesday, December 10, 19681515UnknownFarrar
Monday, December 2, 19681515UnknownFarrar
Wednesday, November 13, 19681515UnknownFarrar
Thursday, November 7, 19681515UnknownFarrar
Wednesday, October 2, 19681515UnknownFarrar
Thursday, September 19, 19681515UnknownFarrar
Wednesday, September 11, 19681515UnknownFarrar
Tuesday, August 20, 19681515UnknownFarrar
Friday, August 9, 19681515UnknownFarrar
Wednesday, July 31, 19681515UnknownFarrar
Monday, July 29, 19681515UnknownFarrar
Thursday, July 25, 19681515UnknownFarrar
Thursday, June 6, 19681515UnknownFarrar
Friday, May 24, 196821515UnknownFarrar
Wednesday, May 1, 19681515UnknownFarrar
Thursday, April 18, 19681515UnknownFarrar
Friday, April 5, 19681515UnknownFarrar
Wednesday, March 20, 19681515UnknownFarrar
Tuesday, March 19, 19681515UnknownFarrar
Tuesday, March 12, 19681515UnknownFarrar
Wednesday, March 6, 19681515UnknownFarrar
Wednesday, January 31, 19681515UnknownFarrar
Saturday, January 13, 19681515UnknownFarrar
Thursday, December 28, 19671515William LutwiniakFarrar
Monday, December 4, 19671515UnknownFarrar
Friday, November 24, 19671515UnknownFarrar
Monday, October 30, 19671515UnknownFarrar
Friday, October 13, 19671515William LutwiniakFarrar
Monday, September 4, 19671515William LutwiniakFarrar
Saturday, August 12, 19671515Arthur SchulmanFarrar
Thursday, July 13, 19671515William LutwiniakFarrar
Wednesday, May 31, 19671515William LutwiniakFarrar
Thursday, March 2, 19671515UnknownFarrar
Thursday, January 19, 19671515William LutwiniakFarrar
Wednesday, October 19, 19661515UnknownFarrar
Friday, September 30, 19661515UnknownFarrar
Saturday, May 21, 19661515Arthur SchulmanFarrar
Thursday, November 11, 19651515UnknownFarrar
Thursday, October 7, 19651515UnknownFarrar
Thursday, March 18, 19651515UnknownFarrar
Wednesday, February 24, 19651515UnknownFarrar
Friday, February 12, 19651515UnknownFarrar
Tuesday, April 7, 19641515UnknownFarrar
Wednesday, March 25, 19641515UnknownFarrar
Monday, March 2, 19641515UnknownFarrar
Monday, November 25, 19631515Eileen LexauFarrar
Tuesday, October 29, 19631515UnknownFarrar
Wednesday, September 18, 19631515UnknownFarrar
Wednesday, July 10, 19631515UnknownFarrar
Friday, January 27, 19611515UnknownFarrar
Tuesday, July 26, 19601515UnknownFarrar
Friday, April 18, 19581515Herman KeldFarrar
Saturday, November 26, 19551515UnknownFarrar
Wednesday, May 4, 19551515Dorothy E. SmithFarrar
Thursday, October 28, 19541515Roberta MorseFarrar
Monday, December 14, 19531515UnknownFarrar
Thursday, December 10, 19531515Willard JordanFarrar