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Record setting letter counts — 15 by 15 puzzles only

This page shows the top 10 Shortz Era puzzles by letter count for each letter of the alphabet.

Most recent record entry is Wednesday, December 6, 2017 by Clive Probert with 46 Ms.

Note: rebus puzzles are excluded.

A69Thursday, March 21, 20021515Patrick Berry
48Tuesday, January 7, 20031515Peter Gordon
41Monday, May 20, 20131515Tim Croce
39Tuesday, March 8, 20111515Paul Hunsberger
38Wednesday, November 16, 20161515Jim Peredo
38Wednesday, December 21, 20051515David J. Kahn
38Tuesday, May 4, 19991515Gayle Dean
37Wednesday, May 16, 20121515Kevin Adamick
37Thursday, October 15, 20091515Victor Fleming
37Thursday, February 12, 20041515Craig Kasper
B48Wednesday, August 25, 20101515Clive Probert
35Tuesday, April 19, 20111515Randall J. Hartman
23Monday, June 16, 20141515Bruce Haight
20Wednesday, March 17, 19991515Myles Callum
19Wednesday, February 7, 20011515Kent Lorentzen
16Tuesday, July 24, 20121515Andrew Marc Greene
16Monday, April 30, 20121515Susan L. Stanislawski
15Wednesday, July 10, 20131515Ed Sessa
15Tuesday, April 8, 20031515Verna Suit
14Monday, January 17, 20051515Alison Donald
C20Monday, October 10, 20111515Ian C. Livengood
18Wednesday, April 25, 20121515Peter Wentz
16Tuesday, October 11, 20111515Ed Sessa
16Thursday, December 12, 20021515Michael Shteyman
16Saturday, February 20, 19991515Rich Norris
15Thursday, September 19, 20131515Michael Blake
15Saturday, January 12, 20131515Doug Peterson and Brad Wilber
15Saturday, November 19, 20111515Allan E. Parrish
15Wednesday, December 21, 20051515David J. Kahn
15Thursday, January 20, 20051515Manny Nosowsky
D24Tuesday, June 6, 20001515Alan Arbesfeld
20Wednesday, August 10, 20051515Kurt Mengel and Jan-Michele Gianette
19Monday, August 11, 20081515Thomas Heilman
18Saturday, February 18, 20171515Steve Overton
18Monday, February 15, 20101515Lynn Lempel
18Wednesday, February 21, 20071515Elizabeth C. Gorski
18Friday, April 17, 19981515Matt Gaffney
16Thursday, March 31, 20161515Ellen Leuschner and Jeff Chen
16Tuesday, June 23, 20151515Jules P. Markey
16Wednesday, June 15, 20111515Jeffrey Wechsler
E78Tuesday, February 9, 19991515Janet R. Bender
71Tuesday, May 28, 19961515J. R. Bender
48Thursday, December 15, 20051515Patrick Merrell
47Thursday, December 26, 20021515Cathy Millhauser
46Wednesday, September 17, 20141515Zhouqin Burnikel and Don Gagliardo
45Tuesday, March 1, 20161515Freddie Cheng
44Tuesday, April 16, 19961515G. E. Paul
42Saturday, September 8, 20071515Brendan Emmett Quigley
42Monday, March 5, 20071515Fred Piscop
42Friday, March 9, 20011515Mitch Komro
F12Monday, June 12, 20061515Curtis Yee
12Wednesday, December 20, 20001515Alan Arbesfeld
10Wednesday, June 1, 20111515Elizabeth C. Gorski
10Tuesday, June 15, 20101515Jill Winslow
10Saturday, May 24, 20031515Rich Norris
9Monday, May 11, 20151515Joe DiPietro
9Monday, June 30, 20141515Ed Sessa
9Wednesday, March 13, 20131515Joe DiPietro
9Thursday, September 27, 20121515Joel Fagliano
9Wednesday, March 28, 20121515Joe DiPietro
G19Wednesday, January 30, 20081515Peter A. Collins
15Tuesday, April 14, 20151515Bruce Haight
14Thursday, April 2, 20091515Brendan Emmett Quigley
13Tuesday, September 8, 20151515Jacob Stulberg
12Thursday, August 17, 20171515Peter A. Collins
12Saturday, November 4, 20061515Rich Norris
12Tuesday, January 31, 20061515Patrick Merrell
12Monday, December 1, 20031515John Greenman
12Thursday, November 13, 19971515Manny Nosowsky
11Tuesday, June 28, 20161515Alex Vratsanos
H20Tuesday, May 7, 20131515Jeff Chen
16Monday, December 6, 20101515Richard Chisholm
16Monday, May 12, 20081515Randall J. Hartman
15Thursday, April 3, 20141515David Benkof and Jeff Chen
15Tuesday, December 6, 20111515Steven E. Atwood
15Tuesday, May 16, 20061515Nancy Salomon
15Monday, January 14, 20021515Michael Shteyman
14Monday, September 7, 20151515Paula Gamache
14Tuesday, October 25, 20111515C. W. Stewart
14Monday, July 21, 20031515Andrea Carla Michaels
I27Monday, August 12, 20131515Daniel Raymon
24Wednesday, June 2, 20101515Adam Cohen
24Monday, March 7, 19941515Alex K. Justin
23Thursday, December 3, 20151515Patrick Merrell
23Thursday, October 23, 20141515Patrick Blindauer
23Wednesday, October 2, 20131515Paula Gamache
23Thursday, June 10, 19991515Adam G. Perl
23Wednesday, February 4, 19981515Fred Piscop
23Monday, November 11, 19961515S. Spadaccini
23Thursday, January 5, 19951515Harvey Estes
J11Monday, April 20, 20091515Randall J. Hartman
9Tuesday, February 4, 20141515David Steinberg
9Tuesday, December 10, 19961515D. Niles
6Wednesday, September 21, 20161515Matthew Sewell
6Saturday, August 22, 20151515Barry C. Silk
6Wednesday, October 10, 20121515Pete Muller
6Wednesday, July 22, 20091515Patrick Blindauer
5Wednesday, August 10, 20161515David C. Duncan Dekker
5Wednesday, January 30, 20131515Will Nediger
5Tuesday, October 12, 20101515José Chardiet
K18Thursday, May 24, 20071515Patrick Merrell
11Saturday, September 3, 20111515Peter Wentz
11Friday, November 7, 20081515Kevin G. Der
11Monday, October 6, 20031515Barry Silk
10Monday, February 1, 20101515Scott Atkinson
10Thursday, January 26, 20061515Manny Nosowsky
10Thursday, January 8, 20041515Michael Shteyman
10Monday, September 25, 20001515Peter Gordon
9Wednesday, May 22, 20131515Kevin Christian
9Saturday, October 15, 20111515Joon Pahk
L35Monday, July 18, 19941515Wayne Robert Williams
33Tuesday, January 16, 20011515Peter Gordon
30Tuesday, August 14, 20011515Randall J. Hartman
25Monday, August 11, 20141515David Steinberg and Bernice Gordon
23Wednesday, May 1, 20131515Paula Gamache
23Tuesday, April 4, 19951515David J. Kahn
22Saturday, December 19, 20151515Damon Gulczynski
22Tuesday, July 7, 20151515Daniel Raymon
22Monday, June 21, 20041515Craig Kasper
22Monday, February 4, 20021515Gregory E. Paul
M46Wednesday, December 6, 20171515Clive Probert
25Monday, September 16, 20131515Ed Sessa
17Tuesday, December 10, 20131515Bill Thompson
16Wednesday, November 5, 20141515Gareth Bain
16Monday, May 20, 20131515Tim Croce
15Wednesday, January 27, 20161515Adam G. Perl
15Tuesday, March 17, 20151515David Phillips
15Friday, May 17, 20131515Josh Knapp
15Friday, November 4, 20111515Patrick Berry
15Wednesday, October 20, 20101515Finn Vigeland
N26Thursday, April 1, 20041515Byron Walden
25Friday, May 13, 20111515Joe Krozel
24Wednesday, November 16, 20161515Jim Peredo
24Saturday, March 7, 20091515Joe Krozel
24Wednesday, February 12, 19971515M. E. Skolsky
23Wednesday, November 9, 20111515Paula Gamache
23Saturday, March 12, 20051515Byron Walden
23Wednesday, June 30, 20041515Brendan Emmett Quigley
23Friday, December 10, 19931515Alex K. Justin
22Tuesday, September 16, 20141515Gary Cee
O69Tuesday, June 19, 20121515Steve Riley
34Thursday, December 16, 19931515Nancy Joline
33Monday, August 1, 20161515Kurt Mengel and Jan-Michele Gianette
33Tuesday, April 28, 20151515José Chardiet
31Saturday, September 5, 20151515Byron Walden
30Wednesday, May 11, 20161515Pawel Fludzinski
30Wednesday, November 3, 19991515Greg Staples
30Monday, March 14, 19941515Ernie Furtado
29Monday, September 8, 20141515Dan Schoenholz
29Monday, January 28, 20021515Sarah Keller
P19Thursday, July 14, 20111515Brendan Emmett Quigley and Ian Livengood
19Tuesday, June 16, 20091515Paula Gamache
17Monday, September 1, 20031515Barry Silk
16Thursday, August 31, 20061515Patrick Merrell
16Tuesday, October 25, 19941515Lois Sidway
15Tuesday, September 8, 20151515Jacob Stulberg
15Tuesday, December 20, 20111515Julian Lim
15Tuesday, September 28, 20101515Michael Torch
15Monday, January 29, 20071515Fred Piscop
14Tuesday, February 21, 20171515Timothy Polin
Q12Friday, February 16, 19961515M. Nosowsky
10Thursday, July 14, 20111515Brendan Emmett Quigley and Ian Livengood
6Tuesday, September 13, 20161515Stanley Newman
6Wednesday, August 6, 20141515Brendan Emmett Quigley
6Friday, April 4, 20081515David Quarfoot
6Thursday, December 10, 19981515Peter Gordon
6Wednesday, March 19, 19971515Trip Payne
6Thursday, May 11, 19951515Wayne Robert Williams
5Wednesday, August 10, 20161515David C. Duncan Dekker
5Thursday, July 9, 20151515John Guzzetta
R49Wednesday, November 11, 20151515David Steinberg
30Tuesday, March 8, 20111515Paul Hunsberger
26Tuesday, April 14, 20151515Bruce Haight
26Monday, December 12, 20111515Gary Cee
25Wednesday, October 19, 20161515Tom Pepper
25Tuesday, April 5, 20111515E. J. Masicampo
25Friday, December 19, 20081515Natan Last
25Friday, October 13, 20061515Eric Berlin
25Tuesday, March 12, 19961515R. J. Hartman
24Wednesday, September 28, 20161515Morton J. Mendelson
S36Thursday, December 15, 20051515Patrick Merrell
35Tuesday, April 18, 20171515Bruce Haight
35Monday, September 21, 20151515Bruce Haight
35Saturday, August 24, 20021515Chuck Menning
34Thursday, February 9, 20121515Kevin G. Der
34Wednesday, February 2, 20111515Peter A. Collins
31Tuesday, April 14, 20151515Bruce Haight
31Saturday, July 12, 20081515Myles Callum
31Saturday, December 22, 20071515Harvey Estes
31Wednesday, November 10, 20041515David J. Kahn
T55Saturday, April 1, 20001515Manny Nosowsky
51Wednesday, August 3, 20111515Paul Guttormsson
32Thursday, February 19, 19981515A. J. Santora
31Tuesday, April 14, 20151515Bruce Haight
27Tuesday, April 18, 20171515Bruce Haight
27Saturday, February 26, 20001515Bob Klahn
26Saturday, May 12, 20121515Caleb Madison
26Saturday, June 24, 20061515Harvey Estes
26Friday, February 3, 20061515Manny Nosowsky
26Thursday, June 3, 20041515Mike Torch
U19Friday, February 16, 19961515M. Nosowsky
15Wednesday, December 6, 19951515Chet Currier
14Thursday, July 14, 20111515Brendan Emmett Quigley and Ian Livengood
14Friday, April 26, 19961515W. Johnson
13Saturday, June 25, 20111515Barry C. Silk
13Thursday, July 22, 20041515Greg Staples
12Monday, March 21, 20161515Michael Hawkins
12Monday, August 24, 20151515Lynn Lempel
12Monday, November 10, 20141515Bruce Haight
12Monday, August 20, 20121515Robert Cirillo
V15Tuesday, October 1, 20131515Joel Fagliano
10Tuesday, March 1, 20161515Freddie Cheng
9Wednesday, September 14, 20111515Jeff Chen
9Tuesday, November 4, 20081515Peter A. Collins and Joe Krozel
8Tuesday, January 29, 20131515David Steinberg
8Monday, March 26, 20121515Ray Fontenot
8Monday, September 5, 20111515Patrick Merrell
8Saturday, May 20, 20061515Bob Klahn
8Monday, December 20, 20041515Kyle Mahowald
8Thursday, May 10, 20011515Manny Nosowsky
W14Tuesday, September 14, 20041515Nancy Salomon and Harvey Estes
13Tuesday, March 28, 19951515Christopher Page
11Monday, July 11, 20161515Freddie Cheng
11Wednesday, January 26, 20051515Stanley Newman
11Wednesday, March 20, 20021515Elizabeth C. Gorski
10Tuesday, February 19, 20131515Barry Franklin and Sara Kaplan
10Monday, April 20, 19981515John D. Leavy
10Monday, September 30, 19961515F. Piscop
10Monday, August 1, 19941515Thomas W. Schier
9Monday, November 3, 20081515Susan Gelfand
X13Thursday, November 30, 20171515Trenton Charlson
13Thursday, March 15, 20071515Michael Shteyman
12Wednesday, May 18, 20051515Brendan Emmett Quigley
10Wednesday, April 26, 20171515Trenton Charlson
10Thursday, May 26, 20111515Ashish Vengsarkar
10Thursday, April 2, 20091515Brendan Emmett Quigley
8Friday, June 28, 20131515Ian Livengood and Brad Wilber
7Thursday, July 13, 20171515Lewis E. Rothlein
7Wednesday, August 18, 20101515Alex Boisvert
7Saturday, November 22, 19971515Matt Gaffney
Y15Wednesday, January 6, 20101515Julian Lim
12Tuesday, June 17, 20031515Susan Harrington Smith
11Monday, September 25, 20171515Bruce Haight
10Thursday, May 23, 20131515David Levinson Wilk
10Tuesday, November 13, 20121515Don Gagliardo and Zhouqin Burnikel
10Wednesday, February 3, 20101515Kristian House
10Monday, September 25, 20001515Peter Gordon
9Wednesday, July 12, 20171515Elayne Boosler and Patrick Merrell
9Thursday, April 21, 20161515Alex Bajcz
9Saturday, January 3, 20151515Sam Ezersky
Z18Tuesday, January 30, 20071515Nancy Salomon
14Monday, January 14, 20021515Michael Shteyman
12Saturday, May 30, 20091515Matt Ginsberg
11Thursday, November 11, 20101515Andrew Zhou
10Tuesday, April 24, 20071515Brendan Emmett Quigley
10Friday, June 10, 20051515David Quarfoot
9Thursday, November 20, 20141515Timothy Polin
9Saturday, February 3, 19961515W.R. Williams
9Saturday, April 8, 19951515A.J. Santora
9Saturday, June 18, 19941515Randolph Ross