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Duplicated answer words with clues

Puzzles with repeated answers are rare; there are only 55.

Here's the list. Click on any Answer to see it in context.

1.Sun Feb 16, 2020Sam EzerskySEIZEWith 60-Across, take control after a coup
2.Sun Jun 23, 2019David Liben-Nowell and Victor BarocasBANANAFruit that, surprisingly, is slightly radioactive
BANANASupporting role
BASEPolitician's core support
BASEIt's halfway around a diamond
CLASSImpressive stylishness
CLASSNot having full rights, as a citizen
HANDBridge component
HANDPreviously owned
NATURE"All ___ is but art, unknown to thee": Alexander Pope
NATUREDeeply ingrained habit
PERSONWhat you will always be (but he or she isn't)?
PLACEOne of three properties in Monopoly
STRINGE, B, G, D, A or E
3.Tue Feb 19, 2019David Alfred BywatersTOBEWith 39- and 40-Across, classic Shakespearean question phonetically suggested by 17-, 23-, 47- and 59-Across
TOBESee 38-Across
4.Thu Dec 20, 2018Ruth Bloomfield MargolinNOWith 38-Across, what a two-letter answer is in a crossword, usually ... or a hint to 20-, 24-, 44- and 51-Across
NOSee 35-Across
5.Wed Oct 17, 2018Patrick Blindauer and Tony OrbachPANCAKEKind of makeup
PANCAKEBreakfast food item
6.Thu Nov 16, 2017Alex EylarTAUTOLOGYSee 58-Across
TAUTOLOGYSee 17-Across
7.Sun Jun 4, 2017Tom McCoyAVOIDREDUNDANCYWriting tip #6
8.Tue Aug 9, 2016Andrea Carla MichaelsAUTHORWith 26-Across, 1982 Al Pacino film
AUTHORWith 24-Across, 1962 P. G. Wodehouse book
HEARYEWith 55-Across, town crier's cry
HEARYEWith 52-Across, Aaron Copland ballet
NEWYORKWith 42-Across, Frank Sinatra signature song
NEWYORKWith 40-Across, where Broadway is
SINGWith 72-Across, noted maximum security prison
SINGWith 71- and 72-Across, classic Louis Prima tune
ZOOMWith 9-Across, an auto ad slogan
ZOOMWith 5-Across, quickly
9.Tue Jun 7, 2016Peter A. CollinsHOMEWith 18- and 19-Across, classic song that starts "'Mid pleasures and palaces though we may roam"
HOMESee 17-Across
10.Sat Oct 17, 2015Timothy PolinBLANKSEntry forms
BLANKSYou might draw them when answering questions
BLANKSBilly of infomercials
BLANKSVoids, with "out"
BLANKSValuable things to have in Scrabble
BLANKSDoesn't remember, as something obvious, with "on"
BLANKSWhat starter pistols shoot
BLANKSUnstamped metal discs used for making coins
11.Thu Apr 16, 2015Joe Krozel and Peter CollinsBACKWARDHow the Across answers appear in the bottom half of this puzzle
BACKWARDHow the Across answers appear in the top half of this puzzle vis-à-vis the bottom
12.Wed Feb 19, 2014Michael DeweySIRWith 39-Across and 58-Down, response to a military command
SIRSee 11-Down
13.Sun Dec 15, 2013Jeff ChenCCCCCOceans
TTTTTAids for long drives
UUUUUProfit from
UUUUUFarm females
UUUUUTrees with poisonous seeds
14.Thu Aug 30, 2012Stu OckmanOOOOOOWith 37-Across, dairy aisle purchase
OOOOOOSee 31-Across
15.Wed Sep 14, 2011Jeff ChenSPYFoe of 71-Across in Mad magazine
SPYFoe of 1-Across in Mad magazine
16.Tue Aug 31, 2010Paula Gamache and Ed SteinADDRESSLincoln's famous one was just 272 words
ADDRESSPrepare to drive, as a golf ball
CONSOLEHome entertainment centerpiece
CONSOLESay "There, there" to, say
EXPLOITBit of derring-do
EXPLOITTake advantage of
INCENSEAromatic sticks
INCENSEMake boiling mad
PRESENTHere and now
PRESENTShow, in a show-and-tell
17.Thu Jul 1, 2010Clive ProbertONEWith 42-Across, bogey?
ONEWith 42-Across, birdie?
18.Thu Dec 17, 2009Francis Heaney and Patrick BlindauerCATHipster
CATTractor make, briefly
DOGFollow relentlessly
HORSEBasketball shooting game
HORSEGymnast's equipment
LIONViking foe?
LIONLouis VIII nickname, with "the"
MOLESpicy sauce
MOLEMarilyn's mark
SEALIt makes an impression
SEALNavy commando
19.Tue Nov 17, 2009John FarmerBLINGWith 10-Down, flashy jewelry
BLINGSee 18-Across
DURANWith 2-Down, group with the only James Bond theme to hit #1
DURANSee 16-Across
KNOCKWith 54-Down, intro to a joke
KNOCKSee 64-Across
SUGARWith 50-Down, #1 hit of 1969
SUGARSee 61-Across
TWINKLEWith 25-Down, start of a nighttime nursery rhyme
TWINKLESee 39-Across
20.Fri Jul 4, 2008John UnderwoodUSAMiddle of a patriotic cheer
USAStart of a patriotic cheer
USAEnd of a patriotic cheer
21.Tue Aug 22, 2006Michael J. DoranEXAMINESWith 21-Down, questions in court
EXAMINESSee 40-Across
FIRESWith 50-Down, tough positions for soldiers
FIRESSee 59-Across
HAIRSWith 12-Down, rifle shooter's aid
HAIRSSee 22-Across
ROADSWith 47-Down, crucial decision point
ROADSSee 53-Across
SECTIONSWith 26-Down, some statistical samples
SECTIONSSee 32-Across
WORDSWith 3-Down, popular puzzles
WORDSSee 17-Across
22.Thu Aug 11, 2005Michael ShteymanOOONew pedometer reading
OOOHugs, symbolically
OOOTic-tac-toe winner
OOOQueenside castle, in chess notation
23.Thu Jan 15, 2004Patrick MerrellLOREIt's passed on
LOREIt's passed on
24.Sun Oct 13, 2002Elizabeth C. GorskiOOOTic-tac-toe win
OOONew pedometer reading
25.Fri Jul 5, 2002Manny NosowskyPARBy its location [see adjoining squares of answer], a birdie
PARBy its location [see adjoining squares of answer], a bogey
26.Mon Apr 1, 2002Roger BarkanACADIAMaine's ___ National Park
ACADIA"Evangeline" setting
ACTSNew Testament book
ACTSDoes stage work
AGGIEPlaying marble
AGGIETexas A&M player
ALIENS1986 sci-fi sequel
ALIENSOnes with green cards
AURA"___ Lee" (classic song)
AURARadiant glow
BALLPARKLike some figures
BALLPARKShea, for one
BASICMicrosoft's first product
CARSTrain segments
CARS"Shake It Up" band, with "the"
CHOPWhen doubled, quickly
CHOPCut of lamb
CHUMFish scraps
ELKSAntlered animals
ELKSFraternal members
ENTREEFree access
ENTREEMeat dish, often
ERAPitcher's stat
ERAPaleozoic, for one
GRUBSScrounges (for)
GRUBSBeetle larvae
ICEKnock off, to a mobster
IRONNumbered club
KATKrazy ___
KATKit ___ bar
LABCertain retriever, briefly
LABIgor's place
LAWSSamuel ___, inventor of the stock ticker
LEILuau memento
LEIHawaii's ___ Day
NOAHWordwise Webster
NOAHMan famous for doing a double take?
OCEANS"___ Eleven" (Sinatra film)
OLDMANDad, slangily
OLDMANHemingway title character
REDLIGHTStop signal
REDLIGHTKind of district
RUNATMove rapidly toward
SERAMedical liquids
SERA"Will be," to Doris Day
SHOOTModel's session
SIE"Sprechen ___ Deutsch?"
SIEYou: Ger.
SMOKEDLike salmon, often
SMOKEDHad Marlboros, say
SPANNine inches
STEEPPrepare, as tea
STEEPVery expensive
STEPPart of a process
TAISkater Babilonia
TAIMai ___
TISThird word in "America"
TISNotes after las
TORA___ Bora (Afghan region)
TORAWhen tripled, a W.W. II movie
TOTODog in Oz
TOTOIn ___ (entirely)
UNCLE___ Sam
UNCLE"I give!"
WHITEPart of an egg
WHITELike a surrender flag
27.Thu Feb 21, 2002Peter GordonBEWARYOFStart of a quip by Alfred E. Neuman
BEWARYOFEnd of the quip
28.Sat Apr 1, 2000Manny NosowskyTTTTTorment
TTTTSome socials
TTTTSri Lankan exports
TTTTInformal tops
TTTTPlumbing joints
TTTTAngers, with "off"
TTTTTimeout signs
TTTTTGolfers' needs
TTTTTMusical notes
TTTTTCertain crosses
29.Thu May 20, 1999Zack ButlerIWILLQuote, part 2
IWILLQuote, part 5
30.Sat May 8, 1993Tap OsbornLIZZIEBORDENDefendant in an 1893 trial
LIZZIEBORDENDirector of 18 Across
31.Wed Sep 2, 1992Wayne Hall-EastmanADAMBede of fiction
ADAMOriginal man
32.Sun Jul 30, 1989Frances HansenWEREYOUTOCALLAVASEAVASEMore of verse
33.Sun May 14, 1989Charles M. DeberSTEPerson Cinderella said was cruel
STEWhat the painters said they needed
STEPWhat the passenger told the cabbie
STEPSee 115 Across
STEPWhat Hesse called one of his novels
34.Thu Apr 29, 1982Teresa ForestallANONLater
35.Wed Dec 31, 1980Nancy McCarthyLEESDregs
LEESProminent Virginia family
36.Mon Sep 15, 1980Richard N. Platt, Jr.RATKind of race
RAT"Dirty" one, in a Cagney line
37.Mon Dec 23, 1974John LandenbergerIAMStart of God's words to Moses
IAMEnd of 1 Across
38.Sun Jun 23, 1974Frances HansenTICKFirst sound of work
TICKChide, with "off"
TICKTOCKMore sounds
TICKTOCKOne more time
TICKTOCKSounds of work
TICKTOCKPlay it again, Sam
TOCKAfrican hornbill
TOCKLast sound of work
39.Sun May 7, 1972Frances HansenHEARTKind of burn
HEART"Cross my ___"
40.Wed Sep 15, 1971UnknownANDSee 1 Across
ANDSee 1 Across
41.Sun May 30, 1971Keith BlakeMILESTOGOBEFOREISLEEPFrost line
42.Thu Apr 1, 1971UnknownFOOLAn old saw, with 31, 40, 46, 51, 57, 66 and 67 Across
FOOLSee 1 Across
43.Thu Oct 15, 1970UnknownRESTRepose
44.Sun Jul 19, 1970Hume R. CraftAMESCity near Des Moines
AMESSinger Ed
45.Fri Mar 20, 1970UnknownYENCraving
46.Wed Dec 24, 1969UnknownINTODivision word.
47.Wed Sep 10, 1969UnknownALIBaba.
ALIEastern name.
48.Sun Jul 20, 1969H. L. RisteenINDNeither Dem. nor Rep.
INDState: Abbr.
49.Tue Dec 31, 1968UnknownWANEFade.
50.Sun Dec 24, 1961Jules ArensbergDDEDwight.
DDEPresidential monogram.
51.Sat May 25, 1957A. H. Drummond, Jr.AGEJack Benny's is 39.
52.Sun Feb 27, 1955William A. Lewis Jr.AGE21 plus.
AGEA dog's ___.
53.Thu Jun 11, 1953George HendersonISSUEA point of debate.
ISSUEThe "I" in G. I.
54.Mon Feb 5, 1951UnknownHENClucker.
55.Sun Sep 4, 1949William Spaar Jr.STRADSViolins.