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This puzzle appeared on Saturday, June 22, 2013 in syndication. The original New York Times publication date is shown below.
Saturday, May 18, 2013
by Martin Ashwood-Smith
Sat 5/18/2013
© 2013, The New York Times
1.What you may charge with : AVAILABLECREDIT
16.Indicator of how accurate a numerical guess is : PERCENTAGEERROR
17.Bringer of peace : ENTENTECORDIALE
18.The look of love? : STARSINONESEYES
19.One built for Broadway : SET
20.Intel processor? : NSA
21.Pliers part : JAW
24."The Chronicles of Clovis" author : SAKI
26.Running dog : LACKEY
32.Opposite of extremely : ATAD
34.Curing stuff, symbolically : NACL
36.Heffalump's creator : MILNE
37.Title gambler in a 1943 Cary Grant film : MRLUCKY
39.Northern game preceder : OCANADA
41.Waits awhile : BIDES
42.Eagles tight end Igwenagu : EMIL
44.Make canning impossible? : QUIT
45.Much commercial production : SPOTTV
47.Flat : ONED
49.Some holiday honorees: Abbr. : STS
50.Start of a Vol. 1 heading : ATO
52.Post-W.W. II fed. agcy. : AEC
54.Tone poem that calls for four taxi horns, with "An" : AMERICANINPARIS
63.Past pump preference : REGULARGASOLINE
64.Packing it in : FEEDINGONESFACE
65.Information information : STREETADDRESSES
1.Some of them have learned to sign : APES
2.Blowout locale? : VENT
3."Thou ___ lady": King Lear : ARTA
4.They might design roses : ICERS
5.Visual aids : LENSES
6.Like bazookas : ANTITANK
7.1930s bomber : BTEN
8.Not windy at all : LACONIC
9.Painter Schiele and composer Wellesz : EGONS
10.Life is one : CEREAL
11.Their caps have a stylized "C" : REDS
12.Language related to Wyandot : ERIE
13.Transporter of beer barrels : DRAY
14.Captive of Heracles : IOLE
15.Quarter of doce : TRES
21.Window parts : JAMBS
22.Like some anchors and sails : ATRIP
23.Not just another face in the crowd? : WALDO
25."The Inspector General" star, 1949 : KAYE
27.Org. that publishes Advocacy Update : AMA
28.Quarter of vingt : CINQ
29."Revolver" Grammy winner Voormann : KLAUS
30.Split up : ENDIT
31."Deirdre" playwright : YEATS
33.Certain recital piece : DUET
35.Kind of chop : LOIN
38.Chi setting : CST
40.One of several Procter & Gamble products : CLEANSER
43.Chandra, in Hindu belief : MOONGOD
46.Like a lot without a lot : VACANT
48.Boot : DEPOSE
51.Porsche 911 model : TARGA
53.___-foot jelly : CALFS
54.Many masters respond to them : ARFS
55.Cross : MEET
56.Hohenberg's river : EGER
57.Like line jumpers : RUDE
58.First name in '70s tennis : ILIE
59.Martin Buber's "___ Thou" : IAND
60.Shore indentations : RIAS
61.Thomas H. ___, the Father of the Western : INCE
62.Calls on : SEES

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