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This puzzle appeared on Friday, June 21, 2013 in syndication. The original New York Times publication date is shown below.
Friday, May 17, 2013
by Josh Knapp
Fri 5/17/2013
© 2013, The New York Times
JimH notes: This grid ties the record for most Ms in a 15x grid.
1.Closer to the edge, say : CRAZIER
8.Brothers' keepers? : ABBOTS
14.Summer time eponym : AUGUSTUS
16.Peso : Mexico :: ___ : Panama : BALBOA
17."NYC 22" replaced it in 2012 : CSIMIAMI
18.Key represented by all white keys on a piano : CMAJOR
19.Plate holder : ATLAS
20.Kin of clubs : BLTS
22.Sporty Spice, by another name : MELC
23.Hernando's "Hey!" : OYE
24.Batcave, e.g. : LAIR
25.End point of a common journey : MECCA
26.Ginnie ___ : MAE
28.Darling : CUTE
30.Univ. figures : TAS
31.Style of New York's Sony Building : POSTMODERNISM
34.'60s film character wearing one black glove : DRSTRANGELOVE
35.Literary classic featuring the teen Tadzio : DEATHINVENICE
36.Teen "Whoa!" : OMG
37.Grp. concerned with violence levels : MPAA
38.With 43-Across, part of a squid : INK
39.Long-running Mell Lazarus comic strip : MOMMA
41.What you may squeal with : GLEE
43.See 38-Across : SAC
46."Think of ___ ..." : ITAS
47.Dipped : FELL
48.Biblical waste? : SMITE
50.Run one's mouth : NATTER
52.Allowing no equivocation : EITHEROR
54.Stupefying thing : OPIATE
55.Favor doer's comment : YOUOWEME
56.It can be dangerous when leaked : SECRET
57.Like some sunbathers : TOPLESS
1.Tree with large seedpods on its trunk : CACAO
2.Like many older Americans' French or Spanish : RUSTY
3.Not given to lumbering : AGILE
4.Jacob ___, South African president beginning in 2009 : ZUMA
5.Member of the Ennead : ISIS
6.Attic character : ETA
7.Movement from Cuba? : RUMBA
8.Brass tacks : ABCS
9.Sock sound : BAM
10.Bad attribution : BLAME
12.Where to find some nuts : TOOLCASE
13."My heart bleeds for you," often : SARCASM
15.It's known for its start-ups : SILICONVALLEY
21.Proceed wearily : TRUDGE
24.Unleash : LETRIP
25."The Once and Future King" figure : MERLIN
26.Extremely : MOST
27.Albuterol alleviates it : ASTHMA
29.Like some Beanie Babies : TEENIE
31.Sensible : PRAGMATIC
32.Head : MANAGE
33.Groove on an arrow : NOCK
34.Mailing to a label : DEMOTAPE
35.Pie-baking giant : DOMINOS
40.Antares or Proxima Centauri : MSTAR
42.Poet who wrote "Do I dare / Disturb the universe?" : ELIOT
43.Yes or no follower : SIREE
44.Focus of stereochemistry : ATOMS
45.Roman Demeter : CERES
47.Neckline? : FRET
48.Union ___ : SHOP
49.Baby sound : MEWL
51.Verano, across the Pyrenees : ETE
53.Yours, in Turin : TUO

© 2017, Jim Horne