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This puzzle appeared on Sunday, June 16, 2013 in syndication. The original New York Times publication date is shown below.
Sunday, June 9, 2013
by Elizabeth C. Gorski
Complete the puzzle. Then connect the circled letters alphabetically from A to S to get an image related to the puzzle's theme.
Sun 6/9/2013FAST ONE
© 2013, The New York Times
JimH notes: Ms. Gorski is the inventor and still the master of this ingenious connect-the-dots puzzle form. Is that an eye or maybe even a blinder on the horse? And reins?
1.Insect's feeler : PALP
5.Double-platinum Steely Dan album : AJA
8.Kitten's sound : MEW
11.Sharp as ___ : ATACK
16.Like some stimuli : AURAL
17.Participated in a derby : RAN
18.One of several Louises : ROI
19.___ Lauro (hijacked ship of 1985) : ACHILLE
21.Fountain site : PLAZA
22.Slightest idea : INKLING
24.Temple in Hollywood : SHIRLEY
25.Colorless sort : ALBINO
27.Parts of un archipel : ILES
28.Polite helper's question : MAYI
30.Coup d'___ : ETAT
31.Like 64-Across, in sports annals : CELEBRATED
33.Keep thinking about, as a victory : SAVOR
34.Bette Midler, e.g. : DIVA
35.Assessor : EYER
36.Nevertheless, briefly : THO
37.Lift : HIKEUP
38.Biblical dry measure : OMER
39.Rises up on two legs : REARS
41.Frankfurt's river : ODER
42.Like some Braten : SAUER
44.Lassie and Marmaduke, e.g. : PETDOGS
48.Circus employees : TAMERS
50.Super Bowl div. : QTR
51.Home of Odysseus : ITHACA
52.Star in the Swan constellation : DENEB
53.___ neutrino : TAU
55.Parapsychological subj. : ESP
58.Pan handlers : CHEFS
59.Crosses : MEETS
60.Raw meat dish : CARPACCIO
63.Not duped by : ONTO
64.95-Across who made the covers of Time, Newsweek and Sports Illustrated in the same week : SECRETARIAT
66.CD-___ : ROMS
67.They may be left by the side of the road : TIREMARKS
69.Like marshes : REEDY
70.Pats on the back, maybe : BURPS
71.Grade school subj. : SCI
72.Now or never: Abbr. : ADV
73.Some woods greenery : FERNS
74.Move like a penguin : WADDLE
75.The Eagles, on a scoreboard : PHI
77.Charlene who played Lucy on "Dallas" : TILTON
79.Stereotypical neighbors : JONESES
80.Third base coach's urging, maybe : SLIDE
82."Ben-Hur," for one : EPIC
83."Catch you later" : ADIOS
85.Jazz trumpeter Baker : CHET
86.Lack : DEARTH
88."Regrets, ___ had a few" ("My Way" lyric) : IVE
89.Tit for tat? : SWAP
93.Bridge feature : ARCH
94.Set pieces? : GAMES
95.Time and Newsweek's cover description of 64-Across : SUPERHORSE
98.Bold Ruler, to 64-Across : SIRE
99.Those, to Jorge : ESOS
100.Mort who said "My life needs editing" : SAHL
101.Most peeved : SOREST
102.Out of this world? : INORBIT
104.Morale-boosting mil. event : USOSHOW
107.Bull or Celtic : NBAER
108.Units of force : NEWTONS
109."Marry ___ Little" (Sondheim song) : MEA
110.Actress Thurman : UMA
111."Same here" : DITTO
112."Like it ___ ..." : ORNOT
113.Prominent part of Mickey Mouse : EAR
114.Hardly a knockout : HAG
115.Bonn exclamations : ACHS
1.Dumbwaiter part : PULLEY
2.Fit to be tilled : ARABLE
3.Less industrious : LAZIER
4.Alternative : PLANB
5.Name that's Hebrew for "lion" : ARI
6.Key employee? : JANITOR
7.Lowdown joint? : ANKLE
8.Drs. may order them : MRIS
9.Many a doctor's office wait, seemingly : EON
10.Expert with locks? : WIGMAKER
11.Yellowfin tuna, on menus : AHI
12.Wearied : TIREDOUT
13.What 64-Across holds in the three legs of 46-Down : ALLTIMERECORDS
14.One on the chopping block : CLEAVER
15.Hybrid musical instrument with a shoulder strap : KEYTAR
16.Quickly : APACE
19."___ wish" : ASYOU
20.Smoke detector sounds when the battery runs low : CHIRPS
23.Was winning : LED
26.Taco sauce brand : ORTEGA
29.Declares : AVERS
32.Puzzle solvers' cries : AHAS
33.Backtrack? : SIDEB
37.Straightaway for 64-Across : HOMESTRETCH
39.Giants of the sky, in myth : ROCS
40.Turns this way and that : STEERS
43.A pastel : AQUA
44.Embroidery loops : PICOTS
45.Italian or Irish : ETHNIC
46.What 64-Across won on June 9, 1973 : THETRIPLECROWN
47."Daybreakers" actor Willem : DAFOE
49.Not post- : ANTE
52.Really wallop : DECK
53.Dumbwaiter item : TRAY
54.On point : APT
56."No sweat!" : SIMPLE
57.Rap stars often have them : POSSES
59."Jeopardy!" creator Griffin : MERV
60.Richard of Rambo movies : CRENNA
61.Teleprompters, for speakers : AIDS
62.It needs refinement : CRUDE
64.Sorry : SAD
65.Commercial prefix with postale : AERO
68.Cleaner : MAID
70.Some dictators' proclamations : BANS
73.Moves like a moth : FLITS
74.Beaus : WOOERS
76.Until now : HITHERTO
77.Words from a Latin lover : TEAMO
78."Supposedly" : IPRESUME
79.Baloney : JIVE
80.Certain templegoer : SHRINER
81.Enter stealthily : EDGEIN
84.Academic paper? : DIPLOMA
85.Game involving matching cards on the table : CASINO
87.Some bridge players : EASTS
89.___ acid (food preservative) : SORBIC
90.Victory wear for 64-Across : WREATH
91.They're worth something : ASSETS
92.___-Canada (northern gas station chain) : PETRO
95.Flier to Bergen : SAS
96."Yep" : UHHUH
97.Passport producer : HONDA
100.Rise rapidly : SOAR
103.Ending with spam : BOT
105.Briny : SEA
106.Jokester : WAG

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