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This puzzle appeared on Saturday, June 15, 2013 in syndication. The original New York Times publication date is shown below.
Saturday, May 11, 2013
by Matt Ginsberg
Sat 5/11/2013
© 2013, The New York Times
JimH notes: The print puzzle has "*taking into account its 61-Across" in italics after the clue list, referring to 4 clues with asterisks. For online, that phrase was added to the clues themselves.
1.Chest piece : DRAWER
7.St. John's, for one : BASILICA
15.Fish that attaches itself to a host : REMORA
16.Like the Congressional Record : ARCHIVAL
17.Biblical prophet whose name means "Yahweh is my God" : ELIJAH
18.Act in "The Last Samurai" : HARAKIRI
19.St. John's, for one : WORT
20.Kneecap, e.g. : MAIM
22.Dick and Al, recently : VEEPS
23.Like King Sargon II: Abbr. : ASSYR
25.33-Down, taking into account its 61-Across : SAILED
27.Author of "Herding Cats: A Life in Politics" : LOTT
29.Latin rock band featured at Woodstock : SANTANA
33.Where the guarani is cash : PARAGUAY
37.Milk source, to a kid : MOOCOW
38.Vein gloriousness? : ORE
39.Pope who started the First Crusade : URBANII
41.Tokyo Rose's real first name : IVA
42.German chocolate brand : RIESEN
44.Good occasion for kite-flying : WINDYDAY
46.Shows an aptitude for : TAKESTO
48.Mother of the Titans : GAEA
49.32-Down, taking into account its 61-Across : ATONCE
51.Home of more than 900 volcanoes : ANDES
55.White House girl : SASHA
58.Western setting : FORT
60.Just under half a penny's weight : GRAM
61.Place : LOCATION
63.Ostrich, e.g. : RATITE
65.1950s H-bomb test site : ENIWETOK
66.Dermatological concern : ECZEMA
67.Classic graduation gifts : DESKSETS
68.The Missouri, to the Mississippi : FEEDER
1.___ blank : DREWA
2.Transfers often entail them, informally : RELOS
3.Bahrain bigwigs: Var. : AMIRS
4.John Paul II, originally : WOJTYLA
5.Span of a ruler, maybe : ERA
6.First name in Chicago politics : RAHM
7.Part of the coast of Brazil : BAHIA
8.Estée Lauder fragrance for men : ARAMIS
9.TV or monitor part: Abbr. : SCR
10."Beats me!" : IHAVENOIDEA
11.Did with enjoyment : LIKEDTO
12.Ellington band vocalist Anderson : IVIE
13.68-Across, taking into account its 61-Across : CARP
14.Father/daughter fighters : ALIS
21.Take ___ at : ASTAB
24.Iran, North Korea and the like : ROGUESTATES
26.Veneer, e.g. : LAMINA
28.Ask, as for assistance : TURNTO
30.It's not basic : ACID
31.Astronomical figure? : NOVA
32.Out : AWAY
33.Strong wine : PORT
34."La donna è mobile," e.g. : ARIA
35.Give off, with "of" : REEK
36.Not pitch or roll, say : YAW
40.Big uranium exporter : NIGER
43.Twin-engine Navy helicopter : SEAHAWK
45.Site of the Three Gorges Dam : YANGTZE
47.Hoofing it : ONFOOT
50.Abruptly stops, with "out" : CONKS
52.Like mummies : DRIED
53.Instruction written in currants for Alice : EATME
54.Campaign dirty trick : SMEAR
55.Coast, in a way : SLED
56.1-Across, taking into account its 61-Across : AONE
57.Univ. grouping : SCIS
59.Nonkosher : TREF
62.Samson's end? : ITE
64.Pal : ACE

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