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This puzzle appeared on Friday, June 14, 2013 in syndication. The original New York Times publication date is shown below.
Friday, May 10, 2013
by Derek Bowman
Fri 5/10/2013
© 2013, The New York Times
JimH notes: I recently teased Martin Ashwood-Smith that one way to avoid overused words in his stacks of 15s would be to stack 16s instead. Derek Bowman beat him to the punch. This is the first time 16s have been stacked in any NYT crossword.
1.Finish differently, say : RESTAIN
8.1950s backup group with four top 10 hits : COMETS
14.Stars are recognized with them : OSCARNODS
17.Clear as mud, so to speak : OPAQUE
18.It may have pop-ups : STORYBOOK
19.Scott who co-starred on TV's "Men of a Certain Age" : BAKULA
20."Incredible!" : YOWZA
21.Not just surmise : KNOW
23.Closest to zero : LEAST
24.Years, in Tours : ANS
26.Oakland daily, for short : TRIB
28."Unfortunately ..." : ALAS
29.Deutschland "de" : VON
31.Phoenix setting: Abbr. : MST
33.D.C. nine : NATS
35.It has short shortstops : LITTLELEAGUETEAM
41."What, no more?" : ISTHATALLTHEREIS
42.Places for a 35-Across : BASEBALLDIAMONDS
43.___ other (matchlessly) : ASNO
44.Satyajit Ray's "The ___ Trilogy" : APU
45.Bill in a bow tie : NYE
46.Tarantula hawk, e.g. : WASP
49.Band options : AMFM
51.DreamWorks ___ : SKG
53.Phoenix setting? : ASHES
55.Jacuzzi session : SOAK
57."___ of Varnish" (C. P. Snow novel) : ACOAT
61.Chemistry test topic : ISOMER
63.Cursorily : ATAGLANCE
65.Certain Mexican-American : TEJANO
66.Where to come to grips with things? : MOVIESETS
67.Tight : STINGY
68.Purports : ALLEGES
1.Looking up : ROSY
2.This, in Tijuana : ESTO
3.Trash hauler : SCOW
4.Much-filmed swinger : TARZANTHEAPEMAN
5.Ancient Dravidian's displacer : ARYAN
6.Like Chopin's Mazurka Op. 56 No. 1 : INB
7.Sony Reader competitor : NOOK
8.Middle ear? : COB
9.It's often set in a ring : OPAL
10.Serve well in court : MAKEASTRONGCASE
11.Come to : EQUAL
12.Hometown of the band Hanson : TULSA
13.Party prizes? : SEATS
15."Shh! It's a secret!" : DONTTELL
16.Hershey bar : SKOR
22.Brogue feature : WINGTIP
25."The Moldau" composer : SMETANA
27.Mies van der Rohe was its last director : BAUHAUS
29.Something needing a stamp : VISA
30.Giant giant's family : OTTS
32."Giant" events : SLALOMS
34.Be overrun : TEEM
35.Party label for Brit. P.M. William Gladstone : LIB
36.Culture centers? : LABS
37.Chuck Schumer's predecessor in the Senate : ALDAMATO
38.Kids' rhyme starter : EENY
39.Congress person : AIDE
40.Works for an editor: Abbr. : MSS
46.Takes orders, say : WAITS
47.Concern of I.R.S. Form 8594 : ASSET
48.Japanese sliding door : SHOJI
50.Head makeup : FOAM
52.Superman's name on Krypton : KALEL
54.Hong Kong's Hang ___ Index : SENG
56.Polynesian drink : KAVA
58.Pull felt on Earth : ONEG
59.Part of a French play : ACTE
60.Cher's role in "Burlesque" : TESS
62."The Natural" hero Hobbs : ROY
64.Former Mets manager Hodges : GIL

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