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This puzzle appeared on Wednesday, June 12, 2013 in syndication. The original New York Times publication date is shown below.
Wednesday, May 8, 2013
by Bruce Venzke
The print version of this puzzle contains the following additional clue after the Across and Down clues: 

1 Annual message
Wed 5/8/2013
© 2013, The New York Times
1.Not square : HEP
4.Avoid responsibilities : SHIRK
9."A Passage to India" woman : ADELA
14.Wall St. rating : AAA
15.TV signal part : AUDIO
16.Boneheads : DODOS
17.N.B.A. or N.F.L. honor : MVP
18.Remembered Mom, in a way : SHIPPEDGIFT
20.Filters slowly : SEEPS
22.Auto financing letters : APR
23.Greek salad staple : FETA
24.Princess, e.g. : ROYAL
27.Noted literary pseudonym : ELIA
29.Mr. ___ (Peter Lorre film sleuth) : MOTO
31.Remembered Mom, in a way : MAILEDCARD
36.Zodiac symbol : SCORPION
38.Lamprey hunter : EELER
39.Hillbilly negative : NAW
40.Clears, as a drain : UNSTOPS
43.Hawaii's Mauna ___ : LOA
44.Dim with tears : BLEAR
46.Typical political talk : RHETORIC
48.Remembered Mom, in a way : CALLEDHOME
51.City SE of Honolulu : HILO
52.Princess who was captured by Jabba the Hutt : LEIA
53.Dashing Flynn : ERROL
55.Pieces in a Mideast armory : UZIS
58.Famous rescue vessel : ARK
60.___ manual : USERS
63.Remembered Mom, in a way : SENTFLOWERS
67.Bankbook abbr. : DEP
68.Chocolate base : CACAO
69.Employs soap and water : LAVES
70.Old Mideast alliance, for short : UAR
71.Motorist's problem : GLARE
72."Cheers" role : DIANE
73.Meddle : PRY
1.Certain radio enthusiasts : HAMS
2.Roof part : EAVE
3.It may be on a roll : PAPERTOWEL
4.Having an attitude : SASSY
5."Say that again?" : HUH
6.With 25-Down, 1979 exile : IDI
7."Hope & Faith" actress Kelly : RIPA
8.Ted once of ABC news : KOPPEL
9.Focusing problem, for short : ADD
10.G.I., in old slang : DOGFACE
11.Falco of "Nurse Jackie" : EDIE
12.Sleeping site, maybe : LOFT
13.Terrier in whodunits : ASTA
19.___ Stanley Gardner : ERLE
21.What "D" means : POOR
25.See 6-Down : AMIN
26.Ho Chi Minh Trail locale : LAOS
28.Words before a clarification : IDEST
29."The Rachel Maddow Show" carrier : MSNBC
30.Florida's ___ National Forest : OCALA
32.Emcee's delivery : INTRO
33.Extremely agitated : ALLRILEDUP
34.Lubricate again : REOIL
35.Harry Potter villain Malfoy : DRACO
37.Make a mush of : PUREE
41.Words of woe : OHME
42.___ of the realm : PEER
45.Like a blockbuster's cast, often : ALLSTAR
47.Cries of discovery : OHOS
49.Lifebuoy competitor : DIAL
50.Lloyd of the silents : HAROLD
54.Charlotte ___ (cream-filled dessert) : RUSSE
55.Law enforcers at sea: Abbr. : USCG
56.Enthusiasm : ZEAL
57.___ Empire (bygone domain) : INCA
59.Title river in 1957's Best Picture : KWAI
61.Sit on it : REAR
62.Not even close to creaky : SPRY
64.Opposition : FOE
65."Die Meistersinger" soprano : EVA
66.Cartoon Chihuahua : REN

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