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This puzzle appeared on Tuesday, June 11, 2013 in syndication. The original New York Times publication date is shown below.
Tuesday, May 7, 2013
by Jeff Chen
Tue 5/7/2013
© 2013, The New York Times
JimH notes: The print version of this puzzle has lines (representing chemical bonds) connecting the H-O-H squares instead of circles. See the PDF.
1.Scolding, nagging sort : HARPY
6.Hence : THUS
10.The opposition : THEM
14.John who wrote "Appointment in Samarra" : OHARA
15.Invitation sender : HOST
16.Vagrant : HOBO
17.See 40-/42-Across : WATERWATER
19.Key of Haydn's Symphony No. 12 or 29 : EMAJ
20.Refuse : SAYNO
21.Word after sports or training : BRA
22.Dummy : YOYO
23.Seven-time All-Star Sammy : SOSA
25.Cop's target : PERP
27.The "A" of B.A. : ARTS
31.Latvia neighbor: Abbr. : LITH
33.Contemporary of Gandhi : NEHRU
36.Hellmann's product, informally : MAYO
37.Urge strongly : EXHORT
39.Quaker cereal brand : OHS
40.With 42-Across, subject of the poem that contains the line 17-/65-Across : ANCIENT
42.See 40-Across : MARINER
44.N.E.A. concern : SCH
45.Depth charge, in slang : ASHCAN
47.Collecting a pension: Abbr. : RETD
48.Bakery and pharmacy : SHOPS
50.Story that goes on and on : SAGA
51.It is, in Ibiza : ESTA
52.Flutters, as eyelashes : BATS
54.Indecent : LEWD
56.Smart-mouthed : PERT
58.Down a sub, e.g. : EAT
60.One of the ABC islands : ARUBA
64.Eastern nurse : AMAH
65.See 40-/42-Across : EVERYWHERE
68.Texter's disclaimer : IMHO
69.Branch of engineering: Abbr. : MECH
70.Tribe with a lake named after it : HURON
71.Colors : DYES
72.Long hallway effect : ECHO
73."This looks bad!" : OHGOD
1.First word of "Blowin' in the Wind" : HOW
2.Cries of discovery : AHAS
3.Pro ___ : RATA
4.Mice, to cats : PREY
5.Elaborate stories : YARNS
6."___ Crossroads" (1996 Grammy-winning rap song) : THA
7.Relaxing conclusion to a long, hard day : HOTBATH
8.Manipulator : USER
9.Rein, e.g. : STRAP
10."And ___ off!" : THEYRE
11.Read and blew, for red and blue : HOMOPHONES
12.Fortune 500 company founded in 1995 : EBAY
13.Austin Powers's power : MOJO
18.Some winter garments : WOOLENS
24.Trivial Pursuit wedges, e.g. : SIXTHS
26.___'acte : ENTR
27.Gather over time : AMASS
28.Dressing choice : RANCH
29.Astronomer who coined the word "nova" : TYCHOBRAHE
30."___ hear" : SOI
32.Show of respect : HOMAGE
34.Butler of "Gone With the Wind" : RHETT
35.Nutritional fig. : USRDA
38.Fled : RANAWAY
41.Bridge position : EAST
43.Tick off : IRE
46.West Coast engineering institution, informally : CALTECH
49.Pity : PATHOS
53.Note accompanying an F, maybe : SEEME
55.BBC sci-fi show : DRWHO
56.Invoice stamp : PAID
57.Cousin of a Golden Globe : EMMY
59.With: Fr. : AVEC
61."Ain't gonna happen!" : UHUH
62.Arctic Ocean sighting : BERG
63.Suffix with buck : AROO
66.Sigma preceder : RHO
67.Conclusion : END

© 2017, Jim Horne