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This puzzle appeared on Monday, June 10, 2013 in syndication. The original New York Times publication date is shown below.
Monday, May 6, 2013
by Joel Fagliano
Mon 5/6/2013
© 2013, The New York Times
JimH notes: Five theme answers (three of them Across and two Down) start with the words A, E, I, O and U.
1.Big first for a baby : STEP
5.Orange tubers : YAMS
9.Woodworking tools : ADZES
14.Bistro : CAFE
15.The "U" of "Law & Order: SVU" : UNIT
16.Place for a watch : WRIST
17.Something smashed by Abraham, in Jewish tradition : IDOL
18.Viral phenomenon : MEME
19.New Hampshire's "Live Free or Die," e.g. : MOTTO
20.E. M. Forster novel : AROOMWITHAVIEW
23.Glimpse : ESPY
24.Pepsi ___, sugar-free cola : ONE
25.Sicilian secret society : MAFIA
27.Farming: Prefix : AGRO
30.Growth on old bread : MOLD
34.Part of the Justice Dept. that conducts raids : ATF
35.Peruse again : REREAD
37.Chips ___! (cookie brand) : AHOY
38."Count on me" : IWONTLETYOUDOWN
41.Challenge : DARE
42.Enclosed body of water on a tropical island : LAGOON
43.Harper ___, author of "To Kill a Mockingbird" : LEE
44.Mexican miss: Abbr. : SRTA
45.Fe, chemically : IRON
46.Bottomless void : ABYSS
48.General on a Chinese menu : TSO
50.Bridge : SPAN
51.Signature song for MC Hammer : UCANTTOUCHTHIS
58.Bulgaria's capital : SOFIA
59.Symbol in the center of a Scrabble board : STAR
60.Turkish title : AGHA
62.Yellowstone and Yosemite : PARKS
63.Limping, say : LAME
64.Breakfast chain, briefly : IHOP
65.Wade noisily : SLOSH
66."Now I get it" : OHOK
67.Call it a day : STOP
1.Biol. or chem. : SCI
2."Look what I did!" : TADA
3.Grade meaning "Maybe you failed, but at least you tried" : EFOREFFORT
4.Nancy of the House of Representatives : PELOSI
5.Scrumptious : YUMMY
6.All over again : ANEW
7."La Bohème" heroine : MIMI
8."Leave in," to a proofreader : STET
9."This is the worst!" : AWMAN
10.Sent up the wall : DROVEMAD
11.Penne alternative : ZITI
12.Villa d'___ : ESTE
13.Put in the overhead bin, say : STOW
21.Pictures that can make you dizzy : OPART
22.Jinx : HOODOO
25.Some motel employees : MAIDS
26.Fighting (with) : ATWAR
27.Toward the back : AREAR
28.Beginning, informally : GETGO
29.Synthetic silk : RAYON
31.Carol with the words "hear the angel voices" : OHOLYNIGHT
32.Home Depot rival : LOWES
33.Units of force : DYNES
36.Mama Cass : ELLIOT
39.Tidy types : NEATNIKS
40.Not fitting : UNAPT
47.Believers in the essential worth of all religions : BAHAIS
49.Secret supply : STASH
50.Film ogre voiced by Mike Myers : SHREK
51.Mail letters? : USPS
52.Unwanted stocking stuffer : COAL
53.Hairdo for Jimi Hendrix : AFRO
54.Norway's capital : OSLO
55.Great Salt Lake state : UTAH
56.Hunter's garb, for short : CAMO
57."Go on, git!" : SHOO
61.Words With Friends, e.g. : APP

© 2017, Jim Horne