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This puzzle appeared on Saturday, May 4, 2013 in syndication. The original New York Times publication date is shown below.
Saturday, March 30, 2013
by Gareth Bain
Sat 3/30/2013
© 2013, The New York Times
1.In-box material for some agents : SCRIPTS
8.Red, white and blue group : TEAMUSA
15.Stock pantomime character : PIERROT
16.Decorative server : SAMOVAR
17.Ahead : INSTORE
18.Wise words : PROVERB
19.Prefix with car : ECO
20.Boglike : MIRY
22.Puts one's foot down : TREADS
23.A cyclone is a big one : LOW
24.Wisconsin port : KENOSHA
26.Bad start? : MIS
27.Put to work : UTILIZED
32.Writer of the lines "Pigeons on the grass alas. / Pigeons on the grass alas" : STEIN
35."The Mikado" weapon : SNEE
36.Emperor who built the Domus Aurea : NERO
37.Gerontologist's study : THEAGINGPROCESS
40.You might hear a children's song in one : LILT
41.Some fairy story villains : HAGS
42.Dispatch : HASTE
43.Watching the big game, say : ONSAFARI
45.Army missions : OPS
46.Like Rome, it's said : ETERNAL
48.Blue, in a way: Abbr. : DEM
51.Defiant response : MAKEME
55.Skating spot, maybe : LAKE
56.Symbol of elasticity, in economics : ETA
57.Paper work : ORIGAMI
59.Server of food that may be steamed, fried or raw : CLAMBAR
61.Went in tandem? : PEDALED
62.Many are found on beaches : RESORTS
63.Gets down : SADDENS
64.Nonsense : EYEWASH
1.Door-to-door delivery : SPIEL
2.Important part of mayo : CINCO
3.Plant more crops in : RESOW
4.N.Y.C. line : IRT
5.Alpha senior? : PROMKING
6.One side in the Revolutionary War : TORIES
7.Serious : STERN
8.Common 31-Down: Abbr. : TSP
9.Saltier : EARTHIER
10.Neither good nor evil : AMORAL
11.Dance element : MOVE
12.Iris's location : UVEA
13.Orangish gem : SARD
14.Wall St. manipulators : ARBS
21.1968 #2 hit with the lyric "My love for you is way out of line" : YOUNGGIRL
25.Dance elements : STEPS
26.Mustang competitor : MIATA
28.Inti worshipers : INCAS
29.End of a dictionary : ZEES
30.At one time in the past? : ERST
31.Prescribed amount : DOSE
32.Town in '44 headlines : STLO
33.Gracile : THIN
34.Ones unable to swim straight? : EELS
35.Bag : SNARE
38."Kiss Me, Kate" song : IHATEMEN
39."Gimme a break!" : OHPLEASE
45.Annie once played by Ethel Merman : OAKLEY
47.Iridescent material : NACRE
48.Messing around on TV? : DEBRA
49.Members of les Nations Unies : ETATS
50.Reed section? : MARSH
51.Items in buckets : MOPS
52.Forte : AREA
53.Privateer who captained the Blessed William : KIDD
54.Quaint shout : EGAD
58.They may be checked at an airport : IDS
60.Part of a barn : MOW

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