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This puzzle appeared on Friday, April 5, 2013 in syndication. The original New York Times publication date is shown below.
Friday, March 1, 2013
by Doug Peterson and Brad Wilber
Fri 3/1/2013
© 2013, The New York Times
1.Game with the figures "soldier's bed" and "fish in a dish" : CATSCRADLE
11.Real-estate mogul Olenicoff : IGOR
15.Superpower with which Clark Kent shaves himself : HEATVISION
16.Boulevardier's accessory : CANE
17.Waffling : IRRESOLUTE
18.Fangorn Forest denizens : ENTS
19.Source of the line "Hope springs eternal ..." : POPE
20.Larder lineup : JARS
21.It moves along via a series of belts : FIGHT
22.Greg Evans comic strip : LUANN
24.Dental patient, often : RINSER
25.Daughter of Zeus and Leda : HELEN
28.Drum that might accompany a fife : TABOR
30.First carrier to offer regular in-flight movies, 1961 : TWA
31.Garment made of Gore-Tex, maybe : ANORAK
33.They're no longer tender in a typical trattoria : LIRE
34.Yellowfin, on some menus : AHI
35.Tangles with, in the country : RASSLES
37.Classic Chrysler : LEBARON
39.Lead characters in "Mork & Mindy"? : EMS
40.Impart : LEND
42.Coaching concern : MORALE
43.Tillis or Tormé : MEL
44.Place to moor : INLET
46.Full of adrenaline, informally : AMPED
47.West Point newcomers : PLEBES
49.Aids in marketing? : CARTS
51.O. Henry is known for one : AWARD
52.Baccarat cousin : FARO
53.Estrangement : RIFT
57.Zip : NADA
58.1971 film with the tagline "You don't assign him to murder cases. You just turn him loose." : DIRTYHARRY
60.Like shellfish : TREF
61.Regime change catalyst : PALACECOUP
62.Hard worker : SERF
63.Site near an outdoor recording session in "Help!" : STONEHENGE
1.Pot item : CHIP
2.Prefix with -stat : AERO
3.Pool protector : TARP
4.Six-time Lombardi Trophy winners : STEELERS
5.Rx chain : CVS
6.Spanish wine : RIOJA
7.Leaning : ASLANT
8.Like the snowy owl : DIURNAL
9.Very much : LOTS
10.Shanghai-to-Tokyo dir. : ENE
11.Block during a blizzard : ICEIN
12.Genre that glorifies gunplay : GANGSTARAP
13.Mostly : ONTHEWHOLE
14.Checked : RESTRAINED
21.Emergency oil rig visitor : FIREBOAT
23.Out of one's league? : UNALLIED
24."Whitman Cantata" composer : ROREM
25.Part of an iconic Eden outfit : HAREMPANTS
26.Durable kitchen items : ENAMELWARE
27.Low-priced item, maybe : LOSSLEADER
29.Cartoonist Keane : BIL
32.Ululates : KEENS
36.TV show that has spawned many movies, briefly : SNL
38.Cold war concern : ARMSRACE
41.Yvonne of "The Munsters" : DECARLO
45.Striped identifier : TARTAN
48.Zach ___, "Garden State" actor/director : BRAFF
50.Early automaker Frederick Henry ___ : ROYCE
52.Direction from on high : FIAT
54.Weights, colloquially : IRON
55."Hullabaloo" dance : FRUG
56.Bang out : TYPE
58.Fielding feats, for short : DPS
59.When repeated, a sneaky laugh : HEH

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