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This puzzle appeared on Tuesday, April 30, 2013 in syndication. The original New York Times publication date is shown below.
Tuesday, March 26, 2013
by Samuel A. Donaldson and Doug Peterson
Tue 3/26/2013
© 2013, The New York Times
JimH notes: The NYT published this correction on March 28: "The crossword puzzle on Tuesday provided an erroneous clue for 26-Across, seeking the answer 'Gee whiz.' The clue should have read, 'Wow, you're a regular expert at turning right!' not 'Wow, you're a regular expert at turning left!'" I have corrected it below.
1."Back in Black" band : ACDC
5.Biggest diamond? : ACE
8.Arnaz and Ball's production company : DESILU
14.Title Seuss character who speaks for trees : THELORAX
16.Prefaces : INTROS
17."Wow, he survived!" : MANALIVE
18.Walked with purpose : STRODE
19.Bowling unit : FRAME
20.AOL and Comcast : ISPS
22."Hulk" director Lee : ANG
23.Airline guess, for short : ETD
24.Depot: Abbr. : STN
26."Wow, you're a regular expert at turning right!" : GEEWHIZ
29.Jacob's twin : ESAU
31.Horrified : AGHAST
33.Yucatán year : ANO
34.Renée Zellweger's role in "Chicago" : ROXIE
36.Door swinger : HINGE
38."Wow, those reptiles have mad hops!" : LEAPINLIZARDS
42.Handed out cards : DEALT
43.April 1 gag : PRANK
44.Texter's expression of surprise : OMG
45.Shortly : INASEC
48.Succumbs to gravity : SAGS
52."Wow, look at that bovine idol!" : HOLYCOW
54.Triumphant shout : AHA
56.Half of a disapproving rebuke : TUT
57.Previously named : NEE
58.Ticked (off) : TEED
60.Long, disapproving look : GLARE
62.Jackson with two Best Actress Oscars : GLENDA
64."Wow, I'm standing next to Mr. Clooney himself!" : BYGEORGE
66.Bears legend Walter : PAYTON
67.Animal that's been run over : ROADKILL
68.Like palms on a first date, perhaps : SWEATY
69.Not safe, in baseball : OUT
70."Understood" : ISEE
1.Cost of getting some quick cash : ATMFEE
2.Maps : CHARTS
3.Response to "Gracias" : DENADA
4.Happy as a ___ : CLAM
5.Jackie's second husband : ARI
6.Relenting after a standoff : CAVINGIN
7.Old flames : EXES
8.Insults, informally : DISSES
9.Sinus doc : ENT
10.Scarecrow stuffing : STRAW
11.Strong control : IRONHAND
12.Accommodations for travelers : LODGINGS
13.Employ : USE
15.Bullfight cries : OLES
21.Ryder Cup org. : PGA
25.Move from gate to runway : TAXI
27.Patriot Allen : ETHAN
28.Actress Saldana of "Avatar" : ZOE
30.Russia's ___ Mountains : URAL
32.Lends a hand : HELPS
35.Vision-related : OPTIC
37.Peeves : IRKS
38.Car buyer's protection : LEMONLAW
39.Asset of a good proofreader : EAGLEEYE
40."Understood" : IREADYOU
41.Comic actor Galifianakis : ZACH
42.Homer Simpson's exclamation : DOH
46.Zero : NOTANY
47.Dazzle : AWE
49.Classic video game consoles : ATARIS
50.Sound of draining water : GURGLE
51."Remington ___" : STEELE
53.Gossipy sort : YENTA
55.Like some wines and cheeses : AGED
59.Iberian Peninsula river : EBRO
61.Thor's archenemy in comics : LOKI
62.Satellite-based navigation aid, for short : GPS
63.One of three in an ellipsis : DOT
65.Gangster's gun : GAT

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