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This puzzle appeared on Sunday, April 28, 2013 in syndication. The original New York Times publication date is shown below.
Sunday, April 21, 2013
by Jonah Kagan
Sun 4/21/2013FRONT FLIPS
© 2013, The New York Times
1.Solar panel spots, sometimes : ROOFS
6.Coolidge's vice president : DAWES
11.Hollywood hrs. : PST
14.Grammar concern : USAGE
19."The Good, the Bad and the Ugly" composer Morricone : ENNIO
20.Dramatic response to "Who's there?" : ITISI
21.Neighboring bunkers? : ROOMMATES
23.Biting : ACERB
24.Tammany Hall corruption, e.g.? : EVILFROMNEWYORK
26.Patisserie offerings : DESSERTS
28.Sunflower State capital : TOPEKA
29.Starting stake : ANTE
30.Bona fide : TRUE
31.Poetic pause : CAESURA
33.Sign that means "Do not disturb" : ONAIR
34.Try to see what you're getting for Christmas? : PEEKUNDERWRAPS
38.Something a model should be in : STYLE
39.Up, as an anchor : ATRIP
40.Piazza parts? : ZEES
41.Way to go : GAIT
42.What much can follow : INAS
43.Is in the works : BREWS
45.Academy for criminals? : PERPSCHOOL
51.Journey from the nest to the kitchen, say? : RATSTREK
53."Arrested Development" character F√ľnke : TOBIAS
54."Harry Potter" librarian Pince : IRMA
55.Itty-bitty battery : AAA
56.Cactus features : SPINES
58.Had an appetite : YENNED
60.Take in or take on : ADOPT
64.Hidden drug habit, maybe? : POTSECRET
67.Torture : AGONY
68.Accidentally reveal : BETRAY
70.Psychologist Jean known for his theory of cognitive development : PIAGET
71.Laugh syllable : HAR
73.Prefix with -plasm : ECTO
74.Pitchers to publishers : AGENTS
76.Drink greedily? : GULPITIN
81.Playground apparatus of the Apocalypse? : DOOMSWINGS
83.Game for players with steady hands : JENGA
85.___ deck (part of a cruise ship) : LIDO
86.Plasma constituents : IONS
87.Vibe : AURA
88.Cooler, to LL Cool J : ILLER
89.Comes to : COSTS
91.Be a lenient judge? : DIALDOWNTHELAW
96.Hayride seats : BALES
97.Some tennis play : SINGLES
98.All that and ___ of chips : ABAG
99.Top Qatari : EMIR
100.Lifeguard's act : RESCUE
101.It might be right under your nose : MUSTACHE
105.Maligned merchandise? : REVILEDTHEGOODS
109.Cartoon boy with an antenna on his cap : ELROY
110.Lover of Lancelot : GUINEVERE
111.Actor Hirsch of "Speed Racer" : EMILE
112."Victory is yours" : ILOSE
113.Wolfgang Puck restaurant : SPAGO
114.Part of a reactor : ROD
115.One of the Ephrons : DELIA
116.Like some blood and articles : TYPED
1.Librarian's urging : READ
2."When I was young ..." : ONCE
3.A lot of binary code : ONES
4.Memorable romantic moment : FIRSTKISS
5.Regain clarity, say : SOBERUP
6.Got rid of the waist? : DIETED
7.Relatives of dune buggies, for short : ATVS
8.Something to connect to a TV : WII
9.U.S. alien's subj. : ESL
10.They're shaken in kitchens : SIFTERS
11.Support : PROPUP
12.Actress Suzanne : SOMERS
13.Hasbro brand : TONKA
14.Affiliate of the A.F.L.-C.I.O. : UMW
15.1989 John Cusack romantic comedy : SAYANYTHING
16.Like some noise music : ATONAL
17."___ the Dinosaur" (pioneering cartoon short) : GERTIE
18.Gravelly ridge : ESKER
22.___ culpa : MEA
25.Sub ___ : ROSA
27.Series : RUN
31.Captain's command : CREW
32.Stupefies : AWES
33.Ear-related : OTIC
34.Two threes, for one : PAIR
35.Site of Cyclops' smithy : ETNA
36."It was," in Latin : ERAT
37.O.T. book : EZEK
38.Pert : SASSY
41.No. between 0 and 4 : GPA
43.Support provider : BRA
44.Gather : REAP
45.Puerto Rican city that shares its name with an explorer : PONCE
46."Awake in the Dark" writer : EBERT
47.Increase : RISE
48.Yes ___ : ORNO
49.You might see one in an eclipse : OMEN
50.Margaret Thatcher, e.g. : LADY
52."Catch ya later!" : TATA
53.Supermodel Cheryl : TIEGS
56.Police setup : STING
57.Exams for would-be Natl. Merit Scholars : PSATS
59.Family name in the Old West : EARP
60.Undercover? : ABED
61.Some '30s design : DECO
62.Good name for a car mechanic? : OTTO
63.Commitment signifier : PROMISERING
65.Amenable (to) : OPEN
66.Tough : THUG
69.Reflexes said to be contagious : YAWNS
72.Like : ALA
75.They're not vets yet : GIS
76.Bother, with "at" : GNAW
77.Under the table, maybe : ILLEGALLY
78.Work the land : TILL
79."What's the big ___?" : IDEA
80.Land on the Arctic Cir. : NORW
82.Dipsos : SOTS
83.Title fellow in a Beatles song : JUDE
84.Figure with arrows : EROS
87.Supposed : ALLEGED
88."Eww, no!" : IHATEIT
89.Was mentioned : CAMEUP
90.Lover of Cesario in "Twelfth Night" : OLIVIA
91.Set of software components packaged for release, briefly : DISTRO
92.Moved like a caterpillar : INCHED
93.Possible flu symptom : AGUE
94.Possible flu symptom : NAUSEA
95."Conan" channel : TBS
96.Arctic Circle sights : BERGS
97.Annual dinner : SEDER
100.Excite, with "up" : REV
101.Roman 1551 : MDLI
102.Wheat or corn : CROP
103.It might fill a kiddie pool : HOSE
104.Carefully saw? : EYED
106.Rex of the jungle : LEO
107.Kipling's "Follow Me ___" : OME
108.It can be refined : OIL

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