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This puzzle appeared on Wednesday, April 24, 2013 in syndication. The original New York Times publication date is shown below.
Wednesday, March 20, 2013
by Raymond C. Young
Wed 3/20/2013
© 2013, The New York Times
JimH notes: This is the first crossword to squeeze a quadruple-pangram into a standard 15x15 grid. Peter Wentz included four of each letter in 2010 but needed 16 columns. Click the Analyze button below and marvel at the letter distribution.
1.Leave at the altar : JILT
5."___ Stop the Rain" (1970 hit) : WHOLL
10."II" movies: Abbr. : SEQS
14."Whoops!" : OHOH
15.Ganja smoker : RASTA
16.Arthur Ashe Kids' Day org. : USTA
17.Canseco who wrote "Juiced" : JOSE
18.Sweepstakes mail-in : ENTRY
19.Twix units : BARS
20.Paper view? : OPEDPAGE
22.Step on, as a bug : SQUISH
24.Fun house cries : EEKS
25.Minimum number of times each letter of the alphabet appears in this puzzle's solution : FOUR
26.Tequila sources : AGAVES
29.Upside-down-sleeping mammal : CAVEBAT
32.Candlelight event, perhaps : VIGIL
33.Softens, as tone : MUTES
34.Hard-to-comb hair : MOP
36.Dove soap shape : OVAL
37.Bandleader Kay : KYSER
38.Foreign Legion hat : KEPI
39.Pince-___ : NEZ
40.Harsh cries : YAWPS
41.Add to a film, as music : DUBIN
42.Women with esposos : SENORAS
44.Lee Ann who sang "I Hope You Dance" : WOMACK
45.Likely to break out into fighting : UGLY
46.Half of dix : CINQ
47.Rihanna's record label : DEFJAM
50.Yellow blooms : JONQUILS
54.Sch. that publishes the Daily Bruin : UCLA
55.Draw ___ on (aim at) : ABEAD
57.Having a tiff : ATIT
58.Looney Tunes animator ___ Freleng : FRIZ
59.Way to get from point A to point B : ROUTE
60.Tea brand owned by Starbucks : TAZO
61.Mess around (with) : FUTZ
62.Super Bowl played in 2005 : XXXIX
63.Picnic side dish : SLAW
1.Skater Starbuck : JOJO
2.Breakfast restaurant chain : IHOP
3.Mislay : LOSE
4.One to speak of? : THEDEVIL
5.Creates, as havoc : WREAKS
6.Pends : HANGS
7.Bone: Prefix : OSTE
8.Printer tray size: Abbr. : LTR
9.Stops for a while in the course of a journey : LAYSOVER
10.Many a commuter's home : SUBURB
11.Morales of "Jericho" : ESAI
12.N.F.L. divs. : QTRS
13.Cummerbund, e.g. : SASH
21.Banana waste : PEEL
23."Jeopardy!" response: Abbr. : QUES
25.Clotho and sisters : FATES
26.___ lady (doorbell ringer) : AVON
27."What ___?" : GIVES
28.Goggle-eyed : AGAZE
29.Zodiac borders : CUSPS
30.Amorphous creature : AMEBA
31.Debate basis : TOPIC
33.Sinatra standard : MYWAY
35.Birth announcement color : PINK
37.He wrote "Capital is dead labor" : KARLMARX
38.Orange fruits : KUMQUATS
40.Posture-improving exercises : YOGA
41.Rum named for a Spanish literary hero : DONQ
43.Genre pioneered by Miles Davis : NUJAZZ
44.Popular glass cleaner : WINDEX
46.Cousin of a raccoon : COATI
47.Keister : DUFF
48.Pantyhose shade : ECRU
49.Move like a hummingbird : FLIT
50.___ d'esprit (witticisms) : JEUX
51.Slanty type: Abbr. : ITAL
52.Co-star of Joel in "Cabaret" : LIZA
53.Pack in the overhead bin, say : STOW
56.Be a pugilist : BOX

© 2017, Jim Horne