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This puzzle appeared on Monday, March 4, 2013 in syndication. The original New York Times publication date is shown below.
Monday, January 28, 2013
by Jaime Hutchison and Victor Fleming
Mon 1/28/2013
© 2013, The New York Times
1.Little prankster : IMP
4.Does nothing : IDLES
9.Tots' fathers : DADAS
14.Neither's partner : NOR
15.TV host Gibbons : LEEZA
16.Go off like a volcano : ERUPT
17.Info on a dashboard gauge : FUELLEVEL
19.Countryside: Sp. : CAMPO
20.Within: Prefix : ENTO
21."I, the Jury" detective : MIKEHAMMER
23.Big name in art glass : STEUBEN
25.Comic Caesar : SID
26.Thanksgiving side dish : YAM
27.In layers : TIERED
28.Read leisurely : PERUSE
30.French legislature : SENAT
31.Tiny misstep : SLIP
34.Newspaper opinion piece : OPED
35.Common put-down that hints at the ends of 17-, 21-, 53- and 58-Across : WHATATOOL
38.Asia's shrunken ___ Sea : ARAL
41.Fill-ins, informally : SUBS
42.British fellow : BLOKE
46.Divulges : LETSON
48.PC lookalikes, e.g. : CLONES
49.Pres. Lincoln : ABE
50.Pop singer Carly ___ Jepsen : RAE
52."Aha!" : IHAVEIT
53.Flier made from a do-it-yourself kit : MODELPLANE
56.Fashion magazine with a French name : ELLE
57.Rust, for example : OXIDE
58.Safety exercise prompted by an alarm : FIREDRILL
60.Laura and Bruce of the silver screen : DERNS
61.That is: Lat. : IDEST
62.Cambodia's Lon ___ : NOL
63.These, to Conchita : ESTAS
64.When repeated, identifies people : NAMES
65.Before, to a bard : ERE
1.Overruns as pests might : INFESTS
2.Canadian police officer : MOUNTIE
3.In the sixth grade or earlier, typically : PRETEEN
4.Sick : ILL
5.Judged : DEEMED
6."Deathtrap" playwright Ira : LEVIN
7.Book before Daniel: Abbr. : EZEK
8.Counterpart of purchases : SALES
9.2010s, e.g. : DECADE
10.Biblical name for Syria : ARAM
11.Produce, as page layouts for a printer : DUMMYUP
12.Mollify : APPEASE
13.Attacked en masse : STORMED
18.Singer with the #1 R&B hit "You'll Never Find Another Love Like Mine" : LOURAWLS
22.Zoo heavyweight, for short : HIPPO
24.Top 10 Kiss hit with backing by the New York Philharmonic : BETH
29.Dog command : ROLLOVER
31.Springfield resident Disco ___ : STU
32.Experiment site : LAB
33.With 36-Down, "Easy!" : ITS
36.See 33-Down : ASNAP
37.Lead-in to "di" or "da" in a Beatles song : OBLA
38.With ice cream : ALAMODE
39.Packs again for shipping : REBOXES
40.Suffered humiliation : ATEDIRT
43.Length of a pithy joke : ONELINE
44.Garrison of "A Prairie Home Companion" : KEILLOR
45.Actress Getty of "The Golden Girls" : ESTELLE
47.Discount price phrase : ORLESS
48.Edam or Brie : CHEESE
51.Leprechaunlike : ELFIN
52.Against property, to a judge : INREM
54.Poet ___ St. Vincent Millay : EDNA
55.Opera with a slave girl : AIDA
59.Drunk's woe, informally : DTS

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