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This puzzle appeared on Friday, March 29, 2013 in syndication. The original New York Times publication date is shown below.
Friday, February 22, 2013
by Martin Ashwood-Smith
Fri 2/22/2013
© 2013, The New York Times
1.B.M.O.C., typically : JOCK
5.Aids in keeping up with the daily grind? : DISPOSALS
14.Biblical figure believed to be buried near Basra : EZRA
15.Yucca named by Mormon settlers : JOSHUATREE
16.Handel work featuring David : SAUL
17.Poorly educated : UNLETTERED
18.Pleasant surprise for a buyer : SWEETDEAL
20.Cretan peak : MTIDA
21.Have chops, say : EAT
22.Its purpose is in sight : EYE
23.Papuan port : LAE
25.Phishing string: Abbr. : SSN
26.Lee in Hollywood : ANG
27.One of Steinbeck's twins : CAL
29.Coiner of the phrase "global village" : MARSHALLMCLUHAN
38.Group that might perform 16-Across : ORATORIOSOCIETY
39.Indians may participate in it : MAJORLEAGUEGAME
40.Frequent American flier? : STARSANDSTRIPES
41.Hill person: Abbr. : SEN
42.Pros in power: Abbr. : EES
43.Texting qualifier : IMO
46.W. Coast setting, more often than not : PDT
48.Now, in Italy : ORA
49."Live at the Apollo" airer : BBC
52.Key name : LARGO
54.All-day sucker? : APRILFOOL
57.He played Casey Kelso on "That '70s Show" : LUKEWILSON
59.Linchpin locale : AXLE
60.Fading out : EVANESCING
61.Sixth in a series : ZETA
62."Tin Cup" co-star : RENERUSSO
63.Aforetime : ERST
1.General Reno for whom Reno, Nev., is named : JESSE
2.1994 Emmy winner for "Dvorák in Prague" : OZAWA
3.Oil vessel : CRUET
4.Moola : KALE
5.Gifted person? : DONEE
6.Creta, e.g. : ISLA
7.Beach house? : SHELL
8.Apply : PUT
9.Quaker offering : OATMEALCEREAL
10.Keep in order? : STET
11."Mrs." in a Paul Gallico novel title : ARRIS
12.City called "Knightsbridge of the North" : LEEDS
13.Auto suggestion? : SEDAN
15."Judgment at Nuremberg" Oscar nominee : JUDYGARLAND
19.Like some outboard motors : TENHORSEPOWER
24.Getting in gear : ACCOUTERING
26.Noted Titanic couple : ASTORS
28.Nintendo's ___ Mansion : LUIGIS
29.Delivery people? : MOMS
30."How now! ___?": Hamlet : ARAT
31.Delhi cheese? : RAJA
32.It may be on the house : LIEN
33.Bridge designer's concern : LOAD
34.E-mail, e.g.: Abbr. : MSGS
35.Mountain : HEAP
36."Look ___ now" : ATME
37.Bill ___ Climate Lab (Oakland science exhibit) : NYES
43.Cooler, in the 'hood : ILLER
44.Violet relative : MAUVE
45.Like Mork : ORKAN
47.Puts soft rock on? : TALCS
48.Black Bears' home : ORONO
49.Lord of the ring? : BOXER
50.They get nuts : BOLTS
51.Grip improver : CLEAT
53.Characteristic dictator : GENE
55.Electric flux symbols : PSIS
56.Throw for a loop : FAZE
58.Cyclones' sch. : ISU

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