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This puzzle appeared on Wednesday, March 27, 2013 in syndication. The original New York Times publication date is shown below.
Wednesday, February 20, 2013
by John Farmer
The answer to each italicized clue is a compound word or a familiar two-word phrase. A certain four-letter word (spelled out clockwise by the circled squares) can follow the first half and precede the second half of each of these answers, in each case to complete another compound word or familiar two-word phrase.
Wed 2/20/2013
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1.Balkan land : BOSNIA
7.Semi compartment : CAB
10.Former Chevy subcompact : AVEO
14.Countenance : ASPECT
15.Burmese P.M. : UNU
16.Classico rival : RAGU
17.Approval indicators : CHECKMARKS
19.Calendario spans : ANOS
20.Sharp-eyed sort : HAWK
23.Greenish shade : TEAL
26.Legion : HOST
27."Public Enemies" officer : FBIAGENT
31.Repeated cry in the Ramones' "Blitzkrieg Bop" : HEYHO
34."Honor Thy Father" author : TALESE
35.Shape of the Aleutian Islands, on a map : ARC
37.Miles away : AFAR
38.Tulsa sch. : ORU
39.December 31 : YEAREND
42.H.I.V. drug : AZT
43.Old : AGED
45.Capital of 58-Down, briefly : SLC
46.Some navels : OUTIES
48.Places for judokas : DOJOS
50.Mail that isn't opened : POSTCARD
52.H-dos-O? : AGUA
54.Striking part : PEEN
55.What a "forever" stamp lacks : FACEVALUE
59.2007-08 N.B.A. M.V.P., to fans : KOBE
63."___ Dinka Doo" : INKA
64.Union supporter? : MATCHMAKER
67.Manhattanite, e.g., informally : NYER
68.Figure who works with figures, for short : CPA
69.On : AIRING
70.Kit ___ (candy bars) : KATS
71.City ESE of the 10-Down : OSH
72.Managed : MADEDO
1.Bond girl Barbara : BACH
2.Watchdog org. : OSHA
3.Expel forcibly : SPEW
4.Accessory for Annie Hall : NECKTIE
5.___ factor : ICK
6.$$$ source : ATM
7.Make waves? : CURL
8.1950s heartthrob Paul : ANKA
9.___ Gardens : BUSCH
10.Kazakh border lake : ARALSEA
11.Magazine with an annual Hollywood issue : VANITYFAIR
12.Inflated things? : EGOS
13.Boot : OUST
18.Competent : ABLE
22.___-i-noor diamond : KOH
24."No sweat" : EASY
25.Arthur and his family in "Hoop Dreams" : AGEES
27.Coen brothers film : FARGO
28.Sailor : BLUEJACKET
29.Deal breaker? : NARCO
30.Number of colors on the Italian flag : TRE
32.Tormented, as pledges : HAZED
33.Scraps : ORTS
34.Lowly sort : TOAD
36.Big bill : CNOTE
40.Jungfrau, e.g. : ALP
41.Il ___ : DUCE
44.Place savers of a sort : DOGEARS
47.Ale vessel : TANKARD
49.Santa Fe or Tucson, in brief : SUV
51.Short detail? : SPEC
53.Car repair chain : AAMCO
55.Informer : FINK
56.Author Seton : ANYA
57.Sitting spots on Santas : LAPS
58.See 45-Across : UTAH
60.Steinbeck character : OKIE
61.Distort, as the truth : BEND
62."In which case ..." : ERGO
65.It often gets cured : HAM
66.Wartime stat : MIA

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