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This puzzle appeared on Sunday, March 24, 2013 in syndication. The original New York Times publication date is shown below.
Sunday, March 17, 2013
by J. R. Leopold
Sun 3/17/2013ANY PUN FOR TENNIS?
© 2013, The New York Times
1.Polite response to "Thank you" : NOTATALL
9.Classic verse that begins "Ah, broken is the golden bowl!" : LENORE
15.Kafka or Liszt : FRANZ
20.Written justification : APOLOGIA
21.Part of a doubleheader : OPENER
22.Esther of "Good Times" : ROLLE
23.Tennis clinic focusing on drop shot skills? : NETWORKINGEVENT
25.More competent : ABLER
26.Haunted house sound : CREAK
27."It's a Wonderful Life" cabdriver : ERNIE
28.Meter reader? : POET
30.Architect Saarinen : EERO
31."Don't get all worked up!" : EASY
32.Young actor Smith : JADEN
33.Cutter : SAW
34.Churchill, e.g. : TORY
36.Pigs : SLOBS
38.Coaches who help you use your wrist in shots? : SPINDOCTORS
42.Ed.'s pile : MSS
45.Spiny ___ : EEL
46.Fleece : SHEAR
48.Chooses not to participate : OPTSOUT
49.Tennis players who clown around? : COURTJESTERS
52."One can only ___ much" : DOSO
53.BlackBerry, e.g., in brief : PDA
54.Having freedom of tempo : RUBATO
55.Illumination unit : LUX
56.Year that "Shrek" and "A Beautiful Mind" came out : MMI
58.Putter (along) : MOSEY
60."The fix ___" : ISIN
61."Haven't the foggiest" : NOIDEA
64.Photo developing compound : AMIDOL
67."For a righty, you hit the ball pretty well on your left side," and others? : BACKHANDEDCOMPLIMENTS
73.Allay : LESSEN
74.Destroy : UNMAKE
75.In ___ form : RARE
76.Source of the line "They have sown the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind" : HOSEA
79.Part of R.R.: Abbr. : RTE
81."___ in cat" : CAS
82.You might set one out for a cat : SAUCER
84.Due follower : TRE
85.Part of R.S.V.P. : VOUS
88.Line judge's mission? : FAULTFINDING
91.Commercial law firm specialty : MERGERS
93.Canadian natives : CREES
94.Mastery : ART
95."Alexander's Feast," e.g. : ODE
96."Nothing" and "aught"? : LOVEHANDLES
98.Part of R.S.V.P. : PLAIT
100.Captain Hook's alma mater : ETON
101.Ready follower? : AIM
102.Bit of voodoo : CURSE
104.Tech release of 2010 : IPAD
108.Mex. miss : SRTA
110.Of two minds : TORN
112.Author of a 1719 literary sensation : DEFOE
113.Transamerica Pyramid feature : SPIRE
114.Planchette holder : OUIJA
116.Luke Skywalker's volley? : RETURNOFTHEJEDI
119.Hit single-player game of the 1980s : SIMON
120.Goes over the top, in a way : EMOTES
121.Does again : ITERATES
122.It falls between 3760 and 3761 on the Jewish calendar : ONEBC
123.Housekeeping : MENAGE
124.Broad-minded : TOLERANT
1.Vice president John ___ Garner : NANCE
2.Setting for a 1935 Marx Brothers comedy : OPERA
3.Public radio offerings : TOTES
4.Ever : ALWAYS
5.Swiped : TOOK
6.Cabinet dept. : AGR
7.Pleasant : LIKEABLE
8.Scottish landowners : LAIRDS
9.Modern kind of name : LOGIN
10.Lightish blade : EPEE
11.Home of the Shoshone Mtns. : NEV
12.It's higher than an ace : ONEPAIR
13.Celebrity : RENOWN
14.Art Deco master : ERTE
15.Monk's title : FRA
16.Barbie's last name : ROBERTS
17.Mistakenly hitting into the doubles area during a singles match? : ALLEYOOPS
18.Pirate, e.g., for short : NLER
19.One goes after it : ZERO
24.Biloxi-to-Birmingham dir. : NNE
29.Sporty car features : TTOPS
32.Middle brother in a 2000s pop trio : JOEJONAS
33.Jerk : SPASM
35.Epithet for Nadya Suleman : OCTOMOM
37.Riga resident : LETT
38.Spanish irregular verb : SER
39.Ski-___ : DOO
40.Like some awakenings : RUDE
41.Neither raise nor fold : STAY
42.Sloppy fast-food sandwich : MCRIB
43."Semper Fidelis" composer : SOUSA
44.___ Bay, former U.S. base in the Philippines : SUBIC
46.Eliza Doolittle, for one : STUDENT
47.Subjected to voodoo : HEXED
50.Vex : RANKLE
51.White Castle offerings : SLIDERS
52.Barely remembered days of old : DIMPAST
57.Zoo department : MAMMALS
59.Batting champ John : OLERUD
62.Turn-___ : ONS
63.Start to puncture? : ACU
65.Kind : ILK
66.Part of a requiem Mass : DIESIRAE
68.Anchor-hoisting cry : HEAVEHO
69.As expected : ONCUE
70."Singin' in the Rain" composer ___ Herb Brown : NACIO
71.Way things are going : TREND
72.Durable fabric : SERGE
76.Abbr. after a period : HTML
77.Crumbly snack : OREO
78.Start of a tennis game? : SERVETIME
80.Either Zimbalist : EFREM
83.Con : ANTI
86.Praying figure : ORANT
87."Top Gun" org. : USN
89.D.D.E. opponent : AES
90.Frankie Valli sang in it : FALSETTO
92.1958 hit with the line "Yip yip yip yip yip yip yip yip" : GETAJOB
93.Jefferson's vice president : CLINTON
97.Response to "I bet you won't" : DAREME
98.It can be gross : PROFIT
99.Container on a counter, maybe : TIPJAR
102.Perfume : CENSE
103.Mysterious blip : UFO
105.Michelangelo masterpiece : PIETA
106.Eve of old TV : ARDEN
107.One who does not believe in miracles : DEIST
108.Not bad : SOSO
109.Destroy : RUIN
111.City near Provo : OREM
112.Bit of residue : DREG
113.Dry : SERE
115.Mandela's org. : ANC
117.Three-time Tony winner Hagen : UTA
118.Daughter of Loki : HEL

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