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This puzzle appeared on Thursday, February 28, 2013 in syndication. The original New York Times publication date is shown below.
Thursday, January 24, 2013
by Michael Shteyman
Thu 1/24/2013
© 2013, The New York Times
1.Chiquita import : BANANAS
8.Sailor's heavy jacket : PEACOAT
15.1968 to the present, in tennis : OPENERA
16.Gathers on the surface, as a layer of molecules : ADSORBS
17.Small image displayed in a browser's address bar : FAVICON
18.Quick break : PITSTOP
19.Subject of a 2010 biography subtitled "The Voice" : FRANKSINATRA
21.Marie Antoinette's loss : TETE
22.Title boy in a Humperdinck opera : HANSEL
26.Forearm bones : RADII
30.Word before and after "yeah" : YOU
32."Whoa, baby!" : YOWZA
33.It may have one or two sides : ENTREE
35.Part of a baby's daily schedule : NAP
37.Port ___ : SAID
38.City that's home to three Unesco World Heritage Sites : AGRA
39.Tabloid TV show co-hosted by Mario Lopez : EXTRA
41.Atomic : TINY
42."Broccoli again?," e.g. : MOAN
43.Tale : LIE
44.Put on guard : WARNED
46.Hollywood's Roberts and others : ERICS
48.Part of P.S.T.: Abbr. : STD
50.Several "Boris Godunov" parts : BASSI
51.Lapsed : RANOUT
53.Back : REAR
55.Compact since 1982 : NISSANSENTRA
61.Bordering state : ABUTTAL
64.Two : APAIROF
65.Line of Porsches whose name is Spanish for "race" : CARRERA
66.Decorative melody added above a simple musical theme : DESCANT
67.With 47-Down, popular hotel chain : EMBASSY
68.Goddess with a golden chariot : ARTEMIS
1.Sockeroo : BOFF
2.On ___ with : APAR
3.Gulf of Finland feeder : NEVA
4.Have ___ with : ANIN
5.Unimaginative gift, maybe : NECKTIE
6.Sprang : AROSE
7."Madness put to good uses," per George Santayana : SANITY
8.Nickname for Haydn : PAPA
9.First lady of the 1910s : EDITH
10.Off course : ASTRAY
11.Dangerous family : COSANOSTRA
12.Meal morsel : ORT
13.Type letters : ABO
14.Medicine amt. : TSP
20.Colorful fish : NEONTETRA
23.Country lads : SWAINS
24.Newsweek and others : EZINES
25.She was on the cover of back-to-back issues of Time in September 1997 : LADYDI
26.Metalworker's tool : REAMER
27.Sweater material : ANGORA
28.It stops at Manhattan's Washington Square and Rockefeller Center : DTRAIN
29.Affair of the 1980s : IRANCONTRA
31.Bygone political inits. : UAR
34.Sushi fish : EEL
36.Part of the Iams logo : PAW
40.Fraternity letters : XIS
45.Side by side : ABREAST
47.See 67-Across : SUITES
49."You're welcome, amigo" : DENADA
52.Line that ended in 1917 : TSARS
54.Consistent with : ASPER
56.Leave rolling in the aisles : SLAY
57."Good job!" : NICE
58.Ride in London : TRAM
59.Rice-A-___ : RONI
60.Talk show times: Abbr. : AFTS
61.Pal : ACE
62."Kapow!" : BAM
63.City community, informally : URB

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