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This puzzle appeared on Sunday, February 24, 2013 in syndication. The original New York Times publication date is shown below.
Sunday, February 17, 2013
by Ian Livengood and J.A.S.A. Crossword Class
Sun 2/17/2013MARK MY WORDS
© 2013, The New York Times
JimH notes: Compare with this 1998 grid by Robert H. Wolfe. It even has the same central answer, only running vertically. The puzzle here differs in that, for the Down answers, the punctuation marks must be spelled out.

FROST/NIXON was the answer to one of my favorite recent clues: Slashed picture of 2008?
1.Summation symbol in math : SIGMA
6.Baseball team's leading hitter : BIGBAT
12.Gotham police procedural : CSI:NY
18."Your ___ ..." : HONOR
19.Body of water on the Uzbek border : ARALSEA
21.Post-1968 tennis : OPENERA
22.Silly : INANE
23.Magic, once : LALAKER
24.Rear guard? : MUDFLAP
25.CVS competitor : RITEAID
27.What a faker may put on : ACT
28.Gotham-bound luggage letters : LGA
30.Estuary, e.g. : ARM
31.Like a walk in the park : EASY
32.Group with the monster 1994 album "Monster" : REM
34.Like the dish kimchi : KOREAN
36.Followers of 1-Acrosses : TAUS
38."Aida" figure : PHARAOH
41.Preserve, as fodder : ENSILE
43.It's good for what ails you : SPA
45.Cool people : THEIN-CROWD
48.Sugar suffix : OSE
49.What a raised hand may signal : STOP
50.Nuts : LOONS
51.Show tune with the lyric "Here am I, your special island" : BALIHAI
53.Cosine reciprocal : SECANT
55.1960s-'70s drama set in San Francisco : IRONSIDE
58.Allow : ENABLE
60.Egg choice : LARGE
61.Go up against : DEFY
62.Heart : PITH
64.Bitmap image : GIF
65.Thor's domain : THUNDER
67.1968 movie directed by Paul Newman : RACHEL,RACHEL
70.Forerun : PRECEDE
74.Chaney of "Of Mice and Men" : LON
75.Beast that killed Adonis : BOAR
76.Way off : AFAR
80.Actor Quinn : AIDAN
81."Heavens to Betsy!" : YEGODS
84.What many op art designs appear to do : UNDULATE
86.Fictional Indiana town where "Parks and Recreation" is set : PAWNEE
88.Upside-down container : CAKEPAN
90.Space effect, for short : ZEROG
91.Word from Hamlet while holding a skull : ALAS
92.Pince-___ : NEZ
94.Tony-nominated play made into an Oscar-nominated movie : FROST/NIXON
97.Paper size: Abbr. : LTR
98.Dance in 3/4 time : BOLERO
100.China and environs : THEEAST
101.It might come out in the wash : ODOR
103.Lacking scruples : AMORAL
105.B&O and others : RRS
106.Silent interval : REST
110.1945 Pacific battle site, informally : IWO
111.Catch : NAB
112.Abe : FIN
114.Relatively inexpensive wrap : FAKEFUR
116.Had a senior moment : BLANKED
119.Work from a folder : ORIGAMI
122.Island SW of Majorca : IBIZA
123.Some paneling : VENEERS
124.Old North State native : TARHEEL
125.Piece of the past : RELIC
126.Co-founder of Death Row Records : DR.DRE
127.Some ocean debris : JETSAM
128.Pastime for Barack Obama at Camp David : SKEET
1.English division : SHIRE
2.Coastal Anatolian region : IONIA
3.Barbecue annoyances : GNATS
4.Miss at the movies? : MONEYPENNY
5.Region : AREA
6.Twaddle : BALDERDASH
7.Tax law subj. : IRA
8.Big do : GALA
9.There's no escaping this : BLACKHOLE
10.Request that one attend : ASKTO
11.Certain joint : TEE
12.Apple core, briefly : CPU
13.Unruffled : SEDATE
14.Prefix with red : INFRA
15.One of the usual suspects? : COLONELMUSTARD
16.Org. with an eagle in its logo : NRA
17.Piehole : YAP
20."Blues in the Night" composer Harold : ARLEN
21.Certain sultan's subjects : OMANIS
26.Country with a supreme leader : IRAN
29.Petroleum distillate : GASOIL
33.Source of the line "What's done is done" : MACBETH
35.Ginger feature : REDHAIR
37.Drunkard : SPONGE
39.Angry cat's sound : HISS
40.1/24 of un giorno : ORA
42."___ Miz" : LES
44.Better suited : APTER
45.Careered : TORE
46.Split part of a reindeer : HOOF
47.Rank below group captain : WINGCOMMANDER
49.Car radio button : SCAN
50.Top : LID
52.'90s-'00s Britcom : ABFAB
54.Month after Av : ELUL
56.Microsoft Surface competitor : IPAD
57.Uncertain : DICEY
59.Tom Cruise's character in "Mission: Impossible" : ETHAN
63.Hägar's wife in the funnies : HELGA
66.Round up : HERD
67.___ Laënnec, inventor of the stethoscope : RENE
68.Pursue : LOOKFOR
69.Certain bid, informally : COUNTER
70.Kind of court or cross : PAPAL
71.Bridge dividing the San Marco and San Polo districts : RIALTO
72.Early 20th century, in British history : EDWARDIANPERIOD
73.Pink-slips : CANS
76.Answer man? : ALEXTREBEK
77.Old West casino game : FARO
78.Oceans : ATON
79.Pump option: Abbr. : REG
82.Itch cause : ECZEMA
83.It brightens up a performance : SPOTLIGHT
85.Yom Kippur War weaponry : UZIS
87.Record producer Brian : ENO
89.Gray shade : ASH
93.Twisty-horned creatures : ELANDS
95."Halloween," e.g. : SLASHERFILM
96.Opportunity creator : NASA
98.Go-between : BROKER
99.Sci-fi staple : ROBOT
102.Partner of operated : OWNED
104.Blazing : AFIRE
107.Submit an online return : EFILE
108."___ Q" (Creedence Clearwater Revival hit) : SUZIE
109.Plot : TRACT
113.Dundee denials : NAES
115.Cocktails with crème de cassis : KIRS
116.Letters on briefs : BVD
117.Celtic water deity : LER
118.Poet's "before" : ERE
120.Post-1858 rule : RAJ
121."Give ___ break!" : MEA

© 2017, Jim Horne