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This puzzle appeared on Friday, November 9, 2012 in syndication. The original New York Times publication date is shown below.
Friday, October 5, 2012
by Patrick Berry
Fri 10/5/2012
© 2012, The New York Times
1.Thunderstruck : AWED
5.Loophole-exploiting casino site, say : BOAT
9.London carriages : PRAMS
14.Resembling : SIMILARTO
16."Walk Away ___" (1966 #5 hit) : RENEE
17.Impetus to review safety procedures : CLOSECALL
18.Sliwinska of "Dancing With the Stars" : EDYTA
19.Like many gazebos : OCTAGONAL
20.They don't have class : BOORS
21.What married women in India traditionally wear : TOERINGS
22."Weekend Update" anchor between Miller and Macdonald : NEALON
23.Symbol of Lutheranism : ROSE
24.Worthless inheritance? : JUNKDNA
25.Dish cover, possibly : SARAN
28.Lightheaded? : BLOND
30.Oriental vessel : WOK
31.One of Heinrich Schliemann's excavations : TROY
32.Gets ready for a snap : POSES
33.Advanced : CAME
34.Before now : AGO
35.Hard to control : ROWDY
36."I remember now" : AHYES
37.What invalid card readers might read : GETWELL
39.Small concession : BONE
41.San Fernando Valley city : ENCINO
42.Oriental vessel : MINGVASE
46.Defensive effort : STAND
47.Head honcho : MISTERBIG
48.Its role is pivotal : HINGE
49.Surrounding with a glow : ENHALOING
50.Sign in a booth : ONAIR
51.Not flowing freely : STOPANDGO
52.Lashes leave them : WELTS
53.Press for a hit? : HYPE
54.Discerned : SEEN
1.Beau Brummell's accessory : ASCOT
2.Radio reply : WILCO
3.Do one's part poorly? : EMOTE
4.Confusion : DISARRAY
5.___ Rebellion (1676 Jamestown uprising) : BACONS
6.Game played since 1935 : ORANGEBOWL
7.One presenting the earth as flat? : ATLAS
8.Commuter's expense : TOLL
9.Stipend paid by a cathedral to a clergyman : PREBEND
10.State tree of New Jersey : REDOAK
11.In no particular order : ANYOLDWAY
12.Time keeper : METRONOME
13.Eel lookalikes : SEASNAKES
15.Army division : LEGION
22.They're in a particular order : NUNS
24.Longest-living member of the Rat Pack : JOEYBISHOP
25.Play, for instance : STAGESHOW
26.Resident of the largest Spanish-speaking nation : ARGENTINE
27.Drilling-and-filling job : ROOTCANAL
29.Hits from the 1960s? : LSD
32.Sport that requires helmets : POLO
33.Bands with bends : CHEVRONS
35.Hands down : RENDERS
36.Merkel of German politics : ANGELA
38.Ignore the plan : WINGIT
40.How depositions might be recorded : ONTAPE
42.Like many toothpastes : MINTY
43.Live with : ABIDE
44.Burn lightly : SINGE
45.Urge : EGGON
47.It's full of holes : MESH

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