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This puzzle appeared on Saturday, November 17, 2012 in syndication. The original New York Times publication date is shown below.
Saturday, October 13, 2012
by Barry C. Silk
Sat 10/13/2012
© 2012, The New York Times
1.Come to the surface : BUBBLEUP
9.Place out of line : OFFSET
15.Light work on a stage : OPERETTA
16.Abrupt discussion ender : DROPIT
17.Sci-fi vehicle : STARSHIP
18.Bread : DINERO
19.Appointed time : HOUR
20.Hand helpers : ACES
22.Campaign manager? : ADREP
23.Backbeat keeper : SNAREDRUM
25.Early idol of Warhol : CAPOTE
29.Pen call : BAA
30.Common menu option : EDIT
33.Former big player in trading cards : FLEER
34.See 46-Across : SANTA
36.Skater with many trophies : ORR
37.Names on some Apple products : LENNONMCCARTNEY
40.One of Ptolemy's 48 constellations : ARA
41.English philosopher Robert : HOOKE
42.Grunts : PEONS
43.Published : TOLD
45.Average name : DOW
46.With 34-Across, company's present occasion? : SECRET
47.1950s "American Bandstand" dance : THESTROLL
50.Grammy winner Adams : BRYAN
52.1950s living room feature : HIFI
53.Scatterbrain : DITZ
57.Document heading : RUBRIC
59.Jane Goodall study site : TANZANIA
61.1990 A.L. Rookie of the Year : ALOMAR
62.Driving : EGGINGON
63.Fire Chief supplier : TEXACO
64.Not fret : RESTEASY
1.Baloney : BOSH
2.As far as : UPTO
3.Certain squeeze : BEAU
4.Chilly remark? : BRRR
5.The Parisian? : LES
6.Crude component : ETHANE
7.The Pioneers of the N.C.A.A. : UTICA
8.Part of 37-Across's output : PAPERBACKWRITER
9.Leftover : ODD
10.Romeo's adviser, for one : FRIAR
11.Communal dish : FONDUE
12.One making a bank deposit? : SPERMDONOR
13.Name on some European stamps : EIRE
14.Datsun 280ZX option : TTOP
21.Attempt to reach a post-departure plane? : SEANCE
23.Brewer Bernhard : STROH
24.Bank deposit? : DATA
25.Harp's home key : CFLAT
26.New model of 1999 : ALERO
27.Enforcer's place, often : PENALTYBOX
28.Vintner's prefix : OEN
31.Samuel Johnson's only play : IRENE
32.Amorous arrangement : TRYST
34.Hiccup-free : SMOOTH
35.Last name in skin care : ARPEL
38.Inattention indications : NODS
39.P.I. : TEC
44.Concept in Hinduism and Buddhism : DHARMA
46.Ancient weaponry : SLINGS
48.Six women at Penn programmed it : ENIAC
49.Not in the minority : OFAGE
50.No angel : BRAT
51.Be the best, in slang : RULE
53.King Gorm the Old, e.g. : DANE
54."Roll in ze hay" enthusiast in "Young Frankenstein" : INGA
55.Parents' hermanos : TIOS
56.Off-the-wall : ZANY
58.Balkan land, in the Olympics : CRO
60.Embarrassing eruption : ZIT

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