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This puzzle appeared on Saturday, November 10, 2012 in syndication. The original New York Times publication date is shown below.
Saturday, October 6, 2012
by Steve Salitan
Sat 10/6/2012
© 2012, The New York Times
1.Straight person's statement : ICANNOTTELLALIE
16.#1 Dire Straits hit : MONEYFORNOTHING
17.Privileged access : PRIVATEENTRANCE
18.Holding heat : ARMED
19.Jan ___, South African leader instrumental in establishing the League of Nations : SMUTS
20.South African with two U.S. Open wins : ELS
21.King with a sad end : LEAR
22.Response to "Hey, I'm not perfect" : WHOIS
23.Sweep spots? : SOOT
24.You may need to clean yours up : ACT
25.Some gowns : DIORS
26."___ me?" ("Wha?") : SCUSE
27.Turkey ___, slugger in the Baseball Hall of Fame : STEARNES
29.Like Rodin's thinker : SEATED
30.Divests : RIDS
31.Something to scan : POEM
32.Some dog treats : TBONES
35.What fellers may be skilled with : HANDSAWS
39.Many a spring arrival : ARIES
40.Need for war games : CARDS
41."Well, ___-di- dah!" : LAH
42.Big name in educational grants : PELL
43.Earl's equivalent, in Évreux : COMTE
44.Shelter-providing dugout : ABRI
45.Like Brahms's Piano Trio No. 1 : INB
46.Turn around on Wall Street? : RALLY
47.Toughen: Var. : ENURE
48.Real lowlife? : ONECELLEDANIMAL
51.Schemer's quality : CALCULATINGMIND
52.Sure things : ANTIPERSPIRANTS
1.Savanna leapers : IMPALAS
2."Bingo!" : CORRECT
3.Give energy : ANIMATE
4.Now's opposite : NEVER
5.Diana with a record-setting swim around Manhattan in 1975 : NYAD
6.Repeatedly, in 31-Acrosses : OFT
7.They allow performers to stay on pointe : TOESHOES
8.No great shakes : TREMORS
9.Afflictions of the world-weary : ENNUIS
10.Former Senate majority leader and family : LOTTS
11.Posted pieces: Abbr. : LTRS
12."Bingo!" : AHA
13.Certain audio jack : LINEOUT
14.Huddled up, e.g. : INCLOSE
15.Expelled : EGESTED
22.Some are prevailing : WINDS
23.Rackets : SCAMS
25.Exsiccates : DRIES
26.Core units? : SEEDS
28.Cellulose fiber brand : ARNEL
29.Meteorological probe : SONDE
31.Salsa, say : PARTYDIP
32.Option for thickening soup : TAPIOCA
33.Souter succeeded him on the Supreme Court : BRENNAN
34.It's exploited for its crude content : OILBELT
35.Tiny dots on maps : HAMLETS
36.Egg white component : ALBUMIN
37.Justify : WARRANT
38.Protects : SHIELDS
40.Arrest : COLLAR
43.Street, in San José : CALLE
44.Nero's soul : ANIMA
46.Not go out of service? : REUP
47.Applied sci. professional : ENGR
49.Turn-of-century year : CCI
50.What April has, unlike any other month? : ANI

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