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This puzzle appeared on Tuesday, January 1, 2013 in syndication. The original New York Times publication date is shown below.
Tuesday, November 27, 2012
by Peter A. Collins
Tue 11/27/2012
© 2012, The New York Times
1.___ Sea (inland body with high salinity) : ARAL
5.With 67-Across, song by 56-Across : FOXY
9.Sword part : HAFT
13.Radius, e.g. : BONE
14.Comic strip dog with a long tongue : ODIE
15.Spine-tingling : EERIE
16.Lash : FLOG
17.Ike's partner in 1960s-'70s music : TINA
18.Bicycle shorts material : LYCRA
19.With 32-Across, song by 56-Across : ALLALONGTHE
22.Half a school year: Abbr. : SEM
23.Chaos : BEDLAM
24.Splinter group : SECT
26.Rat-___ : ATAT
28.Conveyance in an Ellington song : ATRAIN
32.See 19-Across : WATCHTOWER
37.Pres. Carter's alma mater : USNA
38.Having throbbing temples, maybe : IRATE
39.Fourth notes : FAS
40.Expensive : STEEP
41.Actress Taylor of "Six Feet Under" : LILI
42.Song by 56-Across : PURPLEHAZE
44.City SSW of Seattle : TACOMA
46.Peacekeeping grp. : NATO
47.Afternoon refreshers : NAPS
49.Long rant : TIRADE
53.London-based record label : EMI
56.Musician born 11/27/42 : JIMIHENDRIX
59."Deliverance" instrument : BANJO
61.Panache : ELAN
62.Lickety-split, in a memo : ASAP
63.Passion : ARDOR
64.Pete and Julie's "Mod Squad" partner : LINC
65.Job for an actor : ROLE
66.Where to buy GM and GE : NYSE
67.See 5-Across : LADY
68.Compound with a double-bonded carbon atom : ENOL
1.Former sitcom on the Beeb : ABFAB
2."Good Times" actress Esther : ROLLE
3."You can't teach ___ dog ..." : ANOLD
5.Bygone company with yellow-roofed kiosks : FOTOMAT
6.Thor's father : ODIN
7.RR ___ : XING
8."A Full Moon in March" poet : YEATS
9.With 60-Down, song by 56-Across : HEY
10.Three-point lines in basketball, e.g. : ARCS
11.Song by 56-Across : FIRE
12.Word after mule or school : TEAM
15.Choose : ELECT
20.Tool that turns : LATHE
21.Catch, in a way : HEAR
25.Sleepover game, maybe : TRUTHORDARE
27.Sukiyaki ingredient : TOFU
29.Where sailors go : ASEA
30.1966 hurricane : INEZ
31.A ponytail hangs over it : NAPE
32.What picked flowers may do : WILT
33.Prima donna's delivery : ARIA
34.After-bath powder : TALC
35.Card game for two : WAR
36."Pardon the Interruption" airer : ESPN
40.Arrive, as darkness : SETIN
42.Big ___ (baseball's David Ortiz) : PAPI
43.Period of inactivity : LATENCY
45.Biology or English : MAJOR
48.What bloodhounds and dead fish do : SMELL
50.Bad ignition? : ARSON
51.Connect with an operator : DIALO
52.Kick out : EXPEL
53.Abba of Israel : EBAN
54."The Wind Cries ___" (song by 56-Across) : MARY
55.Neither Dems. nor Reps. : INDS
57.Hip parts : ILIA
58.13 cards, maybe : HAND
60.See 9-Down : JOE

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