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Sunday, September 15, 2013
by Joe DiPietro
Sun 9/15/2013THAT GIRL
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Jeff Chen notes: Joe DiPietro is one of the NYT's most prolific crossword constructors, only 10 people having more Sunday-size puzzles than him (in the Shortz era). Amazing to see his creative output, including such mind-bending beauties as I SURRENDER! and BYWORDS.

Today he brings us a more standard type of theme, wordplay changing HER sounds to the actual word HER. Note that he uses nine theme entries, higher than typical (seven or eight). He also interlocks some of the themers (CHECK HER BOARD and SHUT HER BUG; COUNT HER PARTS and LET HER BOMB), always an impressive feat. Adds a touch of elegance when a constructor is able to do that.

Thank you to Joe and Will for the way they clued LICK HER BOTTLE. That could have gone in a very different direction. Ahem.

Sundays are so difficult to fill because the relatively low word count maximum requires at least a few wide-open spaces. This means that a constructor usually can't become good at Sunday-sized puzzles until they gain proficiency at themelesses, and indeed, these are two of Joe's fortes. Today's NW and SE corners both have triple-stacked 7's intersecting sets of long answers, making them quite difficult to fill. Each corner contains a lesser-known proper name (OLEANNA and LOESSER) but Joe takes care to make each of the crossing answers fair. RADIX might be tough for some, but it's a valid mathematical term.

1.Monopolizer : HOG
4.Isn't well : AILS
8.The people vs. us : THEM
12.When repeated, spirited : RAH
15.Fiscal exec : CFO
18.Hot and bothered : ALLUPSET
20.Luxury hotel amenity : ROBE
21.Where to buy clubs at a club : PROSHOP
23.Confiscate a chef's appetizer? : SEIZEHERSALAD
25."Count me in!" : IMTHERE
26.10, for the base 10 number system : RADIX
27.Charles Nelson ___, old game show staple : REILLY
28.Spill catcher : SAUCER
29.Quick round of tennis, maybe : ONESET
31.Pulitzer winner James : AGEE
32.Lewis with 12 Emmys : SHARI
35.Rondo maker : KIA
36.Performance artist with a palindromic name : ONO
37.Conk a coach's team member? : SOCKHERPLAYER
40.Driver's lic. info : HGT
41.Furnishes with soldiers : MANS
43.Clueless : LOST
44.Graduate from Barnard, say : ALUMNA
45.Old Roman well? : BENE
46.Disney dog : LADY
48.HVAC measures, for short : BTUS
49.Certain radio user : CBER
51.Like most fish : SCALY
53.View from Long Is. : ATL
55.Close a VW Beetle owner's car door? : SHUTHERBUG
60.Like much rush-hour traffic : STOPGO
61.Bud : CHUM
63.Abbr. of politeness : PLS
64.You suffer when you're in it : AGONY
65.Feu fighter? : EAU
66.Put a spice mix on a cook's piece of poultry? : RUBHERCHICKEN
70.Point : AIM
71.Immortal P.G.A. nickname : ARNIE
73.Island where Homer is buried, by tradition : IOS
74.Exclusive : SOLE
75.Cancels, as a mission : ABORTS
77.Keep a bad comedian onstage? : LETHERBOMB
80.Poetic preposition : OER
81.Not prompt : TARDY
82.Perfect : HONE
83.Wrathful : IRED
85.Some sports cars, informally : JAGS
86.Bit of choreography : STEP
88.The "g" in e.g. : GRATIA
91."Baby" singer's nickname, with "the" : BIEB
93.Off-white shade : OPAL
97.Canadian N.B.A. team, on scoreboards : TOR
98.Find out what a baby's milk tastes like? : LICKHERBOTTLE
101."True Blood" network : HBO
102.___ store : APP
103.Apples introduced in 1998 : IMACS
104.Asian holidays : TETS
105.Full : ENTIRE
107.Magician David : BLAINE
109.Latin dance : CHACHA
111.Valleys : DALES
112.Observation of cardinals, say : BIRDING
114.Hop over an electrician's wires? : JUMPHERCABLES
116.Alliance between nations : ENTENTE
117.Crate & Barrel rival : IKEA
118.Not magnified or reduced : REALSIZE
119.Paris's Parc ___ Princes : DES
120.Setting at 0 degrees long. : GST
121.U.S.A.F. V.I.P. : GENL
122.Jimmy Carter's middle name : EARL
123.A pop : PER
1.Isn't cramped : HASROOM
2.1992 David Mamet play : OLEANNA
3.Smoothly applied, as eye makeup : GLIDEON
4.Tips : APEXES
5.Suffix of imprecision : ISH
6.Creepy look : LEER
7.Barely moves? : STREAKS
8.Irish city near Killarney : TRALEE
9.Loudly dress down : HOLLERAT
10.uBid competitor : EBAY
11.___ school : MED
12.N.Y. engineering school : RPI
13.Grabbing distance : ARMSREACH
14.Windbag's output : HOTAIR
15.Ensure a surfer's safety? : CHECKHERBOARD
16.Like many accents : FOREIGN
17.Run : OPERATE
19.Commando movie accessories : UZIS
22.___ mai (dim sum dish) : SHU
24.Rifle attachment : SIGHT
30."See?!" : TOLDYOU
32.Group of unsolicited manuscripts : SLUSHPILE
33.___ radio : HAM
34."We the Living" author Rand : AYN
38.Like a coquette : COY
39.Besides : PLUS
42.[You cad!] : SLAP
45.Sea lane danger : BERG
47."Love and Happiness" singer, 1972 : ALGREEN
48.Vague memory : BLUR
50.Squishy seat : BEANBAG
51.Goggle : STARE
52.Take a mechanic's inventory? : COUNTHERPARTS
53.Allergic reaction : ACHOO
54.Band with a 1985 U.K. #1 album titled "Meat Is Murder" : THESMITHS
56.Gut wrencher? : ULCER
57."Such a pity" : TSK
58.Agreement : UNITY
59.Rooms with high ceilings : GYMS
60.Security feature : SEAL
62.Ones making intros : MCS
67.Shore dinner handout : BIB
68.Part of Obi-Wan Kenobi's costume : HOOD
69.Fit to be consumed : EATABLE
72.Blue-roofed chain : IHOP
76."___ I hear" : ORSO
78.Groups of troops : REGIMENTS
79.Relative of Camembert : BRIE
84.One side in "The War of the Worlds" : EARTHMEN
85.Shade of black : JET
86.Like Julius Caesar : STABBED
87.Where to write your name on an I.R.S. form : TOPLINE
89.Zenith competitor : RCA
90.Org. that registers pointers : AKC
91.Muff : BOTCH
92."Just arrived!" : ITSHERE
94.N.B.A. Hall-of-Famer nicknamed Handy Andy : PHILLIP
95.Something easy as pie : ABREEZE
96."Luck Be a Lady" composer/lyricist : LOESSER
98.Jacket part : LINING
99."C'mon, help me out" : BEAPAL
100.Ultimate purpose : ENDALL
106.They make indents : TABS
108.Suffix with fluor- or chlor- : IDE
109.Pickled veggie : CUKE
110.Discipline : AREA
113.High-profile interviewee : GET
114.Fiddler's tune, maybe : JIG
115.Sleeper, for one : CAR

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