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Saturday, September 14, 2013
by Jeff Chen
Sat 9/14/2013
© 2013, The New York Times
Will Shortz notes: In retrospect, I'm not sure why I accepted this puzzle. Jeff can't construct worth a damn... oh, hi Jeff! Just kidding, of course. You've turned into a first-rate constructor in a very short time. My favorite entries here are 1A, 17A, 37A, 59A, 62A, 64A, 11D, 25D, and 35D. That's a lot of nice stuff! My least favorite are 26A, 2D, 10D (which isn't made anymore), and 60D. Overall, though, the pluses far outweigh the minuses.
1.Where a lot of dough gets thrown around : PIZZAJOINT
11.See 51-Across : WIFE
15.Fuel for a warp drive engine on "Star Trek" : ANTIMATTER
16.Resignation exclamation : ALAS
17.Sleep aid, for some : WHITENOISE
18.BMW of North America and others: Abbr. : LLCS
19.Zip around a field? : NIL
20.Makes happen : SEESTO
21.Assistant played by Bruce Lee : KATO
22.Wanting for nothing : SET
24."Celebrity Jeopardy!" show, briefly : SNL
25.Took revenge on : GOT
26.Broadview ___, O. : HTS
29.Become stiff : TIEONEON
33.Get by force of will? : INHERIT
37.Punk's cousin : NEWWAVE
38.Info about a person's education and work history : BIODATA
39.Smooths : GREASES
40.Follows a military order : ATTACKS
41.Their habits give them away : SISTERS
42.Follows a military order : RETREATS
44.Time of long journées : ETE
45.Lets go through : OKS
46.Brief albums, in brief : EPS
48.Needing hand cream, maybe : RAW
51.With 11-Across, biblical woman who met a bad end : LOTS
53.Board : STEPON
56."That gives me an idea ..." : SAY
58.First spaceman's first name : YURI
59.Setting for "The Misfits" : RENONEVADA
61.Polo competitor : IZOD
62."My bad" : ISCREWEDUP
63.Musical production : NOTE
64.Symbols of sharpness : STEELTRAPS
1.One with promotional potential : PAWN
2."___ Steps" (Christian best seller) : INHIS
3."10" is inscribed on it : ZTILE
4.Temple imperfection : ZIT
5.Subject of the 2012 book "Circle of Treason" : AMES
6.Porter created by Burroughs : JANE
7.Winnebago relatives : OTOES
8."Incorrect!" : ITISNT
9.Babes in the woods? : NESTLINGS
10.Smartphone preceded by the Pre : TREO
11.Do the impossible, metaphorically : WALKONWATER
12.Anxious : ILLATEASE
13.It's never wrong : FACT
14.Standard breakup creation : ESSO
23.Temptation for Luke Skywalker : THEDARKSIDE
25.Follow the sun? : GOWEST
27.Sniffs out : TRACES
28.First capital of the Last Frontier : SITKA
30.Like some fogs : EERIE
31.Ham's handoff : OVER
32.Name associated with a mobster or a monster : NESS
33.Skyscraper component : IBAR
34.Brief period of darkness? : NITE
35.Eager : HOTTOTROT
36.Event with unmarked choices : TASTETEST
43.Trial lawyer who wrote "O.J.: The Last Word" : SPENCE
47.Basidium-borne body : SPORE
49.Adjective on taco truck menus : ASADA
50.Crumple : WADUP
51."Can't Believe Your ___" (1988 Neil Young song) : LYIN
52.Drink said to have originated on Lesbos : OUZO
53.Titles for distinguished Indians : SRIS
54.Main character in "The Paper Chase," e.g. : ONEL
55.Cousin of a congo eel : NEWT
57.Blabbers : YAPS
60.See, in Santiago : VER

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