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Sunday, July 21, 2013
by Tracy Bennett
© 2013, The New York Times
1.Whammy : JINX
5.Where les enfants might play : PARC
9.Rendered speechless : AGHAST
15.Female lobsters : HENS
19.Every which way : AMOK
20.Subject for a mariachi band : AMOR
21.Insubstantial : MEAGER
22.Like Voldemort : EVIL
23.Artist's favorite spiritual? : WADEINTHEWATTEAU
26.Ablution, e.g. : RITE
27.Firefighter's need, maybe : AXE
28.Summer Olympics host after London : RIO
29.___ vu : DEJA
30.Food item a cook might flip : OMELETTE
32.Prescription pain medication : PERCOCET
35.Nos. in a directory : TELS
37.Look for : AWAIT
38.Several, in Seville : UNOS
40.Cool with what others are doing : ONBOARD
42.Go (for) : VIE
43.Christmas song line from an artist? : TISTHECEZANNE
47.Batman villain : PENGUIN
51.What Mississippi cheerleaders ask for a lot : ANI
52.How you might do something gross : ONADARE
53.Cagney or Lacey: Abbr. : DET
54.Daughter of James II : ANNE
55.Where there's Wi-Fi availability : HOTSPOTS
57.Get ready to drive : TEEUP
60.Former six-term senator from Indiana : LUGAR
61.More yang than yin: Abbr. : MASC
62.Monetary bribes, in slang : BOODLES
64.What a star probably has : AGENT
65.N.R.A. piece?: Abbr. : ASSOC
68.Artist's favorite Broadway musical? : HELLODALI
70.Revival meeting miracles : CURES
71.___ Zulu (warrior dubbed Africa's Napoleon) : SHAKA
72.Atlantean superhero of DC Comics : AQUAMAN
73.___ Field : CITI
75.Defrocked villain on "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" : CALEB
76.Vista opener? : BUENA
77.Roman of film : POLANSKI
81.Michigan college : ALMA
82.___ generis : SUI
83.Part of an umpire's count : NOBALLS
86.Put in writing : PEN
87.Parts of an orrery : PLANETS
89.Artist's expression for "Such is life"? : QUESERASEURAT
92.Easter purchase : DYE
93.Worth all the hype, as a film : MUSTSEE
94.Snorkeling aids : FINS
95."Tsk!" : SHAME
98.Finger : NAME
99.Cuts some slack : ISEASYON
103."Zero Dark Thirty" locale : PAKISTAN
105.Castaway's construction : RAFT
107.Rough position? : LIE
108.Sedona maker : KIA
111.The Roman way : ITER
112.How the expert artist passed her exam? : WITHFLYINGKAHLOS
116."The Cosby Show" boy : THEO
117.Last word in the Torah : ISRAEL
118.Rain man? : NOAH
119.Inclination : BENT
120.___ Club : SAMS
121.River that "sweats oil and tar" in T. S. Eliot's "The Waste Land" : THAMES
122.Predoctoral tests, for short : GRES
123.Approximately : ORSO
1.Tatooine race in the "Star Wars" saga : JAWA
2.What's big at the movies? : IMAX
3.Like old unrecyclable bottles : NODEPOSIT
4.Certain Jaguar : XKE
5.Pre-exam feeling, maybe : PANIC
6.Playground retort : AMTOO
7.South Korea's ___ Tae Woo : ROH
8.Buffet cabinet : CREDENZA
9.Key of Schubert's "Trout" Quintet: Abbr. : AMAJ
10.Bronze : GETATAN
11.Topper : HAT
12.Ancient : AGEOLD
13.Patchwork quilts have lots of them : SEAMS
14."Good point" : TRUE
15.Artist's line of weary resignation? : HEREWEGAUGUIN
16."On This Night of a Thousand Stars" musical : EVITA
17.Capone's top henchman : NITTI
18.Wintry mix : SLEET
24.Flawed, as mdse. : IRR
25.Party host's convenience : WETBAR
31.Reposed : LAIN
33."Laborare ___ orare" (Freemasons' motto) : EST
34.What Morehouse College lacks : COEDS
36.Before, poetically : ERE
38.Home of Kings Peak : UTAH
39.Little muchacho : NINO
41.What the tipsy artist had at the bar? : ONETOOMANET
42.Liz of "Garfield," e.g. : VET
44.Pay to cross town, maybe : HOPACAB
45.First chimp to orbit Earth : ENOS
46.Pay to cross town, maybe : CATCHABUS
47.Pop icon? : PEPSICOLA
48."The Odd Couple" role : UNGER
49.Daft : INANE
50."Phooey!" : NERTS
53.Gauntlet thrower's challenge : DUEL
56.What the artist confused people with? : SMOKEANDMIROS
58.Norse source for Loki lore : EDDA
59.Dash : ELAN
60.Dairy consumer's enzyme : LACTASE
62.Erotic : BLUE
63.Good wife in "The Good Earth" : OLAN
65.Org. protecting music copyrights : ASCAP
66."Congress ___ make no law ..." : SHALL
67.Actress Hayek : SALMA
69.Prefix with poise : EQUI
74.Pain and suffering : ILLS
77."Gay" capital : PAREE
78.Summer lawn sight : SPRINKLER
79.New Jersey's ___ University : KEAN
80.QB mistakes: Abbr. : INTS
82.Holy mlle. : STE
84.Turn to bone : OSSIFY
85.Apiarist's woe : BEESTING
88.Watchful ones? : EYES
89.Holy city of Iran : QUM
90.Access charge, of a sort : USERFEE
91.Debatable sighting : UFO
93.Words to live by : MANTRA
95.Blurts (out) : SPITS
96.___ yoga : HATHA
97.Arabic name meaning "wise" : AKEEM
98.J. Carrol ___, Oscar nominee for "Sahara" : NAISH
100.Phycologist's study : ALGAE
101.Some templegoers : SIKHS
102.Pro vote : YEA
104.Birdbrain : TWIT
106."___ fair ..." : ALLS
109.Discoveries of Michael Faraday : IONS
110.Regarding : ASTO
113.Easter purchase : HAM
114.___'easter : NOR
115."Boardwalk Empire" network : HBO

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