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Saturday, July 20, 2013
by Tim Croce
Sat 7/20/2013
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1.1993 hit with the lyric "Keep playin' that song all night" : HEYMRDJ
8.Credit : ASCRIBE
15.Gross, to a toddler : ICKYPOO
16.Blue dress wearers : MARINES
17.A guillotine is used to remove them : TONSILS
18.Good with : ADEPTAT
19.Cause for cardiological concern : CLOT
20.Something to hop on : LEG
22.Not cut, say : ATTEND
23.Took to the ground? : HEWED
25.Shed material? : PETHAIR
27.Friday, e.g. : RIGHTHANDMAN
31.Successor to Gibson on "ABC World News" : SAWYER
34.It's in general circulation : AIR
35.Oriente : ESTE
36.Subject for Gregor Mendel : PEA
37.Shows some emotion : TEARSUP
40.End up short : OWE
41.Ends up short, maybe : ERRS
43.Grp. with the motto "Deo vindice" : CSA
44.Seeking : OUTFOR
46.1957 Dell-Vikings hit : COMEGOWITHME
49.Paris Hilton, e.g. : HEIRESS
50.[Why me?!] : AARGH
54.Area of need : GHETTO
56.It's feedable : EGO
58.Speaker of the house, perhaps : BOSE
59.Famed kicker born with a clubfoot : MIAHAMM
61.Fashion designer behind the fragrance Rock Me! : ANNASUI
63.Hydrocortisone producer : ADRENAL
64.Gets on the line? : REELSIN
65.ABC's first color program, with "The" : JETSONS
66.Big spinning effort : PRBLITZ
1.Tow bar : HITCH
2.Place for une faculté : ECOLE
3."See what I'm talkin' about?" : YKNOW
4.What often comes with a twist? : MYSTERY
5.Sch. with a Hartford campus : RPI
6.Sweets : DOLL
7.Nez Percé war chief : JOSEPH
8.Org. that endorsed Obamacare : AMA
9.He hit 106 more home runs than Barry Bonds : SADAHARUOH
10.Like "Zorba the Greek" novelist Nikos Kazantzakis : CRETAN
11.Concern for a lifeguard : RIPTIDE
12.Concerning : INTERMSOF
13.Think piece? : BEAN
14.Abbr. before a year : ESTD
21.Take in more : GETARAISE
24.Take in less : DIET
26.What you see here : THIS
28.Some-holds-barred sport : GRECOROMAN
29.Audi model retired in 2005 : ATWO
30."So sweet was ___ so fatal": Othello : NEER
31.It may be submitted to an architect : SPEC
32.México lead-in : AERO
33.Meanie's lack : WARMHEART
38.___ speak : ASWE
39.Cousin of a jaguarundi : PUMA
42.Gets hot : SEETHES
45.Infusion aid : TEABALL
47.Jordache alternative : GITANO
48.Literary son of Jenny Fields : TSGARP
51."Orfeo" composer Luigi : ROSSI
52.Wear during re-entry : GSUIT
53.It's known for its varieties : HEINZ
54.Setting of "Love Me Do": Abbr. : GMAJ
55.Need to tan : HIDE
57.Standout : ONER
60.Real Salt Lake's org. : MLS
62.Tortoise's beak : NEB

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