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Thursday, July 18, 2013
by Todd Gross and David Steinberg
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Thu 7/18/2013
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JimH notes: Number 23 in the grid is shifted one square to the right. Apostrophes have been used before.
1.European capital ENE of Warsaw : MINSK
6.Guy seeking love letters? : SWM
9.Herolike : BRAVE
14.Sultanate inhabitant : OMANI
15.Meditation subject : TAO
16.Hit 2012 animated film, with "The" : LORAX
17.Author of sci-fi's "War With the Newts" : CAPEK
18.Music sheet abbr. : ARR
19.Great Seal figure : EAGLE
20.23-Across singer : MARILYNMONROE
23.Classic song from a movie celebrating its 60th anniversary on 7/18/13 : DIAMONDSAREAGIRL'SBESTFRIEND
24.Philip with a Hollywood star : AHN
27.State cooperation : ENTENTE
28.Neutral shade : ASH
31.Was very ripe : REEKED
33.Appeal to earnestly : ADJURE
35.Home to Asia's highest volcano : IRAN
36.Gear up? : EQUIP
40.Sermon follower : ETTE
41.Man's name that sounds like two letters of the alphabet : ARTE
42.It may be in a bundle : NERVE
43.Pod : whale :: knot : ___ : TOAD
44.___ Rida ("Right Round" rapper) : FLO
46.Inits. for Lowe's or Home Depot shoppers : DIY
47.N. Afr. nation : ALG
48.Decorate flashily, informally : TARTUP
51.Capital on the Mediterranean : BEIRUT
54.___ the day : RUE
55.Lay on thick : SLATHER
59.Satyajit Ray's "The ___ Trilogy" : APU
60.Levine of "The Voice" : ADAM
62.Architect Saarinen : ELIEL
63.Item clipped on a waistband, perhaps : IPOD
64.Open-ended reference : WIKI
65.They're elementary : ABC'S
66."This is horrible news!" : OHNO
67.Like some causes : LOST
68.Total jerk : ASS
69.___ group : USER
1.Comfy slip-on : MOC
2.Kuwait V.I.P. : IMAM
3.Chain for car mechanics : NAPA
4.Dummy of old radio : SNERD
5.Elton John duettist on the #1 "Don't Go Breaking My Heart" : KIKIDEE
6.Visit overnight : STAYAT
7.Advance notice request : WARNME
8.Mitt Romney, e.g. : MORMON
9.Like some Scotch : BLENDED
10.Engine sounds : ROARS
11.Mythical ship : ARGO
12.Goodbye, in old Rome : VALE
13.Program file suffix : EXE
21.Shade tree with deep-red winter buds : LINDEN
22.Like some books nowadays : ONTAPE
24.Something for trill-seekers? : ARIA
25.Mr. Hamburger? : HERR
26.Obsessive organizers : NEATFREAKS
28.Features of some prized memorabilia : AUTOGRAPHS
29.Sp. title : SRTA
30.Mind : HEED
32.Used a prie-dieu : KNELT
34."The Expendables" co-star, 2010 : JETLI
37.Latin abbr. used in math : QED
38.Swiss canton : URI
39.Penn, e.g. : IVY
45.Suffix with peril : OUS
47.___ Lingus : AER
48.Word with line or net : TRAWL
49.Voices, perhaps : AUDIO
50.Court claim : PLEA
51.Sound units : BELS
52.Marginally ahead : UPONE
53.Bloody Mary, e.g. : TUDOR
56.Duchess of ___ (Goya subject) : ALBA
57.Odd behaviors : TICS
58."___ a Rebel" : HE'S
61.Sch. that e-mails application decisions on Pi Day : MIT
63.Indicator of shortness, for short : IOU

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