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Tuesday, July 16, 2013
by Joel Fagliano
Tue 7/16/2013
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1.Musical genre for Ladysmith Black Mambazo : AFROPOP
8.Erik of "CHiPs" : ESTRADA
15.Scrubbers used in a 9-Down : LOOFAHS
16.Riot squad defenses : SHIELDS
17.Claim openly : PROFESS
18.Claim openly : CONFESS
19.Movie filming spot : SET
20.Bar member: Abbr. : ATT
21.Has debts : OWES
22.Kid-friendly card game : UNO
23.Fury : IRE
24.Chug's opposite : SIP
27.Washington baseball team, for short : NATS
30.One might be seen around a construction site : PROTRACTOR
34.Quadrennial athlete : OLYMPIAN
36.Temperamental : MOODY
37."The spice of life" : VARIETY
38.Ohio college that was the first in the U.S. to award degrees to women : OBERLIN
40.Silly : INANE
41.Oscar winner for "Mystic River" and "Milk" : SEANPENN
42.One might be seen around a construction site : CONTRACTOR
45.Snick and ___ : SNEE
46.Forest creature in "The Lord of the Rings" : ENT
47.Like the N.B.A.'s Jason Collins, notably : GAY
48.'50s White House nickname : IKE
50.Practice for a prizefight : SPAR
52.RR stop : STA
53.Greek consonants : MUS
56.Fight back against : PROTEST
59.Fight back against : CONTEST
61.Smoke in a church : INCENSE
62."Who wants to try?" : ANYBODY
63.Marsh plant : CATTAIL
64.Business, slangily : BEESWAX
1.Swiss peaks : ALPS
2.Cry after a bad swing : FORE
3.Carrot, radish or parsnip : ROOT
4.Out of whack : OFF
5.Song of praise : PAEAN
6."You're flattering me too much!" : OHSTOPIT
7.Sibilant "Hey!" : PSST
8.Debutante's date : ESCORT
9.Locker room feature : SHOWER
10.Fork part : TINE
11.Makes calls on a basketball court : REFS
12.Ginger ___ : ALE
13.Tooth filler, for short : DDS
14.Idiot : ASS
22.Big money maker in Phila. : USMINT
23.Charged particle : ION
24.Like some bases or glances : STOLEN
25.I, in chemistry : IODINE
26.Hester of "The Scarlet Letter" : PRYNNE
27.Beginner : NOVICE
28.Support group that deals with codependency : ALANON
29.Tough boss to work for : TYRANT
31.Blu-___ Disc : RAY
32."You've got that right!" : AMEN
33.Body of work for Agatha Christie? : CORPSE
35.Use binoculars, say : PEER
38.Antipoverty agcy. : OEO
39.Bing Crosby or Frank Sinatra, voicewise : BARITONE
41.Place that needs some serious cleaning : STY
43.Tennis's Andre : AGASSI
44.OPEC is one : CARTEL
49."Gold Digger" rapper West : KANYE
50.Copy editor's mark : STET
51.1980s All-Star catcher Tony : PENA
52.Fill-in for a striking worker : SCAB
53.Cat call : MEOW
54.Letters on meat packaging : USDA
55.River of Hades : STYX
56.Instagram upload, informally : PIC
57.Genetic material : RNA
58.Halloween mo. : OCT
60.Conan O'Brien's network : TBS

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