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Sunday, July 14, 2013
by Daniel A. Finan
Sun 7/14/2013SHOW ME THE MONEY
© 2013, The New York Times
JimH notes: The highlighted squares must be read S or C in one direction and I in the other. When those letters overlap, they create symbols for $ and ¢.
1.City south of West Palm : BOCA
5.Old man : PAPA
9.Give for free, slangily : COMP
13.Heckle or Jeckle of cartoons : MAGPIE
19.Stoker who created Dracula : BRAM
20.Womb, jocularly : OVEN
21.Painful boo-boo : OWIE
22.Winter stash, of a sort : ACORNS
23.Investing in a growth company : GOINGLONG
25.High-risk investments : PENNYSTOCKS
27.Hardly parade-worthy, say : UNHEROIC
28.Antics : ZANINESS
29.Ltd., in Lille : CIE
30.Hanging piece : NOOSE
31.Like one trying to hit a piñata, often : DIZZY
33.Pronged, as an electrical plug : MALE
34.Norwegian P.M. Stoltenberg : JENS
35.Vardalos of "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" : NIA
36.Buttonhole, e.g. : SLIT
37.Big picture: Abbr. : ENL
38.Con target : SAP
39.Shocked : AGHAST
42.Bolognese bride : SPOSA
45.Sprint, e.g. : TELECOM
48.It should have no effect : PLACEBO
50."No bid" : IPASS
52.Not so smooth : ROCKIER
54.Without : SANS
55.Somewhat : ABIT
57.One-third of Neapolitan ice cream: Abbr. : CHOC
59.Like the right third of Ireland's flag : ORANGE
60.Announcer Hall : EDD
61.Mrs. Capp and others : FLOS
62.Add-on features : FRILLS
64."Cómo ___?" : ESTAS
65.Money ... or a hint to how six crossings in this puzzle are to be represented, superimposing one letter over another : DOLLARSANDCENTS
68.Ora pro ___ : NOBIS
71.Bully's coercive comeback : SAYSME
72.Places for picks, informally : FROS
73.Admonishment to a puppy : BAD
76.Ticks off : FROSTS
78.Gospel singer Winans : CECE
79."That's nuthin'!" : PFFT
80.Bead maker? : PORE
81.Request from a guest over an apartment intercom : LETMEUP
83.Holiday attraction at a mall : SANTA
85.Inaugurated : SWORNIN
87.Fame : STARDOM
89.Astronomical distances: Abbr. : LTYRS
91.Eventually : ONEDAY
92.Yiddish laments : OYS
93.Faunus's Greek counterpart : PAN
95.Beef : KICK
97.Ukr., e.g., once : SSR
98.Certain lap dogs, informally : POMS
100.___ moons : MANY
101.French film award : CESAR
102.The shortest one has only two verses : PSALM
105.It appears at the top of a page : URL
106.Instruments played with mallets : MARIMBAS
108.Bit of corporate attire : POWERTIE
110.Quotation sources, once : TICKERTAPES
112.Unrecoverable investment expenses : SUNKCOSTS
113.More swanky : TONIER
114.Confab : CHAT
115.Robert of "The Sopranos" : ILER
116.Draft status : ONEA
117.Trying to pull a fast one : SNEAKY
118.Certain : SOME
119.Beef : CARP
120.Corp. V.I.P.'s : MGRS
1.Pellet propeller : BBGUN
2.University town named after a Penobscot chief : ORONO
3.Some liquid assets : CASHONHAND
4.Ones unlikely to write memoirs? : AMNESIACS
5.Lacoste offering : POLO
6.Gets around : AVOIDS
7.#2s, e.g. : PENCILS
8.Director Lee : ANG
9.Patient's liability : COPAY
10.Wilson of "The Internship" : OWEN
11.Small role in "Austin Powers" movies : MINIME
12.Ticket to the World Series : PENNANT
13.En ___ : MASSE
14.Source of the line "Thy money perish with thee" : ACTS
15.Melted Popsicle, e.g. : GOO
16.Spot on a demand curve : PRICEPOINT
17.Fully blacken : INKIN
18.Half-kiss? : ESSES
24.Musical with the song "Summer Nights" : GREASE
26."Old ___" : YELLER
28.Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees from Texas : ZZTOP
32."Not a peep!" : ZIPIT
34.Fool : JACKASS
38.What best friends keep : SECRETS
39.Church section : APSE
40.Song classic "___ to Be Unhappy" : GLAD
41.Kids' outdoor game : TBALL
43.Baptism, e.g. : SACRAMENT
44.Glowing : ASHINE
46.Head across the Atlantic : LOO
47.Big, in ads : MEGA
49.Ancient Greek coins : OBOLS
51.Convinced : SOLD
53.It's a legal thing : RES
56.Designer Mizrahi : ISAAC
58.See 62-Down : CLIFF
61.Australian beer brand : FOSTERS
62.With 58-Down, financial topic of 2012-13 : FISCAL
63.Feudal figures : SERFS
65.Horrifies : DISMAYS
66.Bar selections : RYES
67.___ alike : NOTWO
68.Texans are part of it, in brief : NFL
69.Certain bank deposits : ORES
70.Key business figure : BOTTOMLINE
73.AA or AAA, maybe : BONDRATING
74.Opera part : ARIA
75.Disavow : DENY
77.South of 79-Down? : SUD
79.See 77-Down : PARIS
80.Briefing spot : PRESSROOM
82.Warhol's specialty : POPART
84.Squirts : TYKES
86.Without a contract : ONSPEC
88.Crazies : MANIACS
90.Shoulder bone : SCAPULA
94.Lead-in to 88-Down : NYMPHO
96.Danish bread : KRONER
98.Plays miniature golf : PUTTS
99.Constellation next to Taurus : ORION
100.Unionize? : MARRY
101.Social level : CASTE
103.Bottle unit : LITER
104.Arizona sights : MESAS
106.Lamblike : MEEK
107.Ship's keel, e.g. : BEAM
109.Radio station on TV : WKRP
111.Automaker since 1974 : KIA
112.[as written] : SIC

© 2017, Jim Horne