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Saturday, July 13, 2013
by Byron Walden
Sat 7/13/2013
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1.Back order? : REMAND
7.Main means of defense? : SQUIDINK
15.First city bombed in W.W. II's Baedeker Blitz : EXETER
16.Opted to duck : PUNTEDON
17.1954 Audie Murphy western : DESTRY
18.Prom amenity : LIMORIDE
19.It comes with lots of extras : CROWDSCENE
21."Every hero becomes a ___ at last": Emerson : BORE
22.W's is 74 : ATNO
23.Not hunched over : ERECT
24.Biased writing?: Abbr. : ITAL
25.Pounded side : POI
26.Scrooge's portrayer in "The Muppet Christmas Carol" : CAINE
27.Soul : ANIMA
28.Pens : ENCLOSES
30.Jaguar, for one : BIGCAT
31.Classic brand in men's apparel : IZOD
32.Occur : FALL
33.Occur : HAPPEN
36.Christ the ___ (Rio de Janeiro landmark) : REDEEMER
40.Grace : ADORN
41.Small, round and shiny : BEADY
42.Letters on some overseas packages : APO
43.Person taking drugs : MULE
44.Dark green? : LUCRE
45.Automotive plural selected in a 2011 promotion : PRII
46.Court position : PLEA
47.They're off on casual Fridays : DRESSSUITS
49.___ chicken : TANDOORI
51.Indignant denial : IAMNOT
52.Frozen treat with Alexander the Grape as one of its flavors : OTTERPOP
53.2010 U.S. Open winner McDowell : GRAEME
54.Setting of the Levant : NEAREAST
55.Tito's successor as head of the Non-Aligned Movement : NASSER
1.Superman accessory : REDCAPE
2.Apply to : EXERTON
3.Of pions and kaons : MESONIC
4.When clocks are set back for the end of daylight saving time : ATTWO
5.Pi Day celebrant, perhaps : NERD
6.Late October to March, in West Africa : DRYSEASON
7.Malaria enlarges them : SPLEENS
8.It might be in a jam : QUINCE
9.Not satisfied : UNMET
10.Midori on ice : ITO
11."White Christmas" singer, informally : DERBINGLE
12.Beyond silly : IDIOTIC
13.Obama descriptor : NODRAMA
14.Show reverence to, in a way : KNEELAT
20.Called out : CRIED
26.Deceive : COZEN
27."Revelations" choreographer : AILEY
29.Expert in facial recognition? : LIPREADER
30.Recall reason : BADDESIGN
32.They may be stoked : FEARS
33.Jazz legend who turned the Benny Goodman Trio into the Benny Goodman Quartet : HAMPTON
34.Worship : ADULATE
35.Cornmeal mush : POLENTA
36.It often comes with a "Thank You" : RECEIPT
37.Devil dogs : MARINES
38.Height : EPITOME
39.Whoop it up : ROISTER
41.Unpaid mine workers : BURROS
44.One of two components of the drug Sinemet : LDOPA
45.Some athletic shoes : PUMAS
48.Manhattan's ___ D. Roosevelt Park : SARA
50.A heavy metal band may have it : ORE

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