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Sunday, June 9, 2013
by Elizabeth C. Gorski
Complete the puzzle. Then connect the circled letters alphabetically from A to S to get an image related to the puzzle's theme.
Sun 6/9/2013FAST ONE
© 2013, The New York Times
JimH notes: Ms. Gorski is the inventor and still the master of this ingenious connect-the-dots puzzle form. Is that an eye or maybe even a blinder on the horse? And reins?
1.Insect's feeler : PALP
5.Double-platinum Steely Dan album : AJA
8.Kitten's sound : MEW
11.Sharp as ___ : ATACK
16.Like some stimuli : AURAL
17.Participated in a derby : RAN
18.One of several Louises : ROI
19.___ Lauro (hijacked ship of 1985) : ACHILLE
21.Fountain site : PLAZA
22.Slightest idea : INKLING
24.Temple in Hollywood : SHIRLEY
25.Colorless sort : ALBINO
27.Parts of un archipel : ILES
28.Polite helper's question : MAYI
30.Coup d'___ : ETAT
31.Like 64-Across, in sports annals : CELEBRATED
33.Keep thinking about, as a victory : SAVOR
34.Bette Midler, e.g. : DIVA
35.Assessor : EYER
36.Nevertheless, briefly : THO
37.Lift : HIKEUP
38.Biblical dry measure : OMER
39.Rises up on two legs : REARS
41.Frankfurt's river : ODER
42.Like some Braten : SAUER
44.Lassie and Marmaduke, e.g. : PETDOGS
48.Circus employees : TAMERS
50.Super Bowl div. : QTR
51.Home of Odysseus : ITHACA
52.Star in the Swan constellation : DENEB
53.___ neutrino : TAU
55.Parapsychological subj. : ESP
58.Pan handlers : CHEFS
59.Crosses : MEETS
60.Raw meat dish : CARPACCIO
63.Not duped by : ONTO
64.95-Across who made the covers of Time, Newsweek and Sports Illustrated in the same week : SECRETARIAT
66.CD-___ : ROMS
67.They may be left by the side of the road : TIREMARKS
69.Like marshes : REEDY
70.Pats on the back, maybe : BURPS
71.Grade school subj. : SCI
72.Now or never: Abbr. : ADV
73.Some woods greenery : FERNS
74.Move like a penguin : WADDLE
75.The Eagles, on a scoreboard : PHI
77.Charlene who played Lucy on "Dallas" : TILTON
79.Stereotypical neighbors : JONESES
80.Third base coach's urging, maybe : SLIDE
82."Ben-Hur," for one : EPIC
83."Catch you later" : ADIOS
85.Jazz trumpeter Baker : CHET
86.Lack : DEARTH
88."Regrets, ___ had a few" ("My Way" lyric) : IVE
89.Tit for tat? : SWAP
93.Bridge feature : ARCH
94.Set pieces? : GAMES
95.Time and Newsweek's cover description of 64-Across : SUPERHORSE
98.Bold Ruler, to 64-Across : SIRE
99.Those, to Jorge : ESOS
100.Mort who said "My life needs editing" : SAHL
101.Most peeved : SOREST
102.Out of this world? : INORBIT
104.Morale-boosting mil. event : USOSHOW
107.Bull or Celtic : NBAER
108.Units of force : NEWTONS
109."Marry ___ Little" (Sondheim song) : MEA
110.Actress Thurman : UMA
111."Same here" : DITTO
112."Like it ___ ..." : ORNOT
113.Prominent part of Mickey Mouse : EAR
114.Hardly a knockout : HAG
115.Bonn exclamations : ACHS
1.Dumbwaiter part : PULLEY
2.Fit to be tilled : ARABLE
3.Less industrious : LAZIER
4.Alternative : PLANB
5.Name that's Hebrew for "lion" : ARI
6.Key employee? : JANITOR
7.Lowdown joint? : ANKLE
8.Drs. may order them : MRIS
9.Many a doctor's office wait, seemingly : EON
10.Expert with locks? : WIGMAKER
11.Yellowfin tuna, on menus : AHI
12.Wearied : TIREDOUT
13.What 64-Across holds in the three legs of 46-Down : ALLTIMERECORDS
14.One on the chopping block : CLEAVER
15.Hybrid musical instrument with a shoulder strap : KEYTAR
16.Quickly : APACE
19."___ wish" : ASYOU
20.Smoke detector sounds when the battery runs low : CHIRPS
23.Was winning : LED
26.Taco sauce brand : ORTEGA
29.Declares : AVERS
32.Puzzle solvers' cries : AHAS
33.Backtrack? : SIDEB
37.Straightaway for 64-Across : HOMESTRETCH
39.Giants of the sky, in myth : ROCS
40.Turns this way and that : STEERS
43.A pastel : AQUA
44.Embroidery loops : PICOTS
45.Italian or Irish : ETHNIC
46.What 64-Across won on June 9, 1973 : THETRIPLECROWN
47."Daybreakers" actor Willem : DAFOE
49.Not post- : ANTE
52.Really wallop : DECK
53.Dumbwaiter item : TRAY
54.On point : APT
56."No sweat!" : SIMPLE
57.Rap stars often have them : POSSES
59."Jeopardy!" creator Griffin : MERV
60.Richard of Rambo movies : CRENNA
61.Teleprompters, for speakers : AIDS
62.It needs refinement : CRUDE
64.Sorry : SAD
65.Commercial prefix with postale : AERO
68.Cleaner : MAID
70.Some dictators' proclamations : BANS
73.Moves like a moth : FLITS
74.Beaus : WOOERS
76.Until now : HITHERTO
77.Words from a Latin lover : TEAMO
78."Supposedly" : IPRESUME
79.Baloney : JIVE
80.Certain templegoer : SHRINER
81.Enter stealthily : EDGEIN
84.Academic paper? : DIPLOMA
85.Game involving matching cards on the table : CASINO
87.Some bridge players : EASTS
89.___ acid (food preservative) : SORBIC
90.Victory wear for 64-Across : WREATH
91.They're worth something : ASSETS
92.___-Canada (northern gas station chain) : PETRO
95.Flier to Bergen : SAS
96."Yep" : UHHUH
97.Passport producer : HONDA
100.Rise rapidly : SOAR
103.Ending with spam : BOT
105.Briny : SEA
106.Jokester : WAG

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