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Friday, June 7, 2013
by Ed Sessa
Fri 6/7/2013
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1.Dupe : CATSPAW
8.Like many PDFs : EMAILED
15.Red-hot : ONATEAR
16.Letter : MISSIVE
17.Salvage a bad situation : MAKETHEBESTOFIT
19.Hungarian city known for "Bull's Blood" wine : EGER
20.One catching the game : SNARER
21.Two-time Best Rock Album Grammy winner : ENO
22.Acted like a sponge : DRANK
24.Neighbor of Hercules : LYRA
25.Critical hosp. setting : ICU
26.Founding member of the Star Alliance, for short : UAL
27.Automaker Adam : OPEL
30.Mole removal option : LASER
32.Goth relative : EMO
33."___ Bein' Bad" (Sawyer Brown country hit) : BETTYS
36.25-Across sights : IVS
37.Flipped out : OVERTHEEDGE
40.Swinging halter, for short : TKO
41.Almost fall : TEETER
42.Last item bagged, often: Abbr. : RCT
45.Milling byproducts : BRANS
47."___ Plays Monterey" (posthumous 1986 album) : JIMI
48.Chairman ___ (hoops nickname) : YAO
49.1958-61 polit. alliance : UAR
50.Roger Staubach's sch. : USNA
53.Home of Sinbad the sailor : BASRA
55."Idol ___" (Mozart aria) : MIO
56.Cold war weapon? : ICICLE
59.Sorority letters : RHOS
60.Too pooped to pop : PLUMTUCKEREDOUT
63.Mathematical physicist Roger : PENROSE
64.Assorted : DIVERSE
65.Have meals delivered : ORDERIN
66.Like some tea : SCENTED
1.Mature : COMEDUE
2.Antes up for peanuts? : ANAGRAM
3.Open house invitation : TAKEALOOKAROUND
4.Rear admiral's rear : STERN
5.Iguana, maybe : PET
6.Music to a masseur's ears : AAHS
7.Troglodytes troglodytes : WREN
8.Grinding material : EMERY
9.Jack Benny persona : MISER
10.Like some giants and dwarfs : ASTRAL
11.Prefix with kinetic : ISO
12.Why "there's no time for fussing and fighting," per a Beatles hit : LIFEISVERYSHORT
13.Shows that one has : EVINCES
14.GPS button : DETOUR
18.Go for broke : BALLTHEJACK
23.Kind of beef : KOBE
28.Fresh : PERT
29.Couch attachment? : ETTE
31.2008 TARP recipient : AIG
34.Humanoid cryptid : YETI
35.Feel : SEEM
38.Part of many a German name : VON
39.Smidgen : DRIB
40.It shows small parts of the picture : TRAILER
43.Whoop it up : CAROUSE
44.Like many newlyweds and bagels : TOASTED
45."Leatherstocking Tales" hero : BUMPPO
46.One may give a ring : SUITOR
51."My bad, Mario!" : SCUSI
52.Spiff (up), in dialect : NICEN
54.See 62-Down : ARDEN
57.Some indicator lamps, briefly : LEDS
58."The Little Mermaid" prince : ERIC
61.Post-hurricane handout, for short : MRE
62.With 54-Down, Best Supporting Actress nominee for 1945's "Mildred Pierce" : EVE

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